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West Division, Enumerated by Benj. Tellon
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West Division, Enumerated by Benj. Tellon
Contributed by Pike County ILGenWeb
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West Division, Enumerated by Benj. Tellon
Name Age Sex Marital
Birth place Month Occupation Cause Duration
Asa Hammond 69 m m N.Y. Nov Farmer Chronic
Aaron Chamberlin 62 m m N. J. May Farmer Cholera 3
Sarah Baker 1 f Ills. Aug Diarrhea 60
Deborah Keath 9 mths f Ills. May Fever 5
James W. Sago 1 m Ills. Oct Flux 35
Charles W. Whran 1 m Ills. Aug Flux 5
William E. Bond 6 mths m Ills. Apr Lung Fever 14
Ruth Emerson 62 f m N. H. Nov None unknown 60
Mary J. Chase 3 f Ind. Mar Unknown 4
Benjn. D. Roster 1 m Ills. Aug Flux 3
William Kidwell 42 m m Va. Mar Carpenter Congt. Bowels 1
Isiah York 30 m m Ind. Aug Farmer Cholera 2
Louisa York 25 f w Ky. Aug None Cholera 1
Jackson York 3 m Ills. Aug Cholera 1
Charles Mason 49 m m N. H. Dec Farmer Infln. Lungs 21
James Patterson 20 m Ky. Jan Farmer Consumption 120
Jennet Hart 22 f m Pa. Oct None Lung Fever 20
Isaac Pope 1 m Ills. Aug Infln Brain 35
David Daniels 6 m Ills. Feb Small Pox 14
Nancy Spencer 2 f Ills. Feb Chol Infm 4
William Ascue 2 mths m Ills. May unknown Sudden
Albertina Gilum 10 mths m Ills. Sep Diarrhea 7
Martin Rigsby 37 m m S. C. Nov Farmer unknown 1 year
John Parroc 2 m Mo. Dec Burned 4
Orlando D. A. Watson 2 m Ills. May Congst Brain 1
Andrew Bemont 39 m m S. C. May Farmer Inflm Barin 14
Phoeby A. Simmons 3 f N. Y. Oct Croop 2
Dexter W. Simmons 11 mths m N. Y. Oct Croop 1
Asa Hammond 19 m Ills. Nov Farmer Inflm Brain 10
Mary A. Baker 3 f Ills. Jun Worms 3
Eliza J. Baker 1 f Ills. Oct Diarrhea 4 mths
Charlotte Hendricks 42 f m Unknown Apr None Child Birth 4
Charles -- 4 m Ills. Aug Congst Chill 1
Ann M. Goble 7 mths f Ills Sep Unknown 14
Edward Wyatt 57 m m Va. Jul Farmer Cholera 4
John M. Grimshaw 53 m m Ireland Jan Merchant Cons Brain 10
William S. Grimshaw 20 m Ireland Jan Clerk Inflm Bowel 14
Mary L. Thompson 1 f Ills. Sep Teething 42
Lucy Norton 70 f w Mass. Mar None Old Age 90
George Agnue 1 m Ills. Oct Diarrhea 90
Samuel Lane 1 m Ills. Aug Diarrhea 60
Milton Abbott 1 m Ills. Oct Diarrhea 90
O. G. Spencer 1 m Ills. May Measles 3
Isaac Penington 1 mth m Ills. May Measles 10
William Mory [Morey] 39 m m Conn. Jan Undertaker unknown 8
John P. Mudd 4 m Ills. Dec unknown 14
Mary Perry 26 f m Canada May Miliner Congst Brain 4
Joseph Perry 80 m m Ireland Mar Weaver Cancer 90
Ruth A. Dell 3 f Ills. Sep Croop 14
Susan Wagle 22 f m Tenn. Feb None Sudden
Asa Housewort 1 m Ills. Sep Diarrhea 24
Henry Caswell 26 m m N. Y. Feb Brickmason Cong Brain 2
Julia A. Worly 6 f Ills. Oct Fever 42
Leonard Miller 20 m Germany Feb Farmer Quinsy 5
Mary J. Kirkpatric 4 mths f Ills. Aug Diarrhea 14
Leevy Kinman 59 m m N.C. Aug Farmer Remt Fever 28
Edward Brown 22 m Ireland Apr Farmer Diarrhea 4
Isaac K. Rollins 2 mths m Ills. Aug Inflm Brain 8
Mary J. Creag 1 mth f Ills. Jan unknown 6
Catherine T. Tailor 25 f m N. C. Aug None Child Birth 1
Albert G. Tailor 1 mth m Ills. Aug Chol Inft 8
Leevy A. Tailor 1 mth m Ills. Aug Chol Inft 8
Samuel J. Moore 6 mths m Ills. Oct Congst Brain 6
Elizabeth Laird 20 f m O. Feb None Consumption 8 mths
William Pine 1 mth m Ills. Aug Diarrhea 4
Jesse States 82 m m (Da.?) Jan Farmer Consumption 5 mths
Julia Bulkly 24 m N. Y. Feb Farmer Fever 14
Alfred D. Dutcher 10 m Ills. Dec Inflm Bowels 8
Lawrence Stebbins 4 mths m Ills. Sep Inflm Brain 6
Johnathan Ingram 17 m Ills. Sep Farmer Inflm Bowels 56
Margaret Higgins 2 f Mo. Jul Worms 60
James J. Spairs 12 m Ills. Jul unknown 21
Amanda Simpson 7 f Mo. Dec Croup 6
Benjamin Tilton 56 m m N. J. Apr Farmer Lung Fever 2
Benjamin J. Tilton 14 m N. J. Mar Congst Brain 2
William Gather 3 m Ills. Jul Cholera 1
John Gather 1 m Ills. Jul Diarrhea 28
Mary Mott 8 mths f Ills. Aug Croop 1
Nancy Spead 3 f Ills. Aug Lung Fever 23
Angeline A. Willes 25 f m O. Oct None Consumption 77
John A. Shipman 40 m m Conn. Aug Merchant Cholera 1
John Coleman 31 m m O. Mar Farmer Lung Fever 8
Angeline Coleman 2 f Ills. May Whopping Cough 21
Mary L. Vect 5 mths f Ills. Jul Whopping Cough 3 mths
Eunice Smith 71 f w N. Y. Aug None Cholera 1
Thomas Pane 25 m Ky. Nov Carpenter Lung Fever 19
Samuel Ragen 45 m m Va. Oct Farmer Cholera 1
Sophia Dilley 1 f Ills. Aug Flux 4
Mary Nicholas 5 mths f Ills. Oct unknown 21
David Serles 46 m m Va. Aug Farmer Cholera 5
Bartholimew Wullum 70 m Va. Oct Farmer unknown 7
Asher B. Andrews 43 m m Md. Sep Farmer Disease Heart 14
Mary M. C. Andrews 38 f w Va. Jan None Child Birth 30
Marietta Gregory 5 f Ills. Oct Typhus Fever 16
William H. Doty 1 m La. Oct unknown 20
Dianna Rockey 5 mths f Ills. Sep Congst Chill 15
Virginia Tompkins 5 f Mo. Jun Croop 14
Daniel Wright 7 m Mo. Sep Breast Complt 35
Cilvanus T. Massey 5 mths m Ills. Aug Diarrhea 5 mths
Amanda Russell 7 f Arkansas Aug Worms 7
John Long 24 m m O. Aug Farmer unknown 4 mths
Mary Long 26 f w O. Apr None Fever 5
Alexandria Badgley 4 m Ind. Jul Drowned
Mahala Badgley 1 f Ind. Nov Diarrhea 6 mths

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