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Read Me First

Moderating New Articles and Comments

All posts and/or comments made by anyone who is a guest, member or archive have their post(s) and/or comment(s) moderated. Once a moderator or administrator logs into the site, the post and/or comment will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected.

The point in moderation is not to restrict or change your posts, but to keep out malicious users. Once a user has made several relevant posts to the site, thereby proving they are valid users, their user account will be changed to Contributor and then their posts will no longer be moderated.


If you have strict cookie settings on your computer, you must set your preferences to accept cookies for this site to be able to login and take advantage of member features. Cookies are the only way the site script can recognize you as a member of the site.

New Layout

Pike County ILGenWeb has a new interactive layout. While it may look a little different, it works just the same as the old layout. Simply click on the section you wish to go to and you will find the data. It was designed with the average user in mind and if you have any suggestions on how to improve the look or functionality, please feel free to contact me using the 'Contact' link found at the bottom of every page.

Check to see if you already have an account.

The Pike County ILGenWeb site contains data contributed by hundreds of researchers. As the site was integrated into the new layout, an account was auto-generated for each of those contributors - over 700 different contributors at this time!

If you contributed data to Pike County ILGenWeb at any time in the past 10 years, it is likely that you are one of the 700+ contributors and an account has already been set up for you. To determine if you already have an account, go to the advanced search page and type in the first part of your email address in the box near the bottom of the page where it says 'Find Members' and 'where the member's email contains' then click 'Find'. If a result is generated, then an account has already been set up for you. If the advance search page simply reloads, then the search did not find an account and you can register a new account.

If the search resulted in an account for you, then you need to click on 'Forgot Password' near the top right of the page. On the subsequent page, enter your email address near the bottom of the page where it reads 'Lost your password?' and click 'Send Password'. You will receive an email in a few minutes that contains your username and a new password. Once you login with this information, you can go to 'Options' -> 'Edit Profile' and change your username and password to something you prefer.


While it is not necessary to register an account, it is recommended. A guest (unregistered user) can still find all of the data on the site, just as in the past.

However, the benefits of registering are many.

1. You can contact other researchers.
2. You can add comments to an item.
3. You can opt to receive email notification when a new article is posted to the site.
4. You can opt to receive email notification when a new article contains a keyword you are searching. Much like Rootsweb's PML service. This is very beneficial for those researching specific surnames.
5. Etc.

Duplicate Accounts

Researchers have been contributing to Pike County ILGenWeb for 10 years now and their email address have always been associated with their contribution. With thouseands of pages to maintain, when a researcher changed their email address, some pages containing their email address may have been overlooked. Therefore, when the site was converted more than one user account may have been generated for the same researcher.

To determine if you may have more than one user account, go to the advanced search page and type in the first part of an email address you have used in the past into the box near the bottom of the page where it says 'Find Members' and 'where the member's email contains' then click 'Find'. If a user name is given as a result, contact me using the 'Contact' form at the bottom of the page and provide me with the following information:
The username shown for every account you believe is yours.
The complete email address for every username(s) you believe is yours.
Tell me which username you wish to keep and I will merge the accounts.

Note: Usernames were auto-generated by the script running the site and contain the portion of your email address before the @ along with a few random alpha-numeric characters added at the end. Therefore, most people can tell by looking at the username if it is their account, however, since it is possible that someone else had the same name before the @ symbol but a different email provider after the @ symbol, you do need to provide me with the complete email address so I can be assured that it was truly your email address.

Email Addresses

Email addresses are not posted on the site, however, you are able to contact another contributor by clicking on their username. On every detail page there is a 'By' line and next to the word 'By' is a username. Simply click on the username and you will be taken to that contributors profile page where you can email the contributor using an online form.

There will eventually be an option in the user's profile to display their email address if they wish. This option is being worked on and will be available once the coding has been completed.

Adding Data to Pike County ILGenWeb

You are free to submit more data to the site as long as it is relevant to Pike County Illinois.

All submissions are held pending approval. Once a contributor has submitted a few items correctly, then their account will be upgraded from 'Member' to 'Contributor' and at that time, their submissions will no longer be held for approval, but rather will post immediately on the site.

This restriction is necessary to keep spammers out and to ensure that the contributor is using the submission forms correctly.