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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Goodin, Wendell E. (Minnie McLain) Ch Robert, James; Pleasant Hill R2
Martinsburg Sec34 T170a Geo. E. Goodin (1893) Farmers Tel. Pleasant Hill

Goodin, William J. (Mollie Wheeler) Beecreek Pearl Sec33 O74a (1894) Farmers Tel. Pearl

Goodwin, Charles O. Ch William, Anna, *Martha, *Alena, *Robert; Summerhill R2 Atlas Sec23 Manager Jno. Billings (1861)

Goodwin, George W. (Elma Capps) Pleasant Hill R2 Pleasant Hill Sec18 T92a
Fannie Goodwin (1885) Pike Co. Tel. Pleasant Hill

Goodwin, James A. (Jane Demoin) Ch Harvey. Mary, Laura, Andrew, Fred, Ervin; Rockport Atlas Sec13 Farm Hand Carter Bros. (1886)

Goodwin, Robert L. (Nola Baughman) Ch Forby; Rockport R2 Atlas Sec29E
Manager Rena Stebbens (1896)

Goodwin, Ross H. (Ella Wade) Ch William, Easton, Holland, Chas., *Nettie;
Rockport Atlas Sec17 Farm Hand Mary Horton (1869)

Goodwin, Warren (Hallie Kindle) Ch Irene Emma, Harold; Rockport R1 Atlas
Sec27 Farm Hand M. E. Rupert (1891)

Gorton, Evert (Anna Brinkman) Ch William, Truman, Walter, Lawrence;
Kinderhook R1 Kinderhook Sec36 O120a Ida Gorton (1887) Farmers Tel.

Gose, Abel A. Ch Harold, Vernon, Myrtle, *Ada, *Elbert; Hull R1 Kinderhook
Sec14 O230a (1836) Bluff Co. Tel. Kinderhook

Gossard, Charles (Abbie Brown) Ch Pauline, Carl, Florence; Pearl Star R
Montezuma Sec26 T231a A. R. Brown (1907) Farmers Tel. Pearl

Gourley, Aason (Maud Miller) Ch Harry, Jessie, Lula, Nellie, Corine, Ethel,
Edith; Pearl Star Route Montezuma Sec35 O233a (1919) Farmers Tel. Pearl

Gourley, Thomas L. (Letta Ottwell) Ch Freda, Mary, Chester; Pearl R2 Pearl
Sec33 O131a (1917) Farmers Tel. Pearl

Grable, David A. (Goldie Troutner) Ch Wayburn; Pittsfield R2 Martinsburg
Sec12 Farm Hand Strauss Bros. (1871) Pike Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Grable, Fred (Ina Schnepf) Ch Maud, Murl, Mina, Manard; Pittsfield R2 Hardin Sec30 O3a (1872)

Grady, John (Maggie Quinlan) Ch Mary, Henry; Pittsfield R4 Derry Sec25 O160a (1868)

Grafford, John F. (Nora Ator) Ch Lottie, Cecil; Pittsfield R2 Martinsburg
Sec28 O160a (1871) Farmers Tel. Martinsburg

Grafford, Walter A. (Mamie Myers) Ch Bertha, Lora, Clarence, Richard;
Pittsfield R3 Newburg Sec21 Farm Hand F. M. Fenton (1873)

Graham, Charles E. (Pearl M. Cummings) Ch Berdella, Earl; Baylis R1 New
Salem Sec6 T98a Mr. Edward Brown Sr. (1883) Long Ridge Tel. Baylis

Graham, George T. (Hazel Lacy) Ch Howard E.; Pearl R1 Montezuma Sec28 O160a (1879) Pike Co. Tel. Milton

Graham, George W. (Sylvia Baughman) Ch Ray, *Herbert, *Stella, *Nora,
*Addie, *Guy; "Maple Glen Stock Farm" Pittsfield R7 Hardin Sec13 O60a (1858) Pike Co. Tel. Pittsfield

Graham, Guy (Mabel Doyle) Ch Norman, Gail; Pittsfield R1 Hardin Sec2 T76a William Williams (1890)

Graham, Herbert E. (Gertrude Pettitt) Ch Carl, Leota, Earl, Wallace, Glenn;
Pitttsfield R1 Hardin Sec11 O100a (1879) Pike Co. Tel. Milton

Graham, John J. (Edna Miller) Ch Irene, Inez, Forest, Catherine, Hugh; Pearl
R1 Montezuma Sec29 O80a (1877) Farmers Tel. Milton

Grammer, Morris (Celia Parks) Ch Russell, Florence; Barry R3 Barry Sec27
T140a R. W. Hart (1891) Independent Tel. Barry

Gray, Clarence T. (Fanny Doane) Ch Clarissa; Baylis R2 New Salem Sec3 O160a Sec 3 T240a E. Doane Pike Co. Tel. Baylis

Gray, James F. (Lillie Harrison) Ch Ima; Rockport R1 Ross Sec21 T160a Geo. Reisch (1892)

Gray, John H. (Mary Reeves) Ch *Ethel, *Mabel, *Guy, *Russell, *Roy;
Pleasant Hill R1 Martinsburg Sec34 O48a (1860) Farmers Tel. Pleasant Hill

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