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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Bickerdike, Mrs. Ann E. Ch Jennie; Baylis R3 New Salem Sec6 T1a F. M. McIntyr (1859)

Bickerdike, Charles J. (Elma Hall) Ch John Otis, Margaret; Griggsville R2 Griggsville Sec24 O430a (1875) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Bickerdike, Edward (Emily Penstone) Griggsville R3 Griggsville Sec 26 O120a Griggsville Sec 26 T43a Mrs. James Bickerdike (1869) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Bickerdike, Robert (Grace Turnbull) Ch Joe, Gladys; Griggsville R3 Newburg Sec12 O120a (1871) Glandon Tel. Griggsville

Bickerdike Sisters, Reba and Nannie, Mrs. Elizabeth P. Bickerdike mother, Fred G., Charles E. brothers. Lizzie sister; Griggsville Rs Griggsville Sec25 O60a (1874) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Bickerdike, William A. (Lottie Burns) Ch Clara, *Geneva; Griggsville R3 Newburg Sec1 O210a (1865) Glandon Tel. Griggsville

Biddle, Roy I (Edna Rhodes) Ch Donald, Eldred; Valley Flint Sec32 O100a (1885) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Billings, Abraham Rockport R2 Atlas Sec19 O1a (1864)

Billings, George (Louisa Petty) Ch Georgie, Vernon; Rockport R2 Atlas Sec7E T120a C. H. Taylor (1889) Glandon Tel. Rockport

Billings, John R. (Mae Kirtright) Ch Dale; New Canton R1 Pleasantvale Sec16 T1a John Padgett (1882)

Billings, Wallace Ch Eva; Pittsfield R5 Martinsburg Sec6 O52a (1867) Farmers Tel. Summer Hill

Billings, William F. (Myrtle V. Ward) Ch Dora, George, Louise, *William, *Harold; New Canton R2 Cincinnati Sec32 T125a R. M. Atrson (1876)

Billings, William H. (May Williams) New Canton R2 Cincinnati Sec22 T160a David Lawler (1899)

Billingsley, Fred (Sadie Hume) Ch Frank, Oma, Ruth, Faith, Vada; Chambersburg R1 Perry Sec11 O40a (1918)

Binns, Campbell A. (Mary Cassity) Pittsfield R6 Pittsfield Sec22 O42a (1857)

Birch, Arland E. (Ada Newman) Ch Jeanette, Genevieve; Griggsville R1 Griggsville Sec21 T194a Mrs. Arland E. Birch (1884) Pike Co.. Tel.. Griggsville

Birch, Charles W. (Alice Dunham) Ch Ruby Wilma; Griggsville R3 Griggsville Sec34 O40a Griggsville Sec34 T40a Charles Birch (1884) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Birch, Elmer J. (Ruth Hill) Ch Florence Rebecca, Charles Elmer; Griggsville R3 Griggsville Sec26 T80a Charles Birch (1883) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Birch, Frank E. (Ruth Daniels) Griggsville R3 Griggsville Sec26 T70a John Birch (1893) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Birch, John D. (Mary Allen) Ch Jennie, Jesse, *Frank; Griggsville R3 Griggsville Sec26 O212a (1889) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Birchard, Charles H. (Margaret Cheek) Milton Detroit Sec32 O80a (1853) Glandon Tel. Milton

Bissell, Alfred E. (Lola Cox) Ch Esther, Archie, Paul, Merle; Nebo R1 Hardin Sec26 O40a (1885)

Bissell, Howard and Ollie Pearl R1 Montezuma Sec18 O35a (1879)

Black, Albert L. L. Black father, Sarah Dixon mother, Mary sister; "Sulphur Springs Stock Farm" Griggsville Griggsville and Perry Sec3-34 O126a (1886) Farmers Tel. Griggsville-Perry

Black, James E. (Rachel Jones) Ch Ethel, *Everet, *Ava, *Anna; "Cedar Clift Farm" Rockport R2 Atlas Sec1E O320a (1858) Glandon Tel Pittsfield

Blackaby, Charles C. (Bessie Scranton) Ch Mearl, Melba, Ernest; Nebo R2 Spring Creek Sec26 T160a Strauss Bros. (1919)

Blacketer, Thomas W. (Lulu Hardy) Ch Thomas W.; New Canton R1 Pleasantvale Sec36 T5a Lawrence O. Gay (1895)

Blacketter, Edward L. (Rebecca Johnston) Ch Alma, Ollie, Maud, *Alza; "Sandunes" New Canton R2 Cincinnati Sec26 O15a (1865)

Blacketter, William J. (Fannie F. Neff) Ch James H., Mary C., *Blanche, *Bessie, *William; New Canton R2 Cincinnati Sec25 T130a Carl Munger (1858)

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