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1946 Anniversary Edition of the Barry Adage

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Transcribed for the Pike Co ILGenWeb site by Tonia Lorenz and is dedicated to her grandmother:

"With thanks to Mildred McKee Bethard (1909-1973), a fourth-generation Pike County resident who made these pages possible by preserving the 1946 Anniversary Edition of the Barry Adage for future generations."

75th Birthday Edition, Volume 75, Number 1
Barry's History For The Past Seventy-Five Years
Taken From Adage News Files
Local News Items Of interest To Barry Residents
Listed By Paragraphs in Chronological Order From 1871 To 1946

Note - The spellings are as they appear in the Adage itself, which are wildly inconsistent when it comes to family names. You may wish to try searching only for *parts* of family names since so many different spellings are used.

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