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.Chapter Titles
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.Chapter Titles
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Chapter - Chapter Titles - Page Number
1 Beginning of Struggle Between Coles' Grove and Ross's Settlement for County Seat 3
2 The Hansen and Shaw Forces Battle; Slavery Issue in Vandalia Legislature 4
3 Nicholas Hansen of Ross's Settlement Seated in Legislature at Vandalia 7
4 About Governor Coles; Hansen's Single Vote Defeats Slavery Issue 9
5 County Seat Moved to Atlas; Only Settlement in Wilderness of Pike 12
6 First Court (Term) Held at Atlas; Suits Brought Against Officers 15
7 Pike Divided into Three Townships; Move Favors John Shaw Faction 17
8 Pike County's "War of Roses" Fought in Campaign Territory Extending 300 Miles 19
9 Calhoun's Early Settlers; LaSalle Tells of Indian Massacre at Cap au Gris 23
10 Pike's Share in Illinois' 1824 Anti-Slave Vote Affects Destiny of Nation 26
11 Aftermath of County Seat War Brings Law Suits; Clerk James Whitney Indicted 30
12 Suits Arising from 1824 Election Occupied Pike Courts and Others for Many Years 33
13 "Lord Coke" Whitney, Colorful Early Character, Kept Records Invaluable to Historians 36
14 Calhoun County Is Erected; Coles' Grove Name Changed to Gilead as First County Seat 39
15 Quincy Chosen as County Seat of Adams; John Wood's Plans for New County Become Reality 41
16 John Wood's New Town of Quincy Grows Rapidly; Some Settlers Move Northwest from Atlas 45
17 The 1820 Coming of the Rosses; Historians Tell Beauty of Untouched Prairie and Woods 48
18 The Ross Families Leave the East and Make Their Way by River and Land to Pike 51
19 The Rosses Take Their Place in Government; William Leads His Men in Black Hawk War 54
20 Hansen, Long Active in Courts Here, Retired to New York; Shaw Disappears from Illinois 57
21 Early Courts Met in Homes of Settlers; In 1827 Pike Is Divided into Four Precincts 60
22 Pike Roads Followed Ancient Buffalo Trails; Military Tract Lands Rewarded 1812 Soldiers 63
23 John Shaw's Own Story Tells of Colorful Youth and His Life After He Vanished from Pike 67
24 Shaw Serves as Scout for War of 1812; Tells of Daniel Boone; Fort Built at Cap au Gris 70
25 Shaw Tells of Escapes from Indians; Building of Fort Clark; Battle of Sink-Hole 73
26 Black Hawk Pitted Against Shaw in Sink-Hole Battle; War Extends to Prairie du Chien 76
27 Famed Writer Immortalizes Heroic Exploit of Paul Harpole in Battle near Rock Island 79
28 "The Raccoon" was Indians' Name for Shaw; Scout Is Left in Debt for Rangers' Supplies 81
29 Lead Mines at Galena Opened to Trade by Shaw in Effort to Repay His 1812 War Debts 84
30 Shaw Once Owned 30,000 Acres in Pike County; Tells of His Last Talk with Black Hawk 86
31 Black Hawk and Ke-o-kuk Made Eloquent Speeches to Beaten Tribes; the Boone Story Begins 89
32 Boones Arrived in Pike in 1822; Historian Traces Ancestry of Boone Descendants in County 91
33 One of Marion's Men and Other Boones Lie in Pike Cemeteries; Some in Unmarked Graves 95
34 Boones Were Shaw Partisans; First Garrison and Thornton Families Settled near Milton 98
35 Montezuma Wilderness Settled by Families of Daniel Boone's Nephews 101
36 Jonathan Boone Allen Born in Stockade During "Last Battle of the Revolution" 104
37 Jemima Boone, on Visit to Pike County, Told Relatives of Her Capture by Indians 107
38 Dinah Boone Allen Endured Cold and Indian Attacks in First Year of Her Marriage 110
39 Women of Bryan's Station Trick Indians with Heroic Act Before Attack on Fort 112
40 Men Who Helped Defend Fort Against Indians Were Settlers in Pike 115
41 School Families, Friends of Lincolns and Boones, Settle in Vicinity of Griggsville 118
42 Scattered Descendants Help Trace Relationship Between Boone and School Families 120
43 Indians on the Warpath Made 1782 a Year of Battle for Pioneers in Kentucky 124
44 Abraham Scholl Captured by Indians in 1787; Family of Widow Is Massacred 127
45 Boone and Scholl Spread out in Kentucky and Finally Move to Missouri and Illinois 130
46 Sister of Abraham Scholl Tells Her Early Memories; Land Pirates Were Menace 133
47 Notorious John Murrel Was King of OPutlaws; Abraham Scholl Robbed on Way to Illinois 136
48 Abraham Scholl, Wife and Childresn Travel the Phillips Ferry Road to Griggsville 139
49 Abraham Scholl's Children Made Earliest Pike Marriages; A Broken Lincoln Romance 142
50 Sally Scholl Refuses To Sign a Deed; Leah Scholl Is Witness to Strange Will 145
51 William H. Wilson Builds Cabin on Griggsville Prairie for His Young Bride, Matilda Scholl 147
52 Wilson Was Great Hunter, Carpenter, Neighbor; The Amazing Story of Free Frank 150
53 Wilson Families Descend from First White Child Born in Fort Madison, Iowa 153
54 Kinsmen of Pocahontas Were English Ancestors of Saunders Families 156
55 Manker Families of Pike are Descendants of Abraham Scholl's Granddaughter 160
56 Settlers Argued Prairie versus Woodland; Fisk Family Traces Ancestry to English Nobility 162
57 Serelds, "Lost Daughter" of the Scholls, Was Married in Pike; Other Scholls; the Orrs 166
58 Adeline Scholl Was the Family Beauty; Keys Descend from England's House of Tudor 169
59 Slaves Came with Scholls to County; Peter Scholl's Family; Search for Gold 173
60 Lovejoy and Wagdes Fought Land Suit in Court; Family of Elizabeth Scholl Gibbs 176
61 Grave of Pioneer Abraham Scholl Marked in 1935 by D. A. R. and His Descendants 179
62 Coming of the Elledges; Pike Descendants of Daniel Boone's Nieces 182
63 Accounts of Neddie Boone's Murder by Indians; His Widow Makes Her Will 185
63 (Continued) Fate of Elledge Brothers Who Made Perilous Journey with Donelson Is Unknown 188
64 Indian Massacre at Wood River; Rangers' Pursuit Leads to Pike Border 191
65 Statehood for Illinois; Beall Surveys Wilderness in Mauvaisterre Valley 194
66 The Regulators in Action with the "Wild Hunter;" First Grave in Valley 197
67 Elledge "Entered Out;" Rule of Regulators Ends; Law Comes to Valley 199
68 Grain Mills Were Important to Pioneers; Settlers Gather at the Edward Elledge Estate Sale 203
69 History of Malinda Scholl Traced for First Time; Lived in Pleasant Val eTownship 206
70 Weddings Were Festive Occasions for Settlers in Pioneer Pike County 209
71 Seymour Kellogg Arrives; Nancy Scott Elledge First White Child Born in Scott County 212
72 Family Line of William and Tabitha Beall Elledge; Name Came from King Eldred 214
73 Darius Ingalls Came from New York; Children Married into Elledge-Boone Family 216
74 Harringtons, Another Boone Line, Were Descendants of Patriots of the Revolution 219
75 Squire Boone Was Colorful Kentuckian; the "Widow Hinton," Ancestor of Chenoweths 223
76 Squire Boone's Wife Was Jane VanCleve; Son Enoch Married Eliza Goldman 225
77 Squire Boone Buried in Cave; Holaday-Woolfolk Families; Shinns Come to Missouri 227
78 Benjamin Elledge Ran Stave Factory and Grist Mill near Griggsville 230
79 The Children of Benjamin Elledge; His Descendants now Are Widely Scattered 233
79 (continued) The Families of Harvey Elledge, Shinn, Hackett, Rogers, Alcorn, Willsey 236
80 The Children of Harvey Elledge and His Second Wife, Mary Scott Jennings 239
81 Mrs. Evelyn Elledge Boone Relates Saga of Childhood on the Plains of Midwest 242
82 The Elledge Graveyard at Griggsville; Learn of More Children of Francis Elledge 245
83 Turkey Gobbler Revealed as a Painted Indian; Tales of the James Elledge Family 248
84 The Three Alcorn Brothers; Colonel Elloitt Baker Weds Descendant of Boones 251
85 Boones Lived to Great Ages; Willsey, Moore, Rogers Clans Trace Back to Alcorn Line 254
86 Nancy Heath, Pittsfield's First Teacher, as a Child Talked to Daniel Boone 257
87 Boone's Body May Still Rest in Missouri; Children of David and Fanny Rogers 261
88 Daughter of Uriah Elledge Was First White Girl Born in Griggsville Township 264
89 Other Children of Uriah Elledge; Son Died on Trip to California Gold Fields 267
90 Second Wife and Family of Uriah Elledge; The Ball, Kellogg and Bodine Clans 270
91 Boone Elledge Kept Records of Two Stores and Family Trip; Hinman Prairie Settlers 273
92 Hinman Fled England to Escape Oliver Cromwell; Family of George Yates 276
93 The Nine Children of Lewis and Maria Jane Baldwin of the Hinman Settlement 279
94 Editor of Griggsville Reflector in 1876 Wrote of Pioneer Life in Pike 282
95 The Wade Family of Flint Township; Watson Starts Resort at Perry Springs 284
96 Pioneers Benjamin and Nancy (Scott) Elledge Were Parents of Eleven 288
97 Indian Captives Lived Through Great Hardship; Early Hanging Murder 291
98 William Boone Elledge Purchased Steam Mill Square from John Metz 294
99 Boone Elledge Died in 1841 on Hinman Prairie; His Property Sold at Public Auction 296
100 Jesse Elledge, Grandson of Neddie Boone, Was Early Baptist Preacher 299
101 Peter Scholl Married Mary Boone, Daughter of Neddie Boone; Had 14 Children 303
102 Jesse Elledge and Jesse Scholl; "Little Giant" Gets Job at Winchester 306
103 Recollections of Boone Scholl, Founder of Town of Perry (Booneville) 309
104 Martha Elledge and William Philips Were Married in Winter of the "Big Snow" 312
105 Amanda French Was Wife of Two Elledge Cousins; the Vail-Carey Families 314
106 Descendants of Capt. John Lewis; the John Williams, Walk, Clemmons Families 318
107 Joseph Elledge and Marcia Williams Descendants; The Nicolays, Kinmans and Goodins 321
108 Philips Ferry Crossing Was at Site of Buffalo Ford over Illinois River 325
109 Rebecca Burlend's Story of the Philips Ferry Family and Life in Their Cabin 327
110 William Hornbacks in 1829 Were Fifth Family to Settle in Derry 330
111 Hornback Cabin Was Scene of First White Birth and Death in Derry Township 333
112 Continuing the Story of the Hornback Branch of the Philips Family 335
113 The Landrums, Evans and Blackwells, Related to Hornback Families 338
114 Nancy Heath Married Samuel Philips; the Early Kincaid Family 340
115 Nimrod Philips' Will and Estate Sale Record; Son Andrew's Family 343
116 Flavius Philips' Family; Pike's "Paper Cities"; Mormons Cross at Philips Ferry 345
117 Rebecca Burlend Tells of George Bickerdike; His Life as Neighbor 348
118 Solomon Hobbs Family Were 1829 Emigrants from Severns Valley 350
119 Other Families of the Hobbs Children; the Adam Hofsess Family 352
120 Eli Hobbs Was Father of 10; First John Johnson Was Born in England in 1590 355
121 Descendants of Hinson Hobs; the Johnston, Doan, Crawford Families 358
122 The David Hobbs Family; The Three Dorsey Brothers; "Wolf Grove" Farm 360
123 The Chenoweth Family, The E. R. Dorseys, the Dunhams, the C. I. and Burr Swan Families 363
124 John Vertrees Was One of George Rogers Clark's "Long Knoves" 367
125 Vertrees Founded the First Baptist Church in the Severns Valley 370
126 Kinsmen of Six Who Founded Kentucky Town Came to Pike County 372
127 Stories of Pioneer Hardships, and the Court in Elizabethtown 373
128 Early Kentucky Cobblers and Merchants, Cooking and Clothing 376
129 Children of Mary Hodgen and Joseph Vertrees, Son of John 378
130 Nancy Haycraft, Daughter of Samuel, and John Vertrees Were Wed in 1800 in the Severns Valley 381
131 The Chenoweths and Van Meter ancestors of Pike Countains Fought Indians in Kentucky 383
132 Pioneer Vertrees Settled near Perry; Vandeventers Were Neighbors at Varsailles 385
133 Maryland Manor House Life of Chenoweths Told by Indiana Historian 387
134 The Zimmermans and Other Descendants of Jacob C. and Julia Rusk Vertrees 389
135 John Vertrees, Black Hawk Soldier, Wed Nancy Bradbury of Ancient English Family 391
136 Mrs. Charles Aber Was Last Surviving Member of Nathan Bradbury Family 394
137 Marriage of Jacob Sneed Vertrees and Nancy Hobbs United Kentucky Families 397
138 Griggsville Families of Shoemaker, Baldwin, Hoyt and Butterfield 399
139 Children of John Eaton Vertrees Prominent in Pittsfield Business Life 401
139 (continued) The Connett Kindred; The Websters, Winans, Brown and Dow Families 404
140 The Children of Cephas Vertrees; Concluding the Jacob S. Vertrees Story 407
141 Descendants of Other Vertrees Families Now Live in South and West 409
142 Richard Chenoweth Built Forts for Colonel George Rogers Clark's Expedition in Kentucky 412
143 Kentucky Adventures of Chenoweths; Thomas Captured by Indians 414
144 Richard Chenoweth's Cabin Is Attacked by Indians; Mother Survives Scalping 416
145 Children of Samuel and Jacob Van Meter, and Jonathan Chenoweth 418
146 Chenoweth Family Traces Lineage to George Calvert, Knighted by King James I 420
147 Historiam Estabilishes Ancestry of Samuel H. Lewis of Pleasant Hill 423
148 Irish John Lewis Slew Oppressor and Sought New Home in Virginia 425
149 Lewis and Family Were First Augusta County Settlers in Virginia 427
150 Tangled History of Warner Hall Lewises Unraveled by Writer 430
151 Famed Explorer Meriwether Lewis Was Cousin of Pike Settler, Sameul Hardin Lewis 433
152 General Andrew Lewis and His Exploits in the French-Indian Wars 436
153 Soldier Sons of Irish John Lewis Were Friends of General Washington 439
154 Manufacture of Tobacco Was Lewis Business in Virginia and Missouri 442
155 Daniel Boone's son and Daughter of John Baptist Lewis Were Married in Missouri 444
156 Early Settlers in Pike Followed Daniel Boone to Missouri Territory 447
157 Jacob Zumwalt Built Early Log House-Fort near St. Louis in 1795 449
158 Daniel Boone, John Shaw and Black Hawk Were Visitors at Jacob Zumwalt's Fort 452
159 Lewises May Have Come to Pleasant Hill Before Rosses Settled at Atlas 455
160 Collards Came to Missouri in 1805; Sons Fought in Texas Under Sam Houston 458
161 Pioneer Intermarriages Complicated Relations in Early Pleasant Hill 460
162 Collards in Missouri; Sons Fought in Texas Was for Independence 463
163 Dan Collard Traded Furs in St. Louis in 1816; Cannon-Stark Marriages 465
164 John Collard Killed by Runaway in Missouri; Estate Sale Held in 1818 468
165 Collard-Lewis Wedding Held in 1832; Pleasant Hill's First Teachers 470
166 Collard, Capps and Hubbard Families Join 1847 Trek Westward by Wagon Train 473
167 Felix Xollard Planned for Texas but Followed Barlow Trail to Oregon 475
168 Collard Opened Smithy in Oregon; Douglas Joned and Jane Collard Married 478
169 The Pike Families of Douglas Jones, McNary and Philips in Oregon 480
170 Other Children of the McNary, W. W. Jones and Felix Collard Families 483
171 Isaac Newton Collard was Scout, Guide and Indian Interpreter in Oregon 485
172 Family Connections of Lewis-Collard Ancestry in History of America 488
173 Descendants of Rogers, Byrds, Hendersons Live in Pike and Oregon 490
174 Nathan K. Sitton, Pike Emigrant, Married Priscilla Evaline Rogers in Oregon 492
175 William Franklin Collard Took Second Priscilla Evaline Rogers as Wife 494
176 The Wilsons' Relation to Sitton, Porter, Tucker and Collard Families 496
177 David Wilson's Family; the Porter, Coffey and Sitton Relationships 499
178 Settlers' Names Live at Coffey and Porter Hills; Thomas L. Hall Family 501
179 William Riley Wilson and John J. Collard as Citizens of South Pike 503
180 John J. Collard Was First Elected Clerk of Pike County in 1847 505
181 Mary Elizabeth Barton, Daughter of Thomas, Was the Wife of John J. Collard 507
182 Businessmen of Early Bayville; the John J. Collard Teaching Line 509
183 The Children of John J. Collard; the Brant and Galloway Families 512
184 John W. Gresham Was Murder Victom of Only Man Hanged in Pike 514
185 John Gresham and Mary Elizabeth Barnett Had 10 Children 516
186 The Brant and Yokem Clans; the Dunaven, Browning, Gay and LaDow Families 517
187 The A. L. Galloway Family; Daughter Carrie Was Wife of Alvin T. Brant 520
188 The J. H. Brant Children Married into the Craigmiles, Windmiller and Henry Clans 522
189 Lucretia Collard Wed Allen J. Ligon; Other Ligon Family Marriages 523
190 Other Children of J. J. Collard; Marriages into Hoover, Hobbs Families 526
191 Dan Collard Was Named for Daniel D. Hicks, Early Teacher and Pike County Sheriff 528
192 Joseph Collard II Served With Pike County Force in Black Hawk War 530
193 Pleasant Hill Collard Cousins Known as "Red John" and "Black John" 532

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