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Contributed by Pike County ILGenWeb
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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Fritz, George (Ada Bear) Ch Gerald, Lucille, Chelsey, Earl, *Ralph,
*Pauline, *Dewey; "Riverside Farm" Rockport R1 Atlas T580a Willis Balance
(1918) Glandon Tel. Rockport

Fronerfbarger, Clarence W. (Margaret Pfeiffer) Ch Marseille; El Dara Derry
Sec32 O93a (1907) Pike Co. Tel. El Dara

Fruit, J. Louis (Pearl Rowell) Ch Nionel P. L. Dale; Beverly R2 Hadley Sec4
O90a (1907) Pleasant Hill Tel. Baylis

Fudge, Charles E. (Ethel Hoos) Ch Lucille, Gerald; Pittsfield R6 Newburg
Sec7 T160a George Hoos *1884) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Fudge, Clarence A. (Grace Willsey) Ch Nellie, Marie; "Fruit Dale Farm"
Pittsfield R4 Pittsfield Sec9 O120a (1878) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Fudge, Sarah J. (Sarah J. Pence) Ch *William, *Clarence, *Charles;
Pittsfield R6 Newburg Sec6 O145a (1857) Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Fuerstenau, Edward (Rachel Horton) Ch Laveta; Rockport R1 Atlas Sec31E T163a
Thomas Worthington Glandon Tel. Rockport

Fulmer, Charles L. (Anna Scott) Ch Faye, Charley, Freda, Ernest, *Maud,
*Myrtle, *Pauline; Montezuma Montezuma Sec11 O100a (1866) Farmers Tel.

Fulmer, George W. (Francis Henson) Ch Mary, Edith, Margaret; Bedford
Montezuma Sec14 T40a William Fulmer (1890) Pike Co. Tel. Milton

Fulmer, William T. (Ella Daniels) Ch Harvey, Virginia, *George, *Ethel;
Bedford Montezuma Sec23 O80a (1864) Pike Co. Tel. Milton

Fulton, William L. (Manda Hampsmere) Ch Lettie, Hilda; Hull R1 Kinderhook
Sec4 T25a William Blauser (1894) Farmers Tel. Plainville

Funk, (Judge) Everett (Nina Raffety) Ch Edwin, Louise; Barry R4 Hadley Sec31
T80a O. Willildramson (1887) Fitch Tel. Barry

Funk, James A. and Sister Leroy Eston; Baylis R2 Hadley Sec11 T160a Mrs.
Sarah Funk (1872) Glandon Tel. Baylis

Funk, John (Allie Starks) Barry R4 Hadley Sec9 O40a Hadley Sec10 T40a Huntly
Estate (1865)

Funk, J. Ralph and Sisters Frances M. and Ora L.; Barry R2 Sec14 O80a (1916)
Tel. Barry

Furgeson, A. F. Lona I. Bowman, niece and son Burdette; Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill Sec21 O167a (1844) Pike Co. Tel. Pleasant Hill

Furniss, William Elmer (Bertha Kinne) Ch Harold, Dorothy, Freeman, Loraine,
Gerald, Helen, Dylle, *Earl, *Helen, *Maud, *Jesse; Barry R4 Hadley Sec6
O160a (1871) Riggs Tel. Beverly

Fusselman, Charles A. (Lura Bell) Ch Fern, Lena, Gretta, Minnie, Nelladine,
Kenneth; "Hill View Farm" Hull R1 Kinderhook Sec3 O1a (1872)

Gage, Robt. O. (Pearl Foster) Ch Ina Masters; Hull R2 Kinderhook Sec29 O40a

Gaines, Sylvester S. (Francis Grub) Ch *Irma; "Sunny Slope Farm" Kinderhook
R1 Barry Sec18-19 O430a (1860) Farmers Tel. Kinderhook

Gallaher, Matthew (Cora Kabrick) Ch Byron, Clayton, Elizabeth; Barry R2
Barry Sec14 O115a (1907) Tel. Barry

Gallaher, Otis (Drusie Brown) Ch Susie, Mildred; Barry R1 Barry Sec23 (1890)

Galliher, Daniel M. (Martha Sims) Ch *Nettie; Rockport R1 Atlas Sec9 T120a
Edd Fuller (1908)

Galloway, Clifford E. (Margaret Long) Ch Loyd, Maude, Leslie, Lyndle, Mary,
Marjorie, Lawrence; Pittsfield R2 Martinsburg Sec26 T120a T. L. Manier

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