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Welcome! As you may have noticed, thing have changed around here just a little bit. Not only does this site contain data for Pike County ILTidbits, it now holds data for Adams County ILTidbits and Scott County ILTidbits along with a few 'tidbits' from other counties.

Each county has its own start page with its county details, links to county files, search engine, etc. You can also search all of the counties at once, which is wonderful for those that have ancestors living and moving around the county lines.

All data found within this site will forever remain with the project.

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ILTidbits Coordinator: Barbara Saxbury-Freeman.
My maternal side of the family has been in Adams County since 1839 and my paternal side has been in Pike County since 1826. With such a long history in the area along with my love of genealogy, it seems only natural that I volunteer to assist ILTidbits in the area. I am thrilled to be the new volunteer coordinator for Adams and Scott County Illinois and of course the long-time coordinator for Pike County and I will do my best to add to the online collection of data for the area.

Illinois, the twenty-first State, was admitted to the Union, December 3, 1818. Its name is derived from its principal river, signifying "River of men". Its first settlements were made by La Salle.* After the States of Ohio and Indiana, and the Territory of Michigan had been taken from the North-western Territory, the remainder was styled the Illinois Territory,and comprised the present States of Illinois, Wisconsin, and a part of Minnesota. The settlement of this Territory was greatly impeded by Indian hostilities. The massacre at Fort Dearborn (Chicago), 1812, and the Black Hawk war are instances of the dangers and trials which beset the pioneer. The great prosperity of the State dates from the year 1850, when munificent grants of land were made to the Central Railroad. The prairie wilderness was rapidly settled, and towns and cities sprung up as by magic.

* That entertaining traveler, after exploring the Illinois River, built a small fort which he called Creve Coeur (krave kur), and left it in command of the Chevalier de Tonty. Three years afterward, he returned with some Canadians and founded Kas kas'ki a, Ca ho'ki a, and other towns, which early became prosperous.

Source: Barnes's Historical Series, A Brief History of the United States, by Joel Dorman Steele, Ph. D., F.G.S. and Esther Baker Steele, Lit. D., c. 1900, p. 203.

"The first quality of an historian is to be true and impartial; the next is to be interesting."
- David Hume, 1754
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