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Letters from Uncle Seabe White to His Niece Ninnie
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Letters from Uncle Seabe White to His Niece Ninnie
Contributed by Adams County ILGenWeb
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Letters from Uncle Seabe White to His Niece Ninnie
shared by Pat McMullin

A note from Pat McMullin about the White Letters
These letters were written to my great grandmother, Sarah Miranda Boice, in Benton County, MO.
She was a young girl, not married yet. Sarah's parents were Abraham Wesley Boice and Phebe Ann White, who were married in Adams County, IL on Oct 6, 1867.
Phebe Ann White was the daughter of James Etland White and Miranda Pierce, who resided in Adams county. Phebe was the older sister of Eusebius White, the author of the letters. I am attempting to learn more about the White family.

These letters (two) belonged to Eva Durham Lane.
They were found in my Grandma Lane's things after she died and I have had them since 1971. I have tried to transcribe them literally.

Coatsburg, Ills. January the 4th 1890

Dear Neice, I am almost tired of writeing but before I would offend you by not answering your verry kind and intelligent little letter I would answere it if I had to bandage my arm and put gogels on to see and if it had to take four days and A half time. You bet your sweet life I would write any how it would surprise you Ninny if you should happen to see your Uncle Seab before spring would it not. I think it would for I would come on purpose to steal you away from Miserry for I am A fraid that you will be like Rosie fall in love and marry some high buiseted and red goravyed Man don't do it I implore you come over here with me and I will show you what kind of A man to marry when you get ready to marry. You can have your pick from A fop to A dandy down to an homest hard working gentleman that will drive you in a high top carrage. Now get away with high ___ bread and low down gravy ___ ___ ___ bread and good butter nice dough ___ cheese and crackers oisters beef steak soft shelled crabs and toast is the best to live upon and that is ___you would haft to live upon if you got A husband her and would you not appreciate on of ____ ____ well but never mind I don't ___ ___ ____ ____ you marry just so I could see the toddler agin and all the balance. Tell your mother that I am going to town tomorrow or next day and see about getting her Money. I will stop for want of paper this time. Write soon from Seab
To Ninnie Boice

Coatsburg, Ills December the 2nd 90

Dear Neice I take this dreadful hardship upon me. _____ ____ grab holt of my heavey eye lids and pull my eyes wide open and role up my ve and expand my mussels and shoulder my great big sawlog pen and go to writeing to you for I have not had the chance to write to you for so long I layed my pen away and it has been growing ever since so you had better write ofterner or my pen lying around the way it has been it will grow so big that I cant handle it then you will never hear from me any more. I am well as common or was on up to the writeing of this letter for takeing the pen upon myself makes me feel kind of crushed down and the sweat ooze out from under my foretop and the sawlog lies on my shoulder and my pen I haft to hold between both hands in order to make as lite a draft as possible on the paper. If I didn't I would be writeing the letter trough the table. Well Ninna my little folks toddles around every day although Charley has had a verry sore throat and mouth and some fevor. Lory is quite a get thire she is a mischevious A little elf as I ever saw and Carry the baby is A little squab of fat with blue eyes and rinkles in her little fat legs that will hide A silver quarter. My wife has got A verry bad cold and I am beginning to wheeze like I was win broken since I commenced writeing. Your granma is well as common. She says she would like to see you the best kind, and all the balance of you. Sarah is well also and she hant quite so fleshey as she used to be. Mc is A great big man weigh __ 175 pounds with heavy mustache and blue eyes and light hair. Dug stands 6 feet 2 1/2 high weighs 180 pounds and just as ugly looking as any boddy. He got in A scrape with his wifes sister and lost every thing he had. And I am A little above mediem height only 5 ft 6 in high weigh 150 pounds with A little drooping mustache about 4 feet long. Nat looks like he would weigh 400 lbs but I think he only weighs about 200 pounds. Dug lives in Coatsburg. Nat he has gon to the Mississippi Bottoms to farm. Mc and I rented A place down thire this fall one of us will tend A crop down thire and the other tend A crop at home we sowed 60 acres of wheat this fall and I guess the flyes is going to destroy it. We have got 40 head of fat hoges to sell this week we have fed them on corn that we could have sold for 50 cts abushel. Hogs is a little over 3 cts per pound and I have sprained my brain to think under the weight of my pen and now I haft to wiggle out from under it and send miy best friendship and wishes away with this hard written letter and with respect I remain your uncle
Seabe White
To Miss Sarah Boice
Write soon

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