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If you have registered with the site, click 'Login' near the top right of the page. Enter your username and password and click on 'Login'.

Email Address Already Exists or Forgot Password

If you had an item on Pike County ILGenWeb, whether it be a surname listing, query, photo, cemetery listing, etc., then your contact information was transferred into the new database and an account has already been set up for you. To access your account, click on 'Forgot Password'.

Near the bottom of the page there is a section to retrieve password. Enter your email address in this box and click 'Send'.

Check your email in a few minutes and you should have received an email from with your username and a new password. With your username and password in hand, you can now login to the site.

Changing Your Email Address or Password

To change the email address or password associated with your account, go to Options -> Edit Profile.

Make the correction(s) needed and click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the form.

Note: Once you change your password, you may need to login again with your new password.

Changing Your Username

For those that had an account auto-generated for them, their username is the first portion of the email address followed by a few random letters/numbers and this may not be what your prefer, so for a short period of time, you can change the username associated with your account.

To change your username, login to the site and go to Options -> Edit Profile. In the username box, enter the username you wish to use with your account and click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the form.

Note: While the form will allow you to have spaces in your username, many have found they have difficulty logging in. Instead of using a space in your username, please use the underline key ( _ ).

Options in Your Profile

There are quite a few items on the registration page, however, the only required options for an account are username, email and password. All others can be left as they are. Also, all of these options can be changed by you at any time by logging in and going to: Options -> Edit Profile.

Username: Choose the username you wish to use on the site.

E-Mail: Give the email address that you wish to use with this site.

Confirm e-mail (re-type): Confirm the email above to catch typos.

Password: Enter the password you wish to use with this site.

Confirm password (re-type): Confirm the password above to catch typos.

Style: There is only one style on the site so nothing to do here.

Template Set: There is only one template set on the site so nothing to do here.

Language: English is the only language the site uses so nothing to do here.

Accept e-mails from site administrator?: Preferably you would leave this set to 'Yes'. In the beginning there may be a few more email sent out to all users to update them on new site functions, but once things are settled and running smoothly I don't anticipate sending out e-mails more than 4 times a year.

Allow e-mails from other users?: Setting this to 'Yes' allows other researchers to contact you.

Receive e-mail notification of all new articles added to the directory?: Use this feature wisely. If 50 new articles are added in a single day, you will receive 50 emails. 100 articles, 100 emails, etc. Don't select 'Yes' then complain that you are receiving too many emails, simply log into your account and change it to 'No' and they will stop.

Notify of articles matching keywords: Here is the best option for noticitaion of new articles. Simply type keywords (surnames or whatever) separated by commas and you will be notified via email once a day of new matching articles.

E-mail notification for new personal guestbook posts?: All users have a guestbook where others can post. If you want to know when someone leaves a comment in your guestbook, select 'Yes'.

Automatically subscribe to comments thread of all articles you submit?: Comments can be made to any article on the site. If you want to be notified when someone comments on an article attributed to your account, select 'Yes'.

Automatically subscribe to all threads you post in? A thread is a comment post. If you want to be notified when someone adds a comment to the same article as you, select 'Yes'.

Subscription Notification Frequency: A little deceiving. This applies to comments only - not articles.

Time Zone: The default time zone on the site is US Central Time.

Make me login again every: If you are using a public computer, then you would want to set to 'session'. A personal home computer, you can set to 'one year'.

Comments per page: The default is 14.

Articles per page: The default is 50.

Location: Where you are - City, County, State, Country, whatever you want to place here.

Homepage: If you have a family website, post the URL here.

Surnames in Pike County: List the surnames you are researching in Pike County Illinois and it will show on your profile page so others can find you.

Research Information: Provide more information on your research quest in Pike County Illinois.

Other Interests: Any interests other than family history, list them here.

Instant Messanger Handles: If you want others to be able to contact you by IM, list your IM names here.

Birthdate: This will show on the profile page, therefore I do not recommend listing your birth year.

Show my online status to: The administrator can always see who is online at any given time, but do you want other uses to know you are online right now. This is really only beneficial if you wish to take advantage of the 'Chat' feature on the site.

Post Editor: You can post articles in plain text or WYSIWYG (similar to Word). You can always change this option at the time you submit an article.

Show avatars by posts?: An avatar is a small picture. If you have an avatar and want it shown, do it here.

Show signatures below posts? Do you have a signature line that you like to use. Keep it short, simple and tasteful. Any actual research information, website address, etc., should be placed in other options in your profile and not in your signature line.

Referring Member: If a current member of this site recommended that you come here, type their username.

Deleting Your Account

Yes, you can delete your account. Be aware, that by deleting your account any contributions you have made to Pike County ILGenWeb will remain, however, your name will no longer be associated with that contribution. Once you delete an account, you cannot come back at a later time and reclaim those articles.

A better option is to go to 'Options' -> 'Edit Profile' and switch all contact options to 'No'. This is basically the same as deleting your account, but you are still credited for your contributions to Pike County ILGenWeb.