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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Willard, Charley. W. (Lola Cunningham) Ch Illa, Leo, Wayne, Everett, Harold,
Travis, Irene, Jess, Edith; Pittsfield R7 Hardin Sec23 T400a Strauss Bros.
(1877) Pike Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Willard, John (Jennie Crowder) Ch Orphie, *Orbie; Pearl R2 Pearl Sec16
O41-1/2a (1863) Farmers Tel. Pearl

Willard, Loren E. (Etta Stout) Ch Wayne, Frances, Loren Jr.; Pittsfield A7
Hardin Sec15 T250a M. M. Willard (1893)

Willard, Murray M. (Rosa Donohoo) Ch Lee, Lena, *Loren, *Nellie; Pittsfield
R7 Hardin Sec15-16-21 O250a (1859) Farmers Tel. Time

Willard, Ora L. (Lettie Chamberlain) Ch Harry, Thelma, Lyndle; Pittsfield R7
Hardin Sec21 O210a (1879) Pike Co. Tel. Time

William, Robert A. Pittsfield R1 Hardin Sec10 O1100a (1860) Pike Co. Tel.

William, Albert A. (Lorena Hamilton) Ch Ruby, Albert, Lyndal, Eli, Lucile,
Burton, Maud, *Lena; New Canton R1 Cincinnati Sec24 T200a Carl D.
Sieberns (1876)

Williams, Arthur E. (Gertrude Baughmon) Ch Amanda, Delta, Loraine; Pleasant Hill R2 Martinsburg Sec20 T120a Charles O. Loush (i870)

Williams, Charles E. (Gladys Philips) Ch Marvin, Marshall; Rockport Derry Sec30 T1a Isaac N. Williams (1889)

Williams, Charlie M. (Fannie Triplett) Ch Helen, Ethel, Emma, Harvey, Charles, Reta; Baylis R3 Fairmount Sec32 T180a N. C. Bowen (1895) Farmers Tel. Baylis

Williams, Clarence F. (Leta Sanderson) Ch Claybourn, Phillip; "Mormon Hill Farm" Pittsfield R9 Newburg Sec21 T270a C. A. Williams (1889) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Williams, Claude E. (Letha Doyle) Ch Margaret, Esther; Pittsfild R4 Martinsburg Sec12 O40a Farm Hand John Siegel (1883)

Williams, David H. (Essie Turnflough) Ch Fay, Frank, Lecal, Burdette, Lodean, Flourn, *Ethel; Pearl R1 Montezuma Sec20 T160a Lou Hess (1902)

Williams, Harry F. (Olive Philips) Ch Elizabeth; Rockport Atlas Sec7W T140a A. A. Arms Glandon Tel. Rockport

Williams, Henry M. (Bessie Whitney) "The Putz Farm" Griggsvlle R1 Griggsville Sec17 T466a Miss Mary Yates (1881) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Williams, Isaac N. Ch Susie, her husband Elliot Betts,*James,*Jesse, *Claud, *Charles, *Stephen; ElDara Derry Sec29 O180a (1851) Farmers Tel. ElDara

Williams, James H. (Viva Shinn) Ch Basil, Gertrude, Robert, Alta; New Canton R1 Derry Sec31 O80a (1877) Farmers Tel. ElDara

Williams, James M. (Mabel B. Fuller) Ch Lena, Fay, Delpha, Ada, *Morris, *Burl, *Eugene, *Russel, *Leonard, *Nettie, *Nola, *Fern, *Nellie; New Canton R1 Pleasantvale Sec23 O80a (1844)

Williams, Jesse N. Ch Walter, Lawrence, Ralph; "Crosier Spring Farm" El Dara Derry Sec30 O40a (1881) Farmers Tel. ElDara

Williams, John M. (Kate Conley) Ch Hal, Ray, Mary, Elizabeth, Harry, Katharine, Walter; Rockport R9 Atlas Sec14E. O46a (1881)

Williams, Leland E. (Clara Sloan) Ch Mildred; Detroit Detroit Sec19 T2a (1896) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Williams, Lucian (Nettie Stnith) Ch Russell, Earl, Harold, Carl, Ray, *Mary;
New Canton R2 Cincinnati Sec26 T800a Sam Dickison (1882) Pike Co. Tel.
New Canton

Williams, Morris (Jennie Watson) "Cedar Crest Morey Homestead Farm" New Canton R1 Pleasantvale Sec21 O135a Watson Heirs (1874) Pike Co. Tel.
New Canton

Williams, Newton J. (Dora Barnett) Ch Tena Pearl; Pittsfield R3 Detroit Sec9
O40a T162a C. L. Hall (1869) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Williams, Norman (Bonney Betts) Ch Walter, Clifford, Frances; New Canton
R1 Derry Sec32a T2a Garner Bros. (1883) Pike Co. Tel. ElDara

Williams, Preston (Mary Jones) Ch Ruth, Carl, Henry; Barry R4 Barry Sec35
O117a (1870) City Tel. Barry

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