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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Staggs, Edward A. (Alice Hull) Ch *Ernest, *George; Barry R3 Barry Sec26
O10a (1856) City Tel. Barry

Stanbridge, Roy E. (Stella Fry) Ch William, Pauline, Lyndel, Lela; Rockport
R1 Atlas Sec31 Farm Hand W. E. Betts (1873)

Stapp, Fred (Stella Townsen) Ch Nona, Rosa, Harold, Thomas, Nellie; Baylis
R1 Hadley Sec11 T200a Carl Scaborn (1917) Farmers Tel.

Stark, Charles N. (Ida Kindle) Ch Wayne, Helen, Fay, Walter, *Fred, *Claud;
Nebo R2 Spring Creek Sec19 O169a (1874) Farmers Tel. Nebo

Stark, Claud C. (Maud Draper) Nebo R2 Spring Creek Sec27 O98a (1895)
Farmers Tel. Nebo

Stark, John H. Sr. (Hattie Weaver) Ch Alta, Kenneth,Johnnie,Clarence, Paul,
Evelyn; Nebo R3 Pleasant Hill Sec24 O600a Pleasant Hill

Stark, John H. (Dora Stevens) Ch Burdet; Nebo Spring Creek Sec19 T2a Will
Stark (1899) Farmers Tel. Nebo

Stark, Mrs. L. J. Ch Effie, *Charles, *John, *William; Nebo Pleasant Hill
Sec24 O220a (1847) Pike Co. Tel. Nebo

Stark, William C. (Laura Ward) Ch Anna, Lela, Wilbert, Eva, *John Jr.; Nebo Spring Creek Sec19 O84a (1876) Farmers Tel. Nebo

Starks, Charlie L. (Mary McKinney) Ch Gladys, Fayette, Sylvan, Mildred; Barry R2 Hadley Sec18 T18a Mrs. Cora Starks (1884)

Stauffer, Arthur M. (Lelia Funk) Ch Lavon Vee, Leaner Vee; "Hickory Grove Farm" Beverly R2 Hadley Sec5 T120a Mrs. Alice Funk (1890) Barry Tel.

Stauffer, Charles F. (Fila Hoskins) Ch Lowell, Emmet, *May, *Eugene, *Esther; "Maple Grove Stock Farm" Barry R2 Hadley Sec8 O160a (1884) Tel. Barry

Stauffer, Eugene K. (Ada Scott) Ch Ada Louise; Barry R2 Hadley Sec7-8 O200a (1895) Tel. Barry

Stauffer, George E. Jr. Ch Hazel, Merwin, *Frank M., *W. Theodore; "Avanelle Stock Farm" Baylis R3 New Salem Sec6 O85a (1877) Pike Co. Tel. Baylis

Stauffer, George M. (Annabelle Martin) Baylis R2 New Salem Sec7 T215a J. L. Stauffer (1905) Pike Co. Tel. Baylis

Stauffer, John E. (Edna Mixer) Ch Arthur, Delite, Walter; "Farm No. 777" Barry R2 Hadley Sec6 O83a T200a J. Huff Est. (1890)

Stauffer, John. W. (Iva Cooley) Ch Eldred, Helen, Harold, Sarah, Ernest; "Clover Leaf Farm" Baylis R3 Fairmount Sec9 O182a (1S86) Pike Co. Tel. Fishook and Baylis

Stauffer, J. Chris Sr. (Sarah J. Reed) "Oak Lawn Farm" Baylis R3 Fairmount Sec9 O323a (1855) Pike Co. Tel. Fishook and Baylis

Stearns, James A. (Gertie Brow) Ch Primrose, George; Barry R4 Barry Sec6 T197a N. and S. Blair (1888)

Stearns, John F. (Laura Humphrey) Ch Charlie, Lida, *Maggie, *Nellie, *Ethel, *James *Joseph: "Fair View Farm" Barry R4 Barry Sec35 T100a George Blair (1858) Glandon Tel. Barry

Stearns, Joseph D. (Marion Hendricks) "Moons Orchard Farm" Barry R3
Hadley Sec30 T1/2a (1895) Pitch Tel. Barry

Steers, John J. (Alice Blackketter) Ch John, Glen, Albert, *Zana, *Oscar;
Rockport Atlas Sec24 T180a R. J. Balay (1884)

Stellpflew, John H. (Martha Barnes) Ch Effie, Frank, Harry, Henry, Bessie,
*Hester, *Nellie, *William, *Cora, *Frances, *Likes; Pittsfield R4 Pittsfield
Sec12 T336a John Siegel (1874) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Stephenson, George and Sons Ch Harold, Ella, Roy, Floyd, *Vincent, *Ray;
"Idylville Farm" Pittsfield R1 Detroit Sec3l O350a (1867) Glandon Tel. Milton

Stevens, Jim S. (Allie Miller) Ch Richard P.; Pearl R1 Montezuma Sec33
T130a Billie Nuzenbaugh (1872)

Stevenson, J. Ross (Violet Zimmerman) Ch Evelyn, Wilbur, Marjorie, George,
William; Baylis R3 Fairmount Sec2 O40a (1891) Pike Co. Tel. Tempest and

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