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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Ward, Elmer (Adrian Lynch) Ch Everett, Hubert, Trula; New Canton R1
Pleasantville Sec36 T60a Alice Ward (1886)

Ward, Ernest H. (Jennie Temple) Ch Harold T.; New Canton R3 Pleasantvale
Sec35 T150a Lyman Ward (1884) Pike Co. Tel. New Canton

Ward, George (Jessie David) Ch Adrian, George, Lola; Rockport Atlas
Sec15W T40a (1886)

Ward, George F. Ch Gerdie, Lowell, *Floyd, *Lester; Pleasant Hill R2
Martinsburg Sec28 O190a (1865) Farmers Tel. Pleasant Hill

Ward, Giles E. (Gertrude Haskins) Ch Eloise; New Canton R2 Cincinnati
Sec26 T90a Samuel Dickason (1897) Pike Co. Tel. New Canton

Ward, Harry (Cathaleen Pfeiffer) "Cincinnati Landing Stone Farm" New
Canton R2 Cincinnati Sec25 O1a (1900) Pike Co. Tel. New Canton

Ward, Harry E. (Cassie Vannatta) Ch Helen, Alice, Kyle, Lois, also Harry
Ward Sr.; Baylis R2 New Salem Sec4 T38a A. Henthorn (1879) Pike Co. Tel.

Ward, Isaac (Sarah R. Malone) Ch Hazel, Gladys, *Edna; Barry R3
Pleasantvale Sec11 T300a Dr. R. H. Main (1861)

Ward, Leonard (Lizzie Welton) Ch Charles; Rockport Atlas Sec24W Farm Hand W. H. Carter (1890) Glandon Tel. Rockport

Ward, Lester E. (Ethel Zumwalt) Ch Lester Jr.; Pleasant Hill R2 Martinsburg Sec17 O92a (1891)

Ward, Lyman (Sarah E. Decker) Ch *Bessie, *Alta, *Ernest H.; "Far View Farm" New Canton R3 Pleasantvale Sec35 O255a (1849) Pike Co. Tel. New Canton

Ward, Ora, Carson and Carl Susan Hall Ward, mother; Hull R1 Kinderhook Sec5 O436a (1875) Bell Tel. Hannibal

Ward, Thomas J. (Emily Demoin) Ch Dema, Weston, Gertrude, Rebeekie, Mamie, Effie; "Twin Bridge Farm" Rockport R2 Atlas Sec24W O65a (1848) Glandon Tel. Rockport

Ward, William H. (Idora McQuity) Ch John, Pauline, Florine, *Opal, *Ray; Pittsfield R1 Newburg Sec26 O11a (1864) Farmers Tel. Pittsfield

Wardow, William Hull R2 Levee Sec13 T165a Dr. McGinnis (1919)

Wartou, George H. (Margaret Biddle) Ch George, Louisa, Dorothy, Leslie, Marion; Griggsville R3 Griggsville Sec27 O120a (1862) Pike Co. Tel. Griggsville

Washington, James E. (Mary McWorters) Ch *Edward, *Bell, *Ada, *Charles; "Pumpkin Ridge Farm" Barry R3 Hadley Sec28 O80a (1891) Hadley and Barry Tel. Barry

Washington, William E. (Sophia Thomas) Ch Thomas, William; Barry R3 Hadley Sec33 T138a M. L. Davis (1890) Star Tel. Barry

Wassell, Carson (Evelyn Harris) Ch Jaunita; Rockport R2 Atlas Sec2E T50a Ike Strauss (1893) Farmers Tel. Rockport

Wassell, Elmer (Dorothy Camp) Ch Fred *Guy, *Clair; Pittsfield R5 Derry
Sec36 O25a (1852)

Wassell, George D. (Lulu Gay) Ch H. Gay, Loreen Johnson, wife of Gay,
Wanna Marie, baby of Gay; "Willow Brook Farm" Pittsfield R5 Martinsburg
Sec8 O80a (1874) Pike Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Wassell, Grant (Alice Ator) Ch Carl, *Harrison, *Carson; Pittsfield R4 Derry
Sec35 O40a (1865) Pike.Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Wassell, Guy (May Garrett) Ch Verd, Bert, Lena, Marion, Edna, Leola;
Pittsfield R4 Derry Sec25 O2a (1885) Farmers Tel. Tittsfield

Wassell, Harrison (Teresa Bubb) Ch Wanda; Pittsfield R5 Derry Sec34 T70a
Strauss Bros (1891) Pike Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Wasson, Ninnis T. (Mary Clark) Ch Marguerite; "High Ridge Farm" Hull R1
Kinderhook Sec4 T200a George Wasson (1892) Bluff Tel. Plainville

Waters, Alfred (Nina Cooley) Ch Lois; Griggsville R1 Fairmount Sec23 T50a
Fred Baldwin (1893)

Waters, Archie (Alma Mayfield) Ch Lee, Kendall, Herbert, Genevieve; Siloam
R1 Fairmount Sec4 T60a Ambros Waters (1889) Pike Co. Tel. Fishook and

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