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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Hoskin, Isaac A. (Nettie Trick) Ch Almira Louise; "Green Top Stock Farm"
Pittsfield R4 Derry Sec28 O55a (1885) Farmers Tel. El Dara

Hoskin, Minnie Ch Mary, Lavina, Myrtle, Lillian, *Goldie, *Frank, *Forbie;
Pittsfield R4 Derry Sec22 O40a (1867)

Hoskin, Ray (Mamie Reeder) Ch Pauline, Louise; Pittsfield R4 Pittsfield
Sec20 Farm Hand Shirley Pierson (1892)

Hoskin, W. F. (Kate Rictey) Ch Harry L., *Clarence F.; "Wayside Stock Farm" Pittsfield R4 Derry Sec26 O280a (1862) Farmers Tel. El Dara

Hoskins, Emery (Anna Trick) Ch Lillian, Melvin, Earl, Russell, Emma, Erma,
John, Estell; Pittsfield R4 Derry Sec11 T160a Andrew Trick (1874) Pike Co.
Tel. Pittsfield

Hoskins, Marshal L. (Emma Winans) Ch Homer, Ross, Gladys, *Maud, Ray; Hadley R1 Derry Sec13 O60a (1857) Pike Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Hoskins, Mrs. Nancy (Lowder) Pittsfield R2 Martinsburg Sec11 O20a (1836)

Hoskins, Thomas W. (Fannie G. Pursley) Ch Helen, Leslie, Russell, *Margaret, *Hughey, *Asa; Pittsfield R4 Derry Sec23 T40a Mrs. Marguerite Hoskins (1865)

Hoskins, William (Maud Cox) Ch Frances, Eugene,; Rockport Atlas Sec5E T35a Douglas Hoskins (1882)

House, Grover C. (Perla Gray) Ch Ina, Howard, Fern; Rockport R2 Atlas Sec7E T100a W. C. Whitman (1884)

Houseweart, James I. Pittsfield R4 Pittsfield Sec16 O40a (1856)

Houseweart, Mary Pittsfield R4 Pittsfield Sec16 O50a (1856)

Houseweart, Rachel Pittsfield R4 Pittsfield Sec16 O30a (1858)

Houston, Edward (Cordelia Waters) Ch Lacy, Ruby, Angus, Mina, Virgil, Homer; Baylis R3 Fairmount Sec3 Farm Hand G. W. Cory (1874)

Howard, Elmer (Emma Roberts) Ch Elmer, Edna, Letha, Talbot, *Walter, *Fred, *Ernest; New Canton Pleasantvale Sec9 O130a (1870)

Howard, Frank (Cora Surratt) Ch Herschel, Roy, Ray, *Mabel; Chambersburg R2 Chambersburg Sec4 T120a J. Brockhouse (1915) Farmers Tel. Chambersburg

Howard, Marguerite WilliamAndrew, Joel, brothers; New Canton R1 Pleasantvale Sec23 O80a (1857) Farmers Tel. New Canton

Howard, John S. (Willa Maud Taylor) Ch Cora Belle, Ora Lee, Thelma Ruth,
also Mrs. Mary James; Pittsfield R2 Martinsburg Sec3 T80a Mrs. Mary James (1918)

Howard, J. L. (Alice Bramble) Ch *Dora; New Canton Pleasantvale Sec9 O80a (1853) Pike Co. Tel. New Canton

Howarth, Oscar (Frances Stolte) Ch Lawrence, Roy; Hull R2 Levee Sec16 Farm Hand Joseph Stolte (1902)

Howe, Charles A. (Maria Festler) Ch Floyd, Martha, Clyde, *Lydia, *Emmett,
*Rebecca, *George; Rockport R1 Ross Sec3 T170a Beatty and Nichols (1869)

Howell, Levi (Linnie Shaffer) Ch Arthur, Della, *Georgie; Pittsfield R3
Detroit Sec20 Farm Hand W. T. Smith (1899) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Howell, Samuel (Letha May Swisher) Ch Jessie, Glenna, Irma, Raymond, Edward, Walter; Chambersburg R2 Chambersburg Sec16 Farm Hand Wallace Cummings (1898)

Hower, John A. (Clara Stokesbury) Ch Fred, Ruth; Griggsville R1 Fairmount
Sec34 O160a (1870)

Howland, Henry R. (Mary Taylor) Ch Otis, Otto, Marion, Wiley, *Myrtle, *Ida; Pittsfield R1 Montezuma Sec6 T120a Martin Pile (1843)

Howland, Horace (Naney Lotzenhizer) Ch Charles, Clarence, Sarah, Francis,
Beulah, Annis, *William, *Rena, *Nettie, *Nellie; Rockport R1 Atlas Sec29
T78a Gus Ogle (1852)

Howland, William R. (Lena Day) Ch Marvin; Pearl R2 Pearl Sec30 O71 1/2a

Hoyt, Roscoe D. (Iva Johnson) Ch William R.; "Alfalfa Dale Stock Farm" Barry R3 Barry Sec28 O270a (1877) Kinderhook Tel. Kinderhook

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