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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Waters, Frank (Bell Woods) Ch Clare Meads, granddaughter, *George,
*Amelia, *Estella, *Ambrose, *Archie, *Minnie, *Alfred, *Myra; Siloam R1
Fairmount Sec5 O45a (1850) Pike Co. Tel. Fishook and Baylis

Waters, Harry (Grace Worthen) Ch Mabel V. and Newell Rhodus; New
Canton R3 Pleasantvale Sec34 T160a Minnie Funk (1885) Pike Co. Tel. New

Waters, William D. (Amelia Woods) Ch *Arthur; Baylis R3 Fairmount Sec20
O160a (1844) Farmers Tel. Baylis

Watkins, David (Mary Hannant) Perry G. D. Perry Sec18 O279a (1859)
Farmers Tel. Perry

Watkins, John F. Ch Mary, George; "Cedar Mound Farm" Griggsville R3
Griggsville Sec29 O180a (1864) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Watson, Claude I. (Velma Arnett) Ch Kenneth, Carroll ; "Fruitland Orchards"
Pittsfield R1 Detroit Sec33 T100a William Perry (1885) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Watson, Dexter E. (Lottie Parker) Ch Mildred, John; "Walnut Grove Farm"
Barry R1 Barry Sec10 O94a (1872) Tel. Barry

Watson, James M. (Ellen Clark) Ch Nellie, James Jr., *Maud, *Claud, *Susia; Pittsfield R1 Hardin Sec5 O173a (1862) Pike Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Watson, William W. (Margaret A. Bonnell) Ch Margaret,Agnes,*Bret; Barry R3 Barry Sec27 O160a (1857) Barry Tel. Barry

Weaver, Cyrus (Gertrude Cory) Ch Virgil, Ralph, Howard, Velma, Melvin, Eugenia, Clara; Siloam R1 Fairmount Sec4 T1a Farm Hand Alonzo Newton (1885) Pike Co. Tel. Tempest and Fishook

Weaver, Frank (Lizzie Draper) Nebo R1 Hardin Sec32 O340a (1869) Farmers Tel. Nebo

Weaver, G. N. (Ella Draper) Ch Cleona, Lewell; Pleasant Hill, R1 Pleasant Hill Sec14 O80a (1886) Pike Co. Tel. Pleasant Hill

Weaver, Hiram (Margaret Galloway) Ch Raymond; Pittsfield R3 Newburg Sec21 O48a (1855) Farmers Tel. Pittsfield

Weaver, John (Alma McKey) Ch Cecil, Logan, Lee, Dennis; "Pleasant Valley Farm" Nebo R1 Hardin Sec32 O200a (1888) Pike Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Weaver, Orion M. (Sylvia Rush) Ch Victor, Mardelle; Detroit Detroit Sec19 T96a Mrs. Alice Weaver (1895) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Webel, George I. (Hattie E. Morrell) Ch Albert, Ross, Guy, Walter, *Edward; Chambersburg R1 Perry Sec4 O440a (1868) Farmers Tel. Perry

Weber, Harry M. (Nettie Wilkins) Ch Vera; Griggsville R1 Fairmount Sec36 T240a J. W. Rush (1884) Pike Co. Tel. Perry and Griggsville

Webster, George, H. (Stella Barton) Ch Donald, Dean; Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill Sec8 O115a (1884) Pike Co. Tel. Pleasant Hill

Webster, John T. (Cora Wheeler) Ch Turner, Varena, Sarahann; Montezuma Star Route Montezuma Sec10 O58a (1876) Pike Co. Tel. Milton

Weddington, Clyde C. (Alma Grace) Ch Florine, Donald; Kinderhook R1 Barry Sec19 Farm Manager H. C. McCarel (1887) Farmers Tel. Kinderhook

Weddington, William C. (Lillie Close) Ch *Lawrence, *Anna; Kinderhook R1 Kinderhook Sec14 O1 1-16a (1850) Bluff Co. Tel. Kinderhook

Weeks, Harry E. (Lora Lemons) Pittsfield R3 Newburg Sec22 T100a John
Eagle (1893) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Welbourne, Melvin C.(Lorena Nichol) Ch Hale, Francis, Dallas, Helen,
Lyndell, Lloyd, *Richard; Barry R3 Barry Sec26 O13a (1876) Pike Co. Tel.

Welbourne, William (Josephine Baker) Ch Golden, *Melvin C., *William;
Hadley R1 Hadley Sec34 O80a (1869) Hadley Shaw Tel. Barry

Welbourne, William S. Jr. (Adeline Woods) Ch Mary, William; "Pleasant
Valley Farm" Hadley R1 Hadley Sec34 T1a Nichol Bros. (1888) Hadley and
ElDara Tel. Barry

Wellenreiter, Wesley L. (Caroline Pouder) Ch Clyde; Chambershurg R2
Chambersburg Sec30 T200a August Hund (1875) Farmers Tel.
Chambersburg and Versailles

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