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Pike County Names in Hannibal Mo Death Records
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Pike County Names in Hannibal Mo Death Records
Contributed by Barbara
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Note: Clearing out some old files and finding miscellaneous items folks have sent me over the years. I don't know who/what the original source of this information was but here it is.

A list of deaths recorded in Hannibal Missouri with Pike County Illinois connections.

Name, Age, Where Buried, Date of Death, Cause of Death

Dudley Alexander, 25d, Stoney Point, March 21, 1887, Septi

William Altsman, 1y 15d, Fall Creek IL, January 4, 1886, Malaria

John D. Anderson, 21y 11m 10d, Rockport, October 13, 1893, Tuberculosis

Mrs. Gussie Atchinson, 38y, Barry, February 19, 1904, Bibr Tumor

Stella A. Baldwin, 25y, Griggsville, June 26, 1902, Tuberculosis

Edgar V. Bancroft, 7m, Kinderhook, February 1, 1884, Meningitis

Clarissa J. Bancroft, 40y 1m 21d, Kinderhook, December 5, 1895, Pleurisy

George Bancroft, 2d, Kinderhook, September 21, 1885, Hydrocephalas

Calib Barnett, 33y, Barry, August 11, 1901, ____

Augustus Blake, 1y 9m 2d, Pittsfield, October 3, 1882, Diptheria

Alex Burke, 39y 2m, Barry, July 18, 1906, Suicide

Byrdie Burke, 7y 11m, Barry, march 9, 1899, ____

Sara Bryson, 7m, Baylis, April 9, 1881, Colera

Johana Carrol, 65y, Pittsfield, April 19, 1908, Brights Disease

Rhea Cheeswright, 16y, Barry, May 19, 1905, Spepticemia

Loran L. Churchill, 7y 9d, Kinderhook, November 11, 1906, Diptheria

Katie C. Coy, 8y, Barry, June 27, 1893, Bronchitis

Albert S. Cunningham, 20y 7m 8d, Pittsfield, November 16, 1887, Railroad Accident

Elizabeth Cunningham, 54y, Pittsfield, April 28, 1887, Anemia

F. M. Cunningham, 67y, Pittsfield, December 20, 1897, Brights Disease

Fred W. Cunningham, 25y, Pittsfield, March 5, 1895, Pneumonia

George W. Digby, 80y 8m 17d, Barry, February 16, 1886, Bowel Inflamation

Sarah Graves, 65y 9m 2d, Pittsfield, December 30, 1897, Old Age

Frederick Gunlouck, 42y, Kinderhook, October 3, 1881, Chills

Melvina Hamm, 79y 3m, Barry, January 14, 1899, Pneumonia

Andy M. Hasket, 21y 2m, Kinderhook, May 29, 1882, Brain Congestion

David Hudelson, 66y 9m, Akers Chapel, November 16, 1898, Pneumonia

Frederick E. Hudelson, 16y 4m 15d, Calhoun Cemetery, August 31, 1909, Tuberculosis

Truman Inglasbe, 21y, New Salem, January 9, 1910, Typhoid

Calvin Jackson, 68y, Barry, November 9, 1888, Pneumonia

Mary James, 24y 10m 15d, Barry, January 27, 1883, Paraphlegea Myelitis

Charles A. Johnson, 25y 4m 13d, Kinderhook, January 26, 1906, Accident

Ethel Judd, 18y 5m 10d, New Canton, January 6, 1906, Stomach Inflamation

Eugene Lewton, 17y 4m 22d, Hull, July 30, 1886, Typhiod

A. D. Liggett, 34y 3m 14d, Kinderhook, Janaury 8, 1888, Tuberculosis

Mary V. Liggett, 1m 5d, Kinderhook, August 22, 1880, Whooping Cough

Henrietta N. Little, 40y, Pittsfield, April 27, 1900, Meningitis

Edith Lyman, 2y, Pittsfield, May 2, 1895, Pneumonia

Nathaniel E. McCleming, 73y, Milton, April 17, 1895, Bronchitis

William A. Mathis, 26y, Pittsfield, March 1, 1899, Tuberclosis

Clarence Materson, 1y 23d, Barry, October 24, 1883, Burned to Death

Elbert W. Matterson, 14y 7m, Barry, April 8, 1904, Skull Fracture

Ella E. Matteson, 39y 8m 29d, Barry, February 8, 1895, Heart Disease

Gilbert Moriatz, 49y, Calvary Baptist Cemetery, June 25, 1885, Dropsy

Leatha Jones Masterson ( Daughter of James Masterson), 12y 11m 9d, Woodland Cemetery, June 2, 1903, ____

Caroline Neff, 63y, Pittsfield, January 6, 1910, Jaundice

Martha Nickerson, 24y, Barry, April 14, 1884, Pneumonia

Rascelia Nunns, 52y 3m, Gordon Cemetery, March 21, 1880, Tuberculosis

Agnes Parker, 18y, Barry, June 9, 1895, Pneumonia

Infant (of Wm. & Mary) Penn, stillborn, Akers Chapel, march 4, 1896, Stillborn

Alice Purcells, 22y, Kinderhook, May 28, 1895, Cerebral Congestion

Catharine Robbins, 69y 7m 10d, Barry, April 1, 1902, Pneumonia

Robert Robbins, 78y 8m 17d, Barry, January 3, 1905, Heart Disease

Sara Saunders, 93y 23d, Griggsville, April 6, 1900, Old Age

Helen Saxbury, 1y 5m 29d, New Canton, _____, Gastro Enteritis

Delia P. Spaulding, 31y 7m 10d, Died at Griggsville, buried Mt. Olive in Hannibal, July 19, 1884, Bronchitis

Kate Stout, 68y, Barry, July 22, 1902, Septic Fever

Rensselaer Sweet, 60y, Barry, June 29, 1886, Septicemia

Joseph Triplett, 40y, Barry, August 22, 1898, Accident

Ellis Urton, 20y, Barry, December 7, 1908, Tuberculosis

J. A. Varney, 76y 9m 17d, New Bedford IL, September 11, 1890, Pericaarditis

Albert Wall, 27y, Griggsville, September 30, 1898, Malaria

Louis Webster, 12y 6m, Kinderhook, March 10, 1904, Pneumonia

J. A. Wilson, 73y, Died at Ilasco Mo buried Pike County Il, June 11, 1906, Pneumonia

J. R. Wilson, 33y, Died in Pike County Il buried Springfield Il, January 5, 1892, Railroad Accident

Martha Wilson, 66y, Kinderhook, August 13, 1906, Strangu Hernia

John Zitzer, 35y, Died in Pike County Il buried in Farmington Indiana, April 12, 1887, Wabash RR accident

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