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East Division, Enumerated by J. Grimshaw
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East Division, Enumerated by J. Grimshaw
Contributed by Pike County ILGenWeb
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East Division, Enumerated by J. Grimshaw
Name Age Sex Marital
Birth place Month Occupation Cause Duration
George W. Chenoweth 2 m Ills. Feb Scarlet Fever 21
-- Chenoweth 1 day m Ills. May Measles Sudden
Walker D. Findley 33 m m Tenn. Apr Farmer Fever 4
Polly McMillan 52 f w Pa. Oct None unknown C
-- McMillan 1 mth m Ills. Oct unknown 3
James T. Lester 1 m Ills. Apr Whooping Cough 20
Alous Strawn 23 m m N. Car. Aug Farmer Bilious Fever 10
Hiram Emanuel 50 m w Ohio Mar Farmer Consumption C
Harper Strawn 20 f N. Ca. Mar Farmer Dysentery C
Sophia Meachem 29 f N. Y. May None Dropsy C
Jonathan Walk 23 m N. Ca. Nov Farmer Dropsy C
Josephine Clemmons 3 f Ills. Oct Scarlet Fever 20
Louisa Clemmons 19 f Ills. Mar None Eresipelus 17
Arthur S. Ingalls 2 m Ills. Nov Scarlet Fever 5
George W. Brown 8 mths m Ills. Aug Summer Compt. 30
Nancy Kennedy 38 f m Ky. Dec None unknown C
Pamelia A. Kennedy 1 f Ills. Feb Croup 2
Sarah A. McEvers 21 f m Ills. Apr None Measles 10
Eliza A. Kilpatrick 15 f Ills. Nov Child birth 7
Minerva Canada 12 f Ills. Apr Consumption 14
Pamelia Canada 2 f Ills. Feb unknown Sudden
Jane Edwards 10 f Ohio Mar Lung Fever 21
Dorinda Baker 24 f m Ind. Aug None child bed Sudden
-- Boren 1 week m Ills. Dec Unknown 4
Cynthia E. Herriman 4 f Ills. Mar accidental 4
-- Carlton 1 day f Ills. May unknown 1
Peter Chaney 74 m m So. Car. Apr Farmer consumption 63
Joshua Hann 7 m Ills. Feb unknown 1
Jane Wilson 32 f w Ohio Apr None Child bed Sudden
Enoch Kinney 7 m Ills. Jul unknown C
-- Keys 4 days m Ills. Mar unknown 4
James T. Daniels 11 days m Ills. Mar unknown 11
Polly Miller 55 f m Va. Oct None unknown C
Samuel Evans 28 m Ireland Jan Farmer drowned sudden
Amanda Very 28 f m N. Y. Sep None Consumption 21
Neal C. Pettis 35 m N. Y. May Farmer Cancer C
Hester Olin 77 f w Mass. Jun None Cancer C
Maria F. Philips 1 mth f Ills. Jun unknown 20
Charles P. Morgan 1 m Ky. Nov Teething 7
Elizabeth Cox 1 f Mo. Nov Inflam. Brain 14
William Breeden 73 m w Va. Sep Farmer Dyspepsia C
Susan Johns 62 f w Pa. Oct None Cholera Morbus 1
Louisa Breeden 4 mths f Ills. Nov Inflam. Brain 35
Harriet Walker 26 f m Tenn. Mar None Bilious Cholera Morbus 2
Elizabeth J. Glasgow 1 f Ills. Apr Lung Fever 25
Mary A. Varner 2 f Mo. Dec burned Sudden
James Cannon 1 m Ills. Jan burned 42
Asa Hammond 74 m m N. Y. Sep Farmer Hernia C
Mary Brooks 21 f m Tenn. Aug None unknown 14
Joseph B. Stewart 1 m Ills. Mar Pleurisy 5
Rachel Ingram 70 f m N. Ca. Apr None Palsy 28
Amelia Ingram 33 f m Ohio Dec None unknown 3
Elam Griswold 78 m w Conn. Aug Farmer Consumption C
Samuel Linn 15 m Ohio Jun None unknown 3
Mary E. Chenoweth 1 f Ills. Aug Summer Compt. 8
Charlotte J. Coffee 2 mths f Ills. Aug unknown 42
Ida Winsor 2 f Pa. May unknown sudden
Harvey B. Meredith 3 m Mo. Sep Inflam. Brain 8
William M. Beatty 7 m Mo. Jan Sore throat 4
Ann E. Beatty 10 mths f Ills. Feb Inflam Brain 28
Sarah Slater 1 mth f Ills. Apr Inflam. Lungs 14
James Vertrees 1 m Ills. Aug Summer Compt 2
Harriet Cobb 51 f w N. Y. Dec None unknown C
Lorenzo Stoner 28 m m Ohio Sep Shoe-maker Fever 5
George Steele 1 mth m Ills. Jan unknown 4
Benjamine Kirgan 10 m Ills. May accident sudden
William M. Taylor 7 m Ills. Jun Typhiod Fever 35
Frances Cleveland 12 f Ills. Apr Dropsy Brain 14
Mary Hawkins 6 mths f Ills. Oct unknown 90
Isaac LaMasters 48 m m Ky. Jan Farmer Dropsy C
Elizabeth J. Kunant 1 mth f Ills. Sep Thrush 1 mth
Hannah T. Sharp 10 mth f Ills. Oct Cholera infantum 28
Thomas J. Freeman 4 mth m Ills. Aug Inflam Brain 30
-- Sperry 1 mth f Ills. Aug Dysentery 7
Preston H. Kenney 2 m Ills. Oct Croup 7
James W. Dimmitt 4 m Ills. Oct Imflam Brain 3
Louisa Dimmitt 1 f Ills. Oct Scarlet Fever 4
Joseph Dimmitt 1 m Ills. Oct Congestive Chill 2
Susan Henley 8 mths f Ills. Sep Cholera infantum 5
Elizabeth Tyler 59 f m Mass. Mar None Burned Sudden
Josephine Oglesby 3 mths f Ills. Aug Inflam. Brain 4
Philander Baker 1 m Ills. Aug Dropsy Brain 90
Albert Cotton 7 m Vt. Jul Accident Sudden
Aralinda Biddle 14 f N. J. May Disease Heart C
Sarah Wharton 79 f w England Aug None unknown Sudden
Richard Free 1 mth m Ills. Jul Croup 3
Mary Wade 22 f m Unknown Dec None Child bed 7
Catherine Gray 30 f m Ohio Dec None consumption C
Ann Wells 1 f Ills. Aug Inflam Brain 4
George Shinn 8 mths m Ills. May unknown 1
Betsy Beckford 83 f w Mass. Oct None Apoplexy Sudden
Charlotte M. Pease 5 mths f Ills. Apr Fever 9
William Bennett 30 m Unknown Sep Labourer Murdered Sudden
Joseph Neely 80 m w N. Ca. Nov Farmer Old Age 90
Almira Snyder 9 f Ills. Apr Congestive Chill 4
Laura Welsh 1 mth f Ills. Aug Summer Compt 7
Dickson Dinsmore 1 m Ills. Aug Diarrhea 4
Adeline Aldrich 8 f Ills. Aug Worms 17
Laura J. Cooper 6 mths f Ills. Sep Summer Compt 3
Emily Foreman 5 f Ind. May Croup 2
Robert Johnson 74 m w Va. Dec Carpenter Inflam. Lungs 14
Milton Hendricks 35 m m Unknown Jul Labourer Cholera 2
Poter Kessinger 32 m m N. Ca. Feb Blacksmith Inflam Lungs 9
William S. Dumford 2 m Ills. Oct Inflam Lungs 2
Robert Keys 8 mths m Ills. Jul unknown 14
Thomas Lindsay 61 m m Ky. Nov Farmer Fever 4
Jacob Newman 8 mths m Ills. Apr unknown 2
Nathan Allen 2 m Ills. Apr Worms 14
George Lake 28 m m N. Y. Feb Farmer Consumption 90
-- Newton 10 days m Ills. Feb unknown 1
Mary A. Howard 22 f m N. Y. Feb None Inflam. Bowels 21
Catherine Winder 28 f m Ohio Aug None unknown 28
John Orr 7 m Ills. Aug Snake bite 6
Amanda Wells 22 f m Ky. Sep None Child bed 30

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