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1919 Pike County Automobile Owners Directory

Name, Post Office, Model

Goodon, Evert, Kinderhook R1, Chevrolet
Gossard, Charles, Pearl Star Route, Ford
Grafford, John F., Pittsfield R2, Maxwell
Graham, George W., Pittsfield R7, Ford
Graham, John J., Pearl R1, Ford
Grammer, Morris, Barry R3, Case
Gray, C. T., Baylis R2, Ford
Gray, Martha, New Salem, Chevrolet
Gray, Richard R., Griggsville R1, Ford
Gray, Warren F., Barry R3, Willys-Knight
Green, Philip G., Hull R2, Overland
Greenstreet, H. W., Pleasant Hill R1, Ford
Greenstreet, James, Nebo R3, Ford
Greiwe, Dennis M., Perry, Ford
Greiwe, Ernest H., Versailes R2, Ford
Greiwe, William, Versailles R2, Ford
Griewe, Wm. Jr., Versailles R2, Ford
Griffith, Roy, Pittsfield R6, Ford
Griggs, Aley T., Hull R2, Ford
Griggs, George V., Perry, Hudson Super Six
Grimes, Lee, Nebo R1, Ford
Grimes, Walter C., Nebo R1, Ford
Gully, Joe R., Pittsfield R2, Buick
Gunlock, Carl, New Canton R2, Ford
Gunlock, C., New Canton R2, Chevrolet
Gunlock, Edward, Kinderhook R1, Ford
Guthrie, C. F., Pleasant Hill R1, Ford
Guthrie, John W., Pleasant Hill Star Route, Overland
Guthrie, Neal, Pleasant Hill Star Route, Chevrolet, Elcar
Guthrie, Samuel, Nebo R2, Saxon

Hack, Albert D., New Canton R2, Dodge
Hack, Chas. E., Kinderhook, Hupmobile
Hack, Dan, Kinderhook R1, Ford
Hack, Everett, Kinderhook R1, Buick
Hack, Fred W., Kinderhook R1, Dodge
Hackman, William G., New Canton, Ford
Halbauer Bros., New Salem R1, Comet
Hale, John S., Griggsville R1, Ford
Hall, Charles O., Pittsfield R3, Studebaker
Hammerton, Peter R., Studebaker
Hammitt, Cyrus, Griggsville R1, Chevrolet
Hammock, Jacob W., Rockport R1, Buick, Ford
Hamner, Pilana, Nebo R1, Ford
Hampshire, J., Hull R1, Dort
Hannat, Chas., Perry, Dodge
Hannat, John R., Baylis R3, Chevrolet
Haney, Thomas, Pittsfield R4, Ford
Harlow, Clayborn, ElDara R1, Ford
Harlow, Harvey, Pleasant Hill R2, Ford
Harper, Francis, Griggsville R3, Ford
Harpole, John B., Nebo R2, Oakland
Harrison, Eugene G., Rockport, Maxwell
Harshmee, H. V., New Salem R1, Hudson
Harsman, G. McClelen, Hadley, Buick
Harter, William, Pittsfield R5, Ford
Hatch, C. Page, Griggsville R1, Ford
Hatcher, Chas W., Pearl R1, Ford
Hathaway, Henry, New Canton R2, Hupmobile
Hattenbach, Charles A., Pleasant Hill R2, Ford
Haskins, Geo. L., Hull R1, Ford
Havird, Orlando, Barry R2, Buick
Hayden, Claude, Pittsfield R1, Studebaker
Hayusen, James Clay, Pittsfield R1, Studebaker
Hayden, S. C., Pittsfield R1, Ford
Hayden, W. W., Pittsfield R1, Carter Car
Hazelrigg, Edgar S., Hadley R1, Ford
Heavner, Bert L., Pittsfield R7, Buick
Heavner, Lee, Pittsfield R2, Ford
Helm, Jesse, Pittsfield R4, Ford
Hemphill, Joseph, Pleasant hIll Star Route, Ford
Henderson, John H., Pittsfield R7, Ford
Henry, James W., Nebo, Ford
Henry, Malcolm, Pittsfield R5, Ford
Henson, Alex, Griggsville R2, Ford
Henthorn, Wm. H., Baylis R3, Grant Six
Henthorn, Wm. H., Baylis R3, Ford
Hierman, A. O., Berry R4, Chevrolet
Higdon, James D., Valley, Ford
Higgins, Wm. H., Kinderhook, Pan American
Hill, Geo. S., Baylis R1, Ford
Hill, Elizabeth S., Baylis R1, Ford
Hillerbranner, Henry, Pittsfield R6, Ford
Hinds, Harry, Kinderhook, Ford
Hobson, Harvey, Valley, Chevrolet
Hoerlein, John J., Perry, Chalmers
Hoerlein, J. L., Griggsville R1, Ford
Hofmann, Fred, New Canton R3, Hupmobile
Holt, Frank E., Kinderhook R1, Maxwell
Holt, S. M., Pittsfield R6, Overland
Hooper, Ed. S., Rockport R2, Saxon
Hoose, Frank C., Pittsfield R6, Ford
Hoover, Steve, Pearl R1, Ford

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