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1919 Pike County Farmer's Directory

Baughman, N.E. (Rosa Fast) Ch Marie G., Carson hH., Cleo R.;
Pleasant Hill R3 Pleasant Hill Sec8 T5a George A Orrill (1880)

Beatry, Conway T. (Mae Hannert) Ch Elle, David, Katherine,
Cicero, Gertrude, Russell: Griggsville R1 New Salem Sec11 T130a
William Hannant (1898) Tel. Griggsville

Beatty, Harvey E. (Pearl Holeman) Ch Harvey Dale; Perry Perry
Sec28 T160a George Sweeting (1893) Glandon Tel. Perry

Beatty, Henry (Nellie Duff) Ch *Conway, *Myrtle, *Harvey; Perry
Perryy Sec28 T160a George Sweeting (1846) Glandon Tel. Perry

Beaty, Welby H. (Inez Fletcher) Ch Rex, Max, Leonard nad Joseph
Campbell nephews; "Walnut Hill Farm" Barry R1 Barry Sec15 T255a
J. C. Martin (1918)

Beauchem, Eli (Sarah Corwin) Ch Helen, Eugene, *Susie, *Mary;
Valley flint Sec20 O6a (1894)

Beckman, Charles (Emma Scranton) Ch Carlos, Fred, Grace,
*Gertrude: Pittsfield R6 Pittsfield Sec17 O40a William Dutton

Bekenholdt, Walter F. (Grace Elmore) Ch Paul Elmore; Rockport R1
Ross Sec6 T387a John Beckenholdt (1908) Glandon Tel. Rockport

Belford, Thomas (Lucy Sailor) Ch Harry, Margaret, Anna May,
Leta; Pittsfield R3 Newburg Sec30 T100a John Hull (1863)
Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Bell, Thomas C. (Nora Carlton) Ch Stanley, Delia, Elva,
Amanda, Blanch, Russell, Garnet, Hazel; Pearl Pearl Sec17 O80a

Belts, John W. (Elen Westbrook) Ch Raymond, Glenna, Russell,
*Mabel, *Eva, *Della, *Goldie; "Triple spring Farm" Barrry Star
Route Pleasantvale Sec1 T300a J.A. Ratalie (1900) Pike Co. Tel

Bennett, Charles H. (Ora Gray) Ch Albert, Hamor, Martha, *Lois;
Griggsville R2 Griggsville Sec12 O80a (1863) Pike Co. Tel.

Bennett, Frank A. (Estella Dean) Ch Ruth, Frank Dean; Griggsville
R2 Griggsville Sec1 T220a A.W. Bennett (1866) Farmers Tel.
Griggsville and Perry

Bennett, George (Mary Conkright) Ch W. Taylor, V. Fay;
"Oklahome" Baylis R2 Fairmount Sec33 O75a Pike Co. Tel. Baylis

Bennett, John B. (Winnie Calvin) Ch Bernice, Bernard, Tim;
Pleasant Hill Ross Sec26 T130a Dr. Woltma (1914) Glandon Tel.
Pleasant Hill

Bennington, Clinton T. (Agnes Hull) "Hull Homestead Fram" Hull
R1 Kinderhook Sec15 O91a (1891) Bluff Tel.

Bergman, Elizabeth J. Ch Mida, Lawrence, *Fred, *Estella,
*William, *Raymond; Griggsville R3 Newburg Sec5 O117a (1853)
Glandon Tel. Pittsfield

Bergman, Fred B. (Rosa Higdon) Ch Elsie, Clifford, Ross,
Richard, Florine, Florence; Griggsville R2 Perry Sec35 O230a
(1876) Glandon Tel. Perry

Bergman, Raymond K. (Mildred Crawford) Ch Dorothy, Elizabeth;
Baylis R3 Fairmount Sec2 T400a Mart Orr (1890) Pike Co. Tel.

Bernard, Chester L. (Anna Lerch) Ch Harry; Perry Perry Sec8
Farm Hand Charles Liehs (1908) Farmers Tel. Perry

Berry, Frank S. (Helen Dunham) Griggsville R1 Griggsville Sec20
T80a J>L> Dunham (1883) Pike co. Tel Griggsville

Berry, John F. (Elizabeth Briscoe) Ch Burdette, *Orland, *Frank,
*Mary, *Everett, *Catherine G. Moorman grandchild; Pleasant Hill
R2 Pleasant Hill Sec5 O250a (1848) Pike Co. Tel. Pleasant Hill

Beshears, William M. (Julia Arnett) Ch R.A., Mollie, Raymond,
Rexie, Maggie, *Ruby, *Dora, *Mattie; Hull R2 Levee Sec2 T5a
Bradley Institute (1919) Bell Tel. Hannibal

Betts, Everet H. (Ruby Davis) Ch Everet, Emma; Rockport R1
Atlas Sec1W T160a Pete winkle (1890)

Betts, William E. Rockport R1 Atlas Sec31 T270a H.W. Heath

Bibsby, Isaac (Lora Benjiman) Ch Maudie, Anna, Arche, Ollie,
Homer, Gilbert, Herman, Lena, May; Pittsfield R6 Newburg Sec7
Farm Hand Henry Hilderbranner (1879)

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