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V Names
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V Names
Contributed by Adams County ILGenWeb
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Vagel August, laborer; res 6th ws 2 n Ohio.
Vahle Hermann, cooper; bds Madison ns 2 e Eighth.
Vahle Hermann, laborer; res Ohio ns 2 e Eighth.
Vahle Peter, cooper shop, Conyer's al. ws 7th; bds Ohio ss 4 w 7th.
Vahle Wilhelm, cooper; res Madison ns 2 e Eighth.
Vale Bernhart H., teamster; res Jackson ns 2 w Ninth.
Valentine Martha, widow of Job; res Fourth es 3 s Broadway.
Vanbalair William, flour-packer, 29 Fourth; res Vine ns 2 e Fifth.
Vandenboom Clemens A.; bedstd. fac. and res ne cor 10th and Broad.
Vandenburg George W., harness maker, Fifth es 4 n Hampshire.
VAN DIEN ELIZABETH, widow of Henry, milliner and dealer in millinery goods, 89 Hampshire; res same.
Vandiver John W., firm of Barlow, Wood & Co.; res Ver ns 3 w 2d.
Van Doorn George C., teller 1st Nat. Bk. ; res sw cor 8th and Spring.
Van Doorn James A., firms of V. Bro. & Co., and James Arthur & Co.; res 11 State ss 6 w Third.
VAN DOORN BROTHER & CO., (J. K. & J. A. Van D., U. S. Penfield and A. Stobie), dealers in pine lumber, shingles and laths, 165 Hampshire.
Van Doorn John K., firms of V. Bro. & Co., and James Arthur & Co.; res sw cor Eighth and Spring.
Van Doorn Relief, widow of David; res 11 State ss 6 w Third.
Van Doorn William C., U. S. deputy collector, 94 Maine; res Hamp. ns 2 e Seventh.
VAN DYKE & VAN DYKE, (T. N. & W. D.), attorneys at law, se cor Fourth and Hampshire.
Van Dyke Thomas Nixon, firm of Van D. & Van D.; res Jersey ns 3 e Sixth.
Van Dyke, William D.. firm of Van D. & Van D. ; res Jer. ns 3 e 6th.
VANFLEET ABRAHAM, blacksmith, shop se cor Sixth and Vermont; res Vermont ss 2 e Sixth.
Van Frank Carnahan D., clerk Farmers' and Merchants' Insurance Co.; res ne cor Sixth and Oak.
Van Frank Emily, widow of Gerrit; res ne cor Sixth and Oak.
VAN FRANK HENRY N., Vice President Farmers' and Merchants' Insurance Co., ne cor Fourth and Hampshire; res ne cor Sixth and Oak.
VAN FRANK WILLIS R., Secretary and Treasurer Farmers' and Merchants' Insurance Co., ne cor Fourth and Hampshire; res ne cor Sixth and Oak.
Van Horn Archibald M., firm of Turner, Van H. & Co.; res Louisiana, Missouri.
Van Horn Walter J., firm of Turner, Van H. & Co.; res Chicago, Ill.
Van Horn William M., firm of Turner, Van H. & Co.; res Louisina, Missouri.
Vannest Ornando, teamster; res 220 Vermont ss 9 e Twelfth.
Vanstavern Samuel, carp., 6th se cor Jer.; res nw cor 7th and Mad.
Van Steenbergh Joseph E., laborer; res Front es s Delaware.
Van Steenbergh Viana, widow of Jacob; res Fourth es 3 n Broad.
Van Steenbergh Jacob, Ind. root doc.; res Hamp. ns 4 w 13th.
Vaughn Hattey, widow of Irvin M.; bds Walker House.
Veach Horatio C., boatman; res Vermont ns 5 w Eleventh.
Veil George, fore. lum., 4th nw cor Broad.; res Mad. ns 4 w 7th.
Venkhaus Friederich W., laborer; res Payson avenue ss 2 w Tenth.
Vens Wilhelm, laborer; res 121 Jersey ns 2 w Eighth.
Venvertloh Bernhart, carpenter; res Oak ns 4 e Ninth, shop in rear.
Venvertloh Bernhart H., laborer; res Adams ss 2 e Seventh.
Venvertloh Henry, carpenter, 6th se cor Jer.; res Adams ss 2 e 7th.
Verheier Jacob, laborer; res Ninth ws 2 n Maine.
Vermehr Friedrich, tailor; shop and res Kentucky ns 5 e Seventh.
Vermont House, Maine ss e Front, George Pickler, proprietor.
VERNIAUD CLAUDIUS, bonnet and hat bleacher, and dealer in Plaster Paris blocks, and millinery goods, 170 Maine; res same.
Vestal Jay, tanner, Kentucky ns 2 w 6th; res 180 State ns 3 w 10th.
Vestal Neal, jr., fruit-dealer; res Third ws 1 s Spring.
Vestal Priscila W., widow of Neal; res Third ws 1 s Spring.
Vetter Rosina, widow of Jacob; res 129 York ns 3 e Seventh.
Viberts John, firm of Letton & V.; res Ninth es 3 s Oak.
Vickers Cordelia, widow of Abraham; res 79 5th ws 3 s York.
Vierheller Mary, widow of Heinrich; res se cor Front and Spring.
Vilars Oliver, carpenter; res 99 Kentucky ns 3 w Eighth.
Vink Carl, laborer; res Monroe ns 3 e Eighth.
VIRGINIA HOUSE, nw cor Third and Hampshire, A. Peacock, proprietor.
Vocker Gerhard H., carpenter; res 12th ws 2 s Spring, shop in rear.
Vogel August, laborer; res Ohio ss 2 w Eleventh.
Vogel Johann, laborer; res Monroe ns 2 w Seventh.
Vogel John Friederich, firm of Vosmer & V.; res Mad. ns 9 e 8th.
Vogel Louis, weaver, 152 Hampshire; res same, in rear.
Vogelsang August, carp., Ninth s York; bds se cor 7th and Ohio.
VOLK CORNELIUS G., sculptor, Quincy Marble Works, se cor Third and Maine; res 44 Kentucky ss 2 w Fourth.
Volk Henry B., agricultural clerk; bds 37 Kentucky ns 2 w Fourth.
Volker Bernhart, laborer; res Vermont ss 11 e Twelfth.
Volkeri Henry, cooper; shop and res Ohio ns 2 e Fourth.
Voikweis Adam; res Seventh es 5 n Spring.
Vollbracht Carl, teamster, 68 Sixth; res Payson av. ss 3 w Fifth.
Vollmer George, harness-maker, 109 Hamp; res 8th ws 4 s Wash.
Volm Andreas, wood-turner, 164 Hamp.; res Maine ss 7 e Tenth.
Volm Franz, cabinet-maker, 17 Fifth ws n Hampshire; res same.
Volm Philipp, cabinet-maker, 17 Fifth ws n Hampshire; res same.
Voots Joseph, cooper, shop 39, res 37 Ninth ws n Maine.
Vorndamm Maria E., widow of Casper H,; res Adams ss 2 e 8th.
Vorndamm Heinrich, stone-mason; res Madison ss 2 e Seventh.
Vornholt Gerhart, plasterer; res Tenth ne cor alley n Elm.
Vosmer & Vogel, (A. F. W. V. & J. F. V.), saddle-tree manufacturers, alley s Washington e Fifth.
Vosmer August F. W., firm of V. & Vogel; res al. s Wash. 1 e Fifth.
Vosmer Friederich Wilhelm, carpenter; res alley s Wash. 2 e Fifth.
Vosteen Johann, bricklayer; res Monroe ss 4 w Ninth.
Vosz Johann Friederich, laborer; res 114 Ohio ss 4 e Seventh.

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