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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Tittsworth, Albert L. (Carrie Fesler) Ch Grant, Clair, Forest, grandson, Wilbur,
Wallace, *Nellie, *Jessie, *Clifford, *Raymond; "Pikes Peak Farm" Barry Star Route Derry Sec8 O140a (1863) Farmers Tel. Barry

Tittsworth, Fred (Bertha M. Davis) Ch Jesse, Alfred, Edna, Edith, Glenna,
Franklin Tittsworth, father; "Pleasant Ridge Farm" New Canton R1
Pleasantvale Sec13 O240a (1876) Farmers Tel. New Canton

Tittsworth, J. Frank (Nellie Elliott) Ch Ivan M., Frances M.; "Pleasant Wood
Farm" New Canton R1 Pleasantvale Sec24 O240a (1874) Farmers Tel. New

Tittsworth, Ray (Ethel Wade) Ch Mary A.; Hadley R1 Derry Sec13 T40a Floyd Raider (1891) Pike Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Tittsworth, T. J. (Jane Fesler) Ch Addie; "The Lone Cedar Farm" New Canton
R1 Derry Sec19 O80a (1855) Farmers Tel. El Dara

Tobias, George W. (Della McClintock) Ch Granville, Linnie, George, Margaret, Leta, *Lela, *Lillian; Rockport R2 Atlas Sec9 O67a(1873)

Toland, William D. (Mary E. Rose) Ch Naomi L.; Baylis R2 Hadley Sec12 O4a (1886) Pike Co. Tel. Baylis

Tolbert, Carl B. (Grace Harper) Ch Carl B. Junior; Chambersburg R2 Chambersburg Sec9 T160a E. B. Tolbert (1892) Farmers Tel. Chambersburg

Tolbert, Chauncey R. (Opal M. Sides) Ch Margaret, Vivian; Chambersburg R2 Chambersburg Sec9 T120a E. B. Tolbert (1890) Farmers Tel. Chambersburg

Toole, Charles (Lucy Lovell) Ch Mildred, Marjorie; New Salem R1 New Salem Sec27 Farm Hand William and Nellie Preble (1883)

Tooley, Chauncey (Ida A. Trew) Ch Aleatha N., Harold E., Margaret B., Edith E., Delford D., Chauncey A. Jr.; Plainville R2 O137a Kinderbook Sec1 T137a H. J. Tooley (1876) Farmers Tel. Plainville

Tolson, Floyd E. (Marie Hays) Ch Hays, Sara Jane; Hadley R1 Hadley Sec16 T80a Carrie Hays (1911) Hadley and Baylis Tel. Baylis

Toombs, John W. (Mary Agur) Barry R1 Barry Sec25 O2a (1872)

Torrens, Elmer R. (Adeline Harrison) Barry R4 Hadley Sec29 T62a Robert Torrens (1898) Hadley and ElDara Tel. Barry

Torrens, Robert M. (Sina Hilliard) Ch John, Harry, Marion, Elmer; Barry R4 Hadley Sec28-29 O220a (1863) Tel. Barry

Trautwein, Albert M. (Lenora Hornback) Ch Lora, Raymond, Mabel; "Maple Hill Farm" New Canton R1 Derry Sec28 O160a (1864) Farmers Tel. ElDara

Trautwein, S. J. (Minnie E. Stanbridge) Ch Pearl, Carrie, Katherine, Albert, Virgil, Floyd, stepsons, Hughie Bird and Fern Bird; New Canton R1 Derry Sec30 O80a (1860) Farmers Tel. ElDara

Treaster, Joseph S. (Myrtle Gudgel) Ch Myrtle, Esther; Hull Levee Sec24 T360a Wilder and Pearson (1888) Pike Co. Tel. Hull

Trew, John D. (Elizabeth Radcliff) Ch *Cora, *Laura, *Charles, *Ida, *Myrtle, *Clara *Frank, *Lawrence, "Sny Ecarte Fishing and Hunting Club" Hull R2 Levee Sec10 T3a Seymour Bros.(1894)Bell Tel. Hannibal

Triplett, Albert A. (Beulah James) Ch Emmett, Mary F., Lucinda James, mother; Rockport R2 Pleasantvale Sec36 T1a Sarah Worthen (1881)

Triplett, Albert W. (Eva McDaniel) Ch *Maud, *William, *Albert; Barry R2 Barry Sec12 O130a (1851) Tel. Barry

Triplett, W. W. (Mary B. Hall) Ch M. Margaret; Barry R3 Barry Sec12 O40a (1881) Tel. Barry

Troutner, Enos J. (Anna Baace) Ch *Elsie, *Joe; Pearl R1 Montezuma Sec33
O60a (1873) Pike Co. Tel. Pearl

Troutner, George Ch Fred; Pittsfield R7 Hardin Sec19 T1a Strauss Bros.

Troutner, Henry (Mary Ransom) Ch Guy, *Lelah; Pittsfield R7 Hardin Sec19
T90a N. P. Hunter (1860)

Troutner, Loyd (Minnie Buchanan) Ch Clyde, Mabel: Nebo R3 Pleasant Hill
Sec36 O50a (1889)

Troutner, Mary Todema and John; Pittsfield R7 Hardin Sec29 O10a (1870)

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