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O Names
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O Names
Contributed by Adams County ILGenWeb
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Oakley George, sr., butcher, stall 2, ne cor Third and Hampshire; res Fourth ws 2 n Vermont.
Oakley George, jr., paper-hanger; res Fourth ws 2 n Vermont.
Oberling George, shoemaker, 114 Hamp.; res York ss 4 c Sixth.
Oberling Jacob, porter, 110 Maine; res York ss 6 c Sixth.
Obert John W., paint shop, rear 19 Fifth; res Vermont ns 4 e 11th.
Obert Mathias; res 38 Broadway ns 4 w Third.
Obert Selestein, laborer; res Keyes' alley ns 3 w Fifth.
Oberwiehn Maria J., widow of Bernhard; res 253 Maine us 3 e 10th.
O'Brien Edmond, laborer; res Jersey ns 6 c Tenth.
O'Brien James, laborer; res York ns 1 c Eighth.
O'Brien John, laborer; res Oak ns 5 e Ninth.
O'Brien Michael, laborer; res Eighth es 1 n York.
O'Brien Patrick, laborer; res Tenth es 4 n Maine.
O'Brien Patrick, laborer; res Tenth es 5 n Spring.
O'Brien William, laborer; res 280 Maine ss 6 w Eleventh.
O'Bryan John, laborer, C. B. & Q. depot; res Oak ns e Ninth.
O'Connell Ann, widow of James; res n ex Front.
O'Connor Frederick, overseer of poor; res 133 York ns 4 c Seventh.
O'Day Thomas, laborer, C. B. & Q. round-house; res 7th es s Jersey
Ode John, carpenter, cor 6th and Jersey; res Adams ss 3 w Seventh.'
Odenstein Johann C., barber, 56 Fourth; res 85 Fifth ws 6 n Ken.
Odenstein Johanna, widow of Clemens; res 85 Fifth ws 6 n Ken.
Odione Thomas; res se cor Fourth and Washington.
O'Donnel Patrick, quarrier, Front s State; res Ohio ns c Fourth.
Oehlmann Charles, druggist clerk, 103 Hamp.; res 7th ws 3 n Jer.
Oehlmann Henry, physician; office and res 45 Seventh ws 3 n Jer.
OEHMEN & MILLER, (P. 0. & L. M.), proprietors of Tremont House, 113 and 115 Hampshire.
Oehmen Peter, firm of 0. & Miller; res Tremont House.
Oehmen Rudolph, clerk, books, &c., 96 Hamp.; res Tremont House.
Oeink Wilhelm, shoe-shop, Spring ns 2 c Fifth, res same.
Oenk Elisabetha, widow of Henry; res Spring ns 3 c Ninth.
Oenning Anton, teacher, 165 Maine; res Seventh ws 1 n Maine.
Oenning Henry, teacher, St. Bonifacius school, 165 Maine.
Oertel Bernhart; res Madison ss 2 w Seventh.
Oerter, Michelmann & Co., (H. 0., H. M. & G. 11. Ziph), boiler works, Front n Broadway.
Oerter Henry, firm of 0. Michelmann & Co.: res Fourth es 5 n Vine.
OERTLE ALEXANDER, meat market, nw cor Seventh and State; res Tenth ws 7 n Maine.
Oertle Joseph, meat market, State ss 2 w 4th; res Hamp. ss 5 e 10th. O'Fallon Patrick, laborer; bds 37 Hampshire.
O'Farrell Bridget, widow of Patrick; res Tenth ws 4 n Maine.
O'Farrell, Martin, carpenter, cor 5th and Ver.; res 10th ws 4 n Maine. O'Farrell Michael, carriage-smith; res Tenth ws 4 n Maine.
Oglen Ranson, (col) laborer; res Linn ss 1 w Third.
Ohnemus Andreas, harness-maker; res Vermont ns 1 c Thirteenth.
Ohnemus Matheus, farmer and vine culturer; res 5th ws 3 n Oak.
Oink Bernhart, laborer, 10 Front; res Fifth es n Spring'
Oldenkort Wilhelm, laborer; res 262 Hampshire ss 2 w Eleventh.
Oliver Mrs. Famy; res Ohio ns 2 e Third.
Oliver George, bar. mkr., Fifth es 4 n Hamp.; res 7th es 7 s Jersey.
Omare Thomas, stone-mason ; res Payson avenue ns 3 c Sixth.
O'Neil Philip, blacksmith, Q. & P. shop, West Quincy.
Oplander Andreas, wagon-maker ; res Jersey ss 4 c Tenth.
ORDING HENRY, dealer in dry goods and groceries, sw cor Twelfth and Maine; res same.
Orman Johanna, widow of Michael; res York ns 2 w Eighth.
Ormand James, laborer C. B. & Q. round-house; res 7th es n Oak.
ORR JAMES G., carpenter and builder, Third es 2 n Maine; res sw cor Fifth and Spring.
ORTLOFF GUSTAVUS, rectifier and distiller, and dealer in wines, brandies, gin, &c., and bottler of ale, beer, porter, &c., sw cor Eleventh and Maine; res same.
Orton Richard, teamster; res Fifth es 2 n Spring.
Osborn Charles C., clerk, mill, cor Front and Broadway; res se cor Fifth and Spring.
Osborn Edward Halsey, C. B. & Q. book-keeper; res Broad. ss e 6th.
OSBORN H. S. & :CO., (J. Wheeler), manufacturers Eagle Mills flour, nw cor Front and Broadway.
Osborn Henry S., firm of H. S. 0. & Co., and agent St. Louis and Keokuk Packet Co., wharf-boat; res se cor Second and Spring.
Osborn Mary, widow of William; res Fifth es 2 s Oak.
Osborn Miss Mary C., teacher, cor 8th and Vine; res 67 Jersey.
Osborn William, brick-layer; res Fifth ws n Linn.
Osborn William H., clerk, mill, cor Front and Broadway; res Second ws 1 n Broadway.
OSBORNE JOHN 0., life, fire, and marine insurance agent, and general agent of the AEtna Life Insurance Co., Hartford, Connecticut, Fifth es cor Maine; res n Maine I e Twenty-fifth, East Quincy.
Osburn Stephen, firm of Michels & 0.; res Jersey ss 3 w Eighth.
Osendorf Joseph, brewer, ne cor Twelfth and Adams; bds same.
Ostermiller Henry, laborer; Washington ss 9 e Sixth.
Oswald John, cabinet-maker; res 148 Hampshire, in rear.
Otte Heinrich, tailor; res Jersey ns 3 w Eleventh, shop in rear.
Otten Heinrich, marble polisher, 62 Maine; res 10th ws 5 n Maine.
Otten Lukas, blacksmith &c.; shop and res se cor 10th and Hamp.
Otten Theodore, laborer; bds Spring ss bet 18th and 19th.
Otto Frederick, hackler, 12th n Jersey; bds Hampshire ns c 12th.
Otto Tons, wagon shop, Eleventh es 3, res 4 n Broadway.
Ough Samuel, book-keeper, sw cor Front and Broad.; bds 167 Maine.
Oven Miss Maria P., teacher, Pay. av. ns c Eighth; res 86 Fourth.
OVEN WILLAM E., superintendent Q. & P. R. R., office West Quincy; res 86 Fourth es 3 s York. Owen Milton; res Broadway ns 1 e Eighteenth.
Owens America col) widow of Benj.; res nw cor 10th and Spring.
Owens America: (col) widow of William; works Front foot Vermont.
Owens Thaddeus S., miller, 29 4th; res Fourth es 4 s Broadway.
Owings James, brakeman, C. B. & Q. R. R.; bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Ozenbaugh Mrs. Kate, teacher, cor Twelfth and Maine; res Vermont ns 1 e Thirteenth.

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