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1896 Barry Adage Special Edition

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Special Edition of the Barry Adage – Illustrated Edition
Volume XXV Number 25
Barry, Illinois Thursday April 2, 1896


The Illustrated Adage goes forth today without the flourish of trumpets or high sounding eulogy on the part of the publisher. It is not issued as a boom edition nor as a money maker; it is neither. The object is to advance the interests of our city in an honorable way and show its steady and substantial growth. There is not a line of paid advertising in the entire edition. It has been the aim of the publisher to include all classes of business, societies, etc., and if a person has been overlooked, who should not have been, it is to be regretted. In an undertaking of this kind errors will creep in and the absolute correctness of every detail cannot be vouched for. The arrangement of the pictures also may be observed to be a little defective, but as that was the fault of parties who were late in providing the electrotypes we are not assuming that responsibility. The work has been laborious and expensive, but with the hearty encouragement given by the citizens we consider it worth all it has cost us.

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