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Copperheads Black Republicans and Bushwhackers

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"Copperheads, Black Republicans and Bushwhackers" is a history of Pike County, Illinois during the Civil War. It details what occurred in the county from 1860 to 1865, and also tells the story of the men in the county who went off to war, particularly the men of the "Bloody 99th" Regiment (the Pike County Regiment). The emphasis of the book is on the lives of the people who lived in the county and not so much on Lincoln and his Pike County secretaries John Hay and John G. Nicolay.

After the Civil War was over, people overlooked the bitter divisiveness that had occurred in the county. The book relates the story of great sacrifice for the Union by the people of the county, but also relates the violence that occurred in the county during the war. A Union soldier was bushwhacked and killed near Kinderhook, a schoolboy of Derry township was stoned to death because his parents were Democrats, one man was murdered when he was thought to be a pro-Southern leader, and the office of the "Pike County Democrat" was mobbed and the editor narrowly escaped with his life. At one point, the same editor wrote that the citizens of the county shot each other as cooly as one shoots a dog.

There are many, many more incidents described in the book. The index has over 1600 names. There are 60 photos and illustrations, including many of Pike County Civil War soldiers.

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