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M Names
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M Names
Contributed by Adams County ILGenWeb
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Macfall Thomas W., dep. clerk circuit court; res Spring ns 2 e 6th.
Mack Diana, (col) widow; res Elm ns 1 e Thirteenth.
Mack Hugh, express messenger; res 193 Maine ns 7 e Seventh.
Mack James A., (col) laborer; res Elm ns 1 e Thirteenth.
Mackey Miss Laura R., school, cor 7th and Ver.; bds Ken. ss e 3d.
Mackling John, chair-maker and painter; bds 177 Hampshire.
Mader George S., cab.* mkr., cor 10th and Broad.; res 9th ws g Maine.
Madison James, carpenter; bds Union House, 68 Maine.
Madison Joseph, laborer; res g ex Front.
Madison Joseph, (col) laborer; bds 25th ws 2 g Maine, East Quincy.
Madson Andrew, grocer's elk., cor 6th and Hamp.; res Ken. ss 1 w 6th.
Maertz Charles; res Elm ns 2 e Third.
Magahey James R., grocer's elk., 127 Hamp.; res 3d ws 2 s Maid. L.
Magatee George, (col) Co. A, 29 Ill. Inf.; res Ohio ns 4 e Fourth.
Magee Alexander, pattern-maker, 10 Front; bds Fifth ws g Hamp.
Magnus Ludwig, meat-market; res Sixth es 2 g State.
Magrah Thomas, laborer; bds 147 Jersey ns 9 e Eighth.
Maher Ira M., nursery agent; bds Tremont House.
Mahon Williamson, porter, 120 Maine; res Ninth ws 3 g Vermont.
Mahoney Miss Hannah, teacher, Ver. ns e 5th; res Ver. ss 5 e Third.
Mahoney Miss Kate, dress-maker; res 56 Vermont ss 5 e Third.
Malam Jonathan, teamster; res Twelfth es 1 n Vermont.
Malone Charles P., firm of Rogers M.; bds Tremont House.
Manegold John, baker, 144 Hamp.; res 248 Maine ss 6 e Ninth.
Mann Charles, express messenger, C. B. Q. R. R.; bds 124 Hamp.
Mann George C., book-binder, 1.14 Maine; res Fifth ws 2 g Cherry.
Mann Moses, tinner, 157 Hampshire; res ne cor Fifth and York.
Manning Bernhard, laborer; res Payson avenue ss 3 w Fourth.
Manning Johann G., brick-layer; res Jersey ss 2 w Twelfth.
Mansaw Joseph, firm of John Hall Co.; res 14 Sixth 1 s Vermont.
Manson Edward E., firm of J. T. Baker Co.; res Jer. ns 2 e Sixth.
Marcels Frank, carpenter; res Sixth ws 3 s York.
Marcus Arnold, teamster; res 292 Hampshire ss 7 w Thirteenth.
Marcus John William, teamster; res 290 Hampshire ss e Twelfth.
Marcy Frederick V., firm of Buckley M.; rooms 38 Fifth.
Margreiter John, book-keeper, 91 Hampshire; bds 124 Hampshire.
Marks Abraham, clothing clerk, 77 Hamp.; res Jersey ns 4 w 7th.
MARKS SAMUEL, wholesale and retail dealer in men's and boys' clothing, and gents' furnishing goods, 77 Hampshire; res Jersey ns 4 w Seventh.
Markx Antony, blacksmith; res 243 Maine ns e Ninth.
Markworth Heinrich, teamster; res Chestnut ss 1 w Eighth.
Marnan James, laborer; res Maine ss 5 w Eleventh, in rear.
Marsh Hanna H., widow of Augustus; res Jersey ns 3 e Fifth.
Marsh William, firm of Skinner & M.; res Fifth es 1 n Elm.
Marshall Henry C., (col) laborer; res Broad. n wool. fac., East Q.
Martin Adam, brewer; York ss e Ninth; res same.
Martin Christian, laborer, distillery s ex Front ; res near same.
Martin Hiram G., carpenter; res 34 State ns. e Third.
Martin Horace S., school teacher; res Broadway ns 7 w Fifth.
Martin Johann, brewer, York ss e Ninth; res same.
Martin John, rope-maker, 12th n Jersey; bds Maine ss 2 e Ninth.
Martin Peter, engineer, distillery, s ex Front; res near same.
Martin Renick, teamster; res ne cor Sixth and Kentucky.
Martin Raymond, laborer; res Fifth ws 4 n Oak.
Martin William; bds 35 Third ws 2 s Vermont.
Marz Christoph, laborer; res Jackson ns 1 w Eighth.
MASON & ELLIOTT, (D. H. M. & F. N. E.), dentists, 110 Maine.
Mason David H, firm of M. & Elliott; res Vermont ns 6 e Third.
Mason Harriet, (col) widow Alexander; res Elm ns 3 e Thirteenth.
Mason Mrs. Harriet, (col); res 171 Hampshire.
Mason Zebulon P., elk. mill, 29 Fourth; res Vermont ss 2 e Fifth.
Massey Jessie, (col); bds York ss 1 w Fifth.
Mast Caspar; res Kentucky ss 2 w Seventh.
Mast F ranz Theodore, carpenter; res Vine ns 1 e Twenty-second.
Mast Heinrich, shoemaker; res Seventh es 4 s Kentucky.
Mast Johann B., farmer; res Vine ns 1 e Twenty-second.
Mast John, dry-goods clerk, 216 Maine; res 117 Jersey ns 3 w 8th.
MAST JOSEPH, sr.. dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hats and caps, crockery, &c., 216 Maine, so cor Eighth; res 117 Jersey ns 3 w Eighth.
Mast Joseph, jr., harness-maker ; res 117 Jersey ns 3 w Eighth.
Masterson Margaret, widow of James; res 32 State ns e Third.
Masterson Patrick, laborer ; bds 32 State ns e Third.
Mathes Joseph, porter, 91 Hamp.; res Maiden Lane ns 4 w Third.
Mathews James, (col); res 126 Third es 1 n Delaware.
Mathis Elizabeth, widow of William; res Hampshire ns 2 w Second
Mathews James R., elk. hardw., 111 Maine,, bds Hamp. ns 3 w 1 10th.
Mattis Joseph, saddler ; bds Adams House.
Mattson Magnus, mach., 67 Fifth; bds nw cor Fifth and Kentucky.
Maus Philip B., express messenger, 43 Fourth.
Maus Regina, widow of Heinrich; res 145 State ss e Eighth.
Maus Valentine, blacksmith, Maine ns e 11th; res State ns e Eighth.
Mauzey Richard D., tinner, 60 Hamp.; bds 23 Third ws n Vermont.
Mawzy Kate, widow of John, teacher music; res 142 Ver. se cor 9th.
Maxwell Johann, laborer; res 306 Maine ss 3 e Eleventh.
Maxwell John C., clerk; bds Farmers' House.
Mayand Phillip, laborer, nw cor 9th and Hamp.; res Pay. av. ss e 6th.
Mayback John F., clerk, clothing, ne cor Front and Ver; res same.
Maybach Michael, plasterer; res Adams ss 4 e Seventh.
Mayer Benjamin F., elk. cloth., 63 Hampshire; bds Virginia House.
Mayer Charles, gunsmith, 148 Hampshire; res Fifth ws 5 n Ken.
Mayhew Sylvester, bar. mkr., 135 Hampshire; res Maine ss 3 w 9th.
Mayirarend Hermann H., tailor ; res Payson avenue ss 4 e Sixth.
Mayirarend Phillip) laborer; bds Payson avenue ss 5 e Sixth.
Mayo Elkanah C., teamster; res Spring ss 3 e Third.
McAfee John, attorney at law; res 70 Maine ss w Fourth.
McAffry John, gardener; res Hampshire ns 1 e Seventeenth.
McAffry Mary, widow of Ira; res nw cor Fourth and Maiden Lane.
McAlister George W.; res 177 Hampshire.
McBain John, deputy city clerk, court house; bds 64 Fourth.
McCaba Thomas, laborer; res Oak ss 2 w Seventh.
McCabe Alexander, farmer; res Twelfth 1 n Chestnut.
McCabe Bernard, fireman, gas works; res Washington ns 1 e Third.
McCabe James, cistern builder; res Vine ss 1 w Tenth.
McCampbell Robert S., firm of Dougher & McC.; res Metrop. Hot 1.
McCann Bernard, lab. C. B. & Q. depot; res 25 Ohio ns 3 e Third.
McCann Bernard, malster, s ex Front; res Ohio ns 3 e Third,
McCann James, bar-tender, 65 Hampshire; bds same.
McCann Wallace F., law student, cor 5th and. Maine; res Maine ss 2 w Eighteenth.
McCANN WESLEY V.; res Maine ss 2 w Eighteenth.
McCann Terrence, laborer; res Spring ns 4 e Ninth.
McChain Jasper F., T. W. & W. clerk, 102 Maine; rooms 104 Hamp.
McClellan George, carpenter ; bds 70 Sixth es 3 n Jersey.
McClellan John, car. mkr., Sixth s Maine; bds Seventh es 5 s Maine.
McClellis Lyman K., omnibus driver, 83 Maine; bds Union House.
McClintick Lewis S., blacksmith., 15 5th; res 6th ws 3 s Vermont.
McClintick William S.; res Sixth ws 3 s Vermont.
McClintock Samuel; res Twelfth ws 4 s Spring.
McClintock William S., butcher 5 res Sixth ws 3 s Vermont.
McCluskey James, laborer; res se cor Eighth and Chestnut.
McComb Robert, firm of Benneson & Co.; res Maid. L. ss 1 w 4th.
McComis Francis, saddler, 5th ws 2 n Hamp.; res Maid. L. ss 1 w 4th.
McConnell Joseph; res Maine ns 2 e Twelfth.
McCormick Edward, at livery, 149 Hamp.; bds Farmers' House.
McCORMICK JAMES F., physician and surgeon for women and children, 26 Fourth es n Hampshire; res same.
McCORMICK WALES R., photographer, 87 Hampshire; res same.
McCosker Peter J., teacher, 8th ws 2 s Maine; bds Third ws 5 s Ver. .
McCoy Charles G., H. & St. Jo. ex. mes.; res Maid. L. ns 5 w 5th.
McCoy Robert, firm of Bradford, McC. & Brown; res Broadway e city limits.
McDade John, painter; res 37 Third ws 3 s Vermont.
McDade John A., jr., ice merchant; res 219 Maine ns 3 w Ninth.
McDade John G., bar-tender, Front es 4 n Hamp. ; res 3d ws 3 s Ver.
McDade William W., gun-smith; res 37 Third ws 3 s Vermont.
McDennis Charles, brick-layer; res Tenth ws 1 n Kentucky.
McDonald James, laborer; res York ns 1 e Eighth, in rear.
McDonald Patrick, laborer; res Ohio ns 3 e Fourth.
McDonald Patrick, laborer; res 62 Seventh es 6 n York.
McDonald Samuel; bds Tremont House.
McDonald Thomas, rope-maker, 12th s Maine; res 12th es 6 s Hamp.
McDonnell Anna, (col) Widow of Howard; res 13 Eighth ws n Linn.
McDonnell Michael, carriage-smith; res sw cor Seventh and Vine.
McDougall & Brown, (D. McD. & W L. B.,) auction and commission merchants, 64 Hampshire.
McDougall Daniel, firm of McD. & Brown; res Twelfth ws 4 n Ver.
McDougall Ebenezer H., harness-maker res 12th ws 4 n Vermont.
McElfresh William, iron clerk, cor Front and Hampshire; res se cor Third and Kentucky.
McElroy Silas, (col) plasterer; bds Chestnut ss 5 w Tenth.
McFadon Anna C., widow of John; res York ss 3 w Fourth.
McFadon William; res York ss 3 w Fourth.
McFarland Alexander, boiler-maker, C. B. & Q. shop; res Walnut alley ns 5 e Fifth.
McFarland David, teamster; bds 53 Seventh ws 7 n York.
McFarland Ephraim, cooper shop, Third ws 5 s Broadway; bds Third ws 2 n Vermont.
McGill James, wood-turner; bds 86 Maine ss w Fourth.
McGINDLEY A. N. & J. H., attorneys at law and war claim agents, ne cor Fifth and Maine.
McGindley Austin N., firm of A. N. & J. H. McG.; res Third ws 5 n Kentucky.
McGindley James H., firm of A. N. & J. H. McG.; res Third ws 5 n Kentucky.
McGindley John W.; res 99 Third ws 5 n Kentucky,
McGIRR REV. PETER, pastor of the St. Lawrence Roman Catholic' Church; res 214 Maine.
McGrah Bridget; res Jersey ss 1 e Tenth.
McGrath James, at C. B. & Q. freight house; res Pay. av. 2 e Sixth.
McGuire James, eating house, 65 Hampshire; res same.
McGuire John, stone-mason; res Fifth es 2 s Ohio.
McGuire James, laborer; res Maiden Lane ns 3 e Fifth.
McGuire James, laborer; res Sixth es n State, in rear.
McGuire Mary; res Sixth es n State, in rear.
McGwin Michael, Co. D, 12 Ill. Cav.; bds St. Charles Hotel.
McIntire Daniel, carpenter; res Broadway ss 7 e Eighth.
McIntire Mary, widow of James; res nw cor Third and Broadway.
McINTYRE ROBERT, contractor and agriculturist; res Broadway ss one and a half mile e Twenty-fourth.
McKaig Robert M.; bds sw cor Fifth and Vermont.
McKenzie William, machinist, C. B. & Q. shop; bds 3d ws s Maid. L.
McKinney Eliza, widow of John; res 139 Hampshire.
McKnight John, peddler; res 131 York ns 4 e Seventh, in rear.
McLaughlin Hugh, express messenger; res 193 Maine ns 8 e Seventh.
McLaughlin John; bds 54 Hampshire.
McMein Hugh, coal teamster, Front; res Vine ns 1 e Fifth.
McMullen James H., at C. B. & Q. round-house; bds 25 Front.
McNally James J., grocer, nw cor Seventh and Hampshire, res same.
McNeill Hugh, machinist, 10 Front; bds Fourth ws n Vermont.
McNella Miss Anna L., milliner, 50 Fourth; res same.
McNulty Anna, widow of William; res 173 Ver. ns 3 w 11th, in rear.
McNulty Fielding, railroad man; res 173 Ver. ns 3 w 11th, in rear.
McPike Richard, (col) laborer; bds nw cor Spring and Olive.
McRoy John, (col) laborer; res Tenth ws 3 n Spring.
McVay Breaciliea, cooper, York ns 2 w Third; res 4th ws n Hamp.
McVay Charles F., printer, cor 4th and Maine; res Milner's al. w 4th.
McVay John C., life insurance agent; res Sixth ws 5 n Vine.
McVay MICHAEL, cooper; shop and res Milner's alley w Fourth bet State and Ohio.
McVeigh Jesse H., firm of J. R. Harris & Co.; res 4th ws 2 s York.
Mead Betsey, widow of Dr. Nicholas B.; res Fifth ws 1 n Jersey.
MEAD HENRY W., freight agent C. B. & Q. R. R. ; office Front foot Spring; res Fifth ws bet Maine and Jersey.
Mead William M., steamboat engineer; res se cor 2d and Kentucky.
Mears Laura A., widow of Rev. Rollin; res 82 Broadway ns 2 w 6th.
Mechling John; painter, 30 Sixth; bds Farmers' Home.
Meckes Balzer, plasterer; res Sixth ws 3 n Ohio.
Meckes Conrad, laborer; res Sixth ws 4 s State.
Meckes Frederick, barber, 115 Hamp.; res 120 Hamp. ss 6 e Ninth.
Meckes Joseph, blacksmith, Fourth es 2 s Maiden Lane ; bds se cor Fourth and' Maiden Lane.
Meehan James, sr., laborer; res Keyes' alley ns 2 e Sixth.
Meehan James, jr., laborer; res Keyes' alley ns 2 e Sixth.
Meehan Margarett, widow of John; res Keyes' alley ns 2 e Sixth.
Meehan Peter; res Keyes' alley ns 2 e Sixth.
Meehan William, laborer, C. B. & Q. freight depot; res Keyes' alley ns 2 e Sixth.
Meier Balthazar Heinrich, laborer; res 293 Hamp. ns 4 e Twelfth.
Meier Bernhart, at C. B. & Q. shop; res Eighth es 1 n Madison.
Meier Bernhart H., chair-maker; res 293 Hampshire ns 4 e Twelfth.
Meier Christian, laborer; res 129 Ohio ns 3 e Eighth.
Meier Christian, plasterer; res 194 Hampshire ss 8 e Eighth.
Meier Christoffer, plasterer ; res 194 Hampshire ss 8 e Eighth.
Meier Edward, turner ; res 194 Hampshire ss 8 e Eighth.
Meier Friedrich, tailor; res 148 State ns 9 w Ninth.
Meier George, night-watchman, T. W. & W. round house.
Meier & Wachter, (G. A. M. & W. W.), coopers, shop alley e Fifth bet Washington and Jefferson.
Meier Gottlieb A., firm of M. & Wachter; res Jefferson ns 1 e Fifth.
Meier Heinrich, laborer; res Madison ns 3 e Eighth.
Meier Heinrich, laborer, 29 Fourth ws n Hamp. ; res East Quincy.
Meier Mathias, laborer; res Linn ss 2 e Nineteenth.
Meier Peter, cooper, alley e Fifth bet Wash. and Jefferson; res same.
Meier Urban, carpenter, Sixth cor York; res Milner's alley ss 2 e 3d.
Meine Anton, laborer; res Broadway ns 1 e Twenty-first.
Meiners Heinrich, sr., laborer; res 194 Vermont ss 5 e Eleventh.
Meiners Heinrich, jr., laborer; res 192 Vermont ss 4 e Eleventh.
Meis Bernhart, carpenter, cor 6th and Jer.; res 190 Maine, in Year.
Meis John, carpenter; res 163 Broadway ss 5 e Tenth.
Meise August, wagon-mkr., cor 12th and Broad.; res Ken. ns 4 w 12th.
Meise August, laborer; res Broadway ns 4 e Twenty-first.
Meise Freidrich, wagon shop, cor Twelfth and Broadway; res Kentucky ns 4 w Twelfth.
Meise Friederich Wilhelm; res Jersey ss 1 w Sixth.
Meise Henry, blacksmith, se cor Tenth and State; bds same.
Meise Henry, lumber clerk, cor 5th and Broad.; res 5th ws 2 s Broad.
Meise Wilhelm, wagon-maker, se cor Tenth and State; bds State ss 2 w Tenth.
Meisenbacher Gustav, jewelry, 148 Maine; res Twelfth s Maine.
Melcher Heinrich, laborer; res Yor k ss 6 e Sixth.
MELLEN JOHN, chain-pump manufacturer, 76 Fourth es s Jersey; res 86 York ss 9 w Sixth.
MELLEN, PRATT CO., (W. J. M., G. W. P. F. Mochell), carpenters and builders, door, sash and blind manufacturers, and proprietors planing mill, 76 Fourth es 2 s Jersey.
Mellen Wilder J., firm of M.' Pratt Co.; res 86 York ss 9 w Sixth.
Meloon Charles L., marble agent, nw cor Third. and Maine; bds Ballard House.
Mendenhall Charles H., tobacco-worker; bds 64 Fourth es s Maine.
Mengher Heinrich, laborer; bds Hampshire ns e Twelfth.
Menke Anna M., widow of Hermann H.; res Sixth es 3 s Wash.
Menke August, cooper, Hamp. w 12th; bds se cor 11th and Hamp.
Menke Bernard, clerk; res 191 Maine ns 8 e Seventh.
Menke Bernard J., shoemaker, 137 Hampshire; res Oak ns e Sixth.
Menke F. W. Co., (J. H. Bitter J. W. Tiemann), stove yard s ex Front.
Menke Friedrich W., firm of F. W. M. Co.; res 6th es 3 s Wash.
Menke Henry, firm of Bimson, M. Co.; res Wash. ss 2 w Sixth.
Menke Henry, laborer, ne cor Thirteenth and Maine; bds same.
Menke Henry B., dry goods clerk, 35 Fourth; res 191 Maine.
Menke Johann H.; res Washington ss 2 w Sixth.
Menke John C., tailor, 98 Maine; res Washington ss 4 w Eighth.
Menke John Philip, dry goods clerk, 93 Hamp.; res Wash. ss 4 w 8th.
Menke Wilhelm, laborer res 76 Seventh es 7 n Kentucky.
Menu Charles, laborer; res Washington ns 9 w Eighth.
Menn Felix, painter, Seventh s Kentucky; res 8th es 3 s Hampshire.
Menn Henry, painter, Sixth s Maine; res Eighth es 3 s Hampshire.
MENN, MILLER & CO., (L. W. M., J. F. M. & F. Wollet), proprietors Union Marble Works, Seventh ws bet Maine and Jersey.
Menu Louis W., firm of M. Miller & Co.; res Eighth es 3 s Hamp.
Menne John, laborer; res Eleventh ws 3 n Broadway.
Menne Wilhelm, tanner, cor Sixth and State; res State ss 6 e 7th.
Menneken Heinrich, boiler-maker; res Ninth ws 3 s State.
Mennel Adam, stone-mason; res Sixth ws 4 n Payson avenue.
Mennel Frank, stone-mason; bds Sixth ws 5 n Payson avenue.
Mennel George, stone-mason; res 19 Third ws 3 n Vermont.
Mennel Johannes, stone-mason; res Sixth ws 5 n Payson avenue.
Mennel Philipp, engineer; res Sixth ws 5 n Payson avenue.
Meriam Albert S.; res se cor Sixth and Oak.
Meriam Cassius M., firm of D. D. M. & Son; res Fifth es n Spruce.
MERIAM D. D. & SON, (C. 31.), wholesale and retail dealers in Wisconsin river lumber, shingles, lath, doors, sasbh floorings, &c., , Fifth es bet Hampshire and Vermont.
Meriam. Daniel D., firm of D. D. M. & Son; res se cor 6th and Oak.
Merk William J., sw cor Sixth and Hampshire.
Merker George, cooper; res Third ws 1 n Broadway, in rear.
Merker Margretha, widow of Ludwig; res 3d 1 n Broadway, in rear.
Mernin John, laborer; bds Tenth es 4 s Maine.
Merrick Marcus, physician; office and res Chestnut ns e Second.
Merry Samuel W.; res York ns 4 w Third. Merry John; res York ns 4 w Third.
Merryweather Peter, (col) laborer; res 42 Fourth n Maine.
Mers Mrs. Elizabeth A., dress-maker; res 282 Hamp. ss 2 w 12th.
Mers Herman B., saddler, 156 State; res Hamp. ss 2 w Twelfth.
Mersch Wilhelm, laborer; res 131 Jersey ns 3 e Eighth.
Merssmann Frank B., clerk, dry goods, sw cor 4th and State; res same.
MERSSMANN JOHN B., dealer in dry goods, groceries and provisions, sw cor Fourth and State; res same.
Merssmann Joseph, harness-maker, 162 Maine; res Elm ns 2 e 9th.
Merssmann Wilhelm, shoemaker; res Elm ns 2 e Ninth.
MERTEN HERMAN IL, dealer in lumber, shingles and laths, se cor Ninth and, Ohio; res Ohio ss 2 e Ninth.
Mertens Heinrich D.; res Kentucky ns 3 e Eighth.
Merton John, rope-maker, 12th es s Maine; bds se cor 9th and Maine.
Mervin George, express driver, res Elm ss 1 w Sixth.
Mescher John Bernard, at lu er yard, Fifth s Vermont; res Maine as 4 w Eleventh.
Nestar Carl H. A., ground-bone manufacturer, Twelfth s city limits; res se cor Twelfth and Van Buren.
Metcalf Leroy M., carpenter; res 104 Hampshire,
Metcalf Mrs. Susan, widow of Western; res nw cor Sixth and Cedar.
Meter George, carpenter; res Ninth ws 3 n Maine.
METROPOLITAN HOTEL, se cor Front and Broadway, Dougher & McCampbell, proprietors.
Mettelmeier Heinrich, laborer; res 109 Kentucky, ns 2 e Eighth.
Metz George H., firm of Michels & M.; res Ken. ns 6 e Ninth.
METZ & HUXALL, (J. M. & H. F. H.), wholesale and retail dealers in saddles, harness, collars, bridles, harness leather, saddlery hardware, &c., Fifth es 4 n Hampshire.
Metz Jacob, firm of M. & Huxall; res 195 Maine ns 5 w Eighth.
METZ MRS. J., milliner,, dress and cloak maker, and dealer in millinery goods, 195 Maine, res same.
Metz John, teamster; bds 169 Hampshire.
Metz William, firm of Sommer & M.; res 50 Sixth es 5 n Maine.
Metzger George J., clerk, shoes, 104 Maine; res sw cor 7th and Ver.
Metzger John, saddler; res 85 Sixth ws 2 n York.
Metzger John J., clerk, dry goods, &c., se cor 7th and Maine; res sw cor Seventh and Vermont.
Metzger Josephine, widow of Mathaus; res nw cor 10th and Jersey.
Metzger Margretha, widow of Martin; res sw cor 7th and Vermont.
Metzinger John H., Machinist, C. B. & Q. shop; bds ne cor Fourth and Broadway.
Mewes & Leipold, (C. M. & S. L.), carriage trimmers, 157 Maine.
Mewes Charles, firm of M. & Leipold ; bds Payson avenue ss 3 8th.
Meyer August, gardener; res Twelfth ws s Harrison.
Meyer Bernard C., rectifier, 91 Hamp.; res State ns 3 e Twelfth.
Meyer Casper, laborer; res Washington ns 5 e Sixth.
Meyer Cecilia, widow of Joseph; res 165 Jersey ns 7 e Ninth.
Meyer Christian, baker, 148 Maine; res Ohio e Eighth.
Meyer Ernst, ins. sol., 5th es cor Maine; res Pay. av. ss 3 e 8th.
Meyer Franz Anton, blacksmith; res 165 Jersey ns 6 e Ninth.
Meyer Frederick, firm of Scheipring and M.; res Seventh ws s York.
Meyer Frederick W., firm of G. & F. M.; res State ns 3 e 12th.
Meyer Friederich W., salesman; res 75 Seventh ws 4 s York.
Meyer Friederich W., laborer; res Madison ns 1 e Eighth.
MEYER G. & F., (G. T. & F. W.), wholesale grocers and liquor merchants, rectifiers, commission merchants, and agents Hazard Powder Co., 91 Hampshire.
Meyer George T., firm of G. & F. M.; res 55 York ns. 2 w Fourth.
Meyer Gerhart Henry; res Eleventh ws 2 s Maine.
MEYER HENRY, merchant tailor, 154 Hampshire; res Ohio ss 3 w Tenth.
Meyer Henry, cabinet-maker; res 169 Jersey ns 6 w Tenth.
Meyer Henry, chair-mkr., sw cor 9th and Ver.; res Cherry ns e 18th. Meyer Heinrich, laborer, saw-mill n ex Front; res Madison e 8th.
Meyer Heinrich Friederich, laborer; res Twentieth 2 n Linn.
Meyer Hermann H.; res Adams ss 6 w Seventh.
Meyer Johann Heinrich, Co. A, 151 Ill. Inf.; res Ohio no 1 w 9th.
Meyer Johann, laborer; res junction of Elm and Olive.
Meyer John & Co., (M. Bachrach), dealers 1 liquors 73 Hampshire.
Meyer John, firm of John M. & Co.; res 65 Vermont ns 5 w Fourth. Meyer John, cigar-maker, 140 Maine; res Washington ns 5 e Sixth. Meyer John, shoemaker, 3d ws 3 n Maine; bds 3d es 2 s Vermont.
Meyer John H., dry goods clerk, nw cor, Eleventh and Broadway; res Broadway ns e Eleventh.
Meyer Lazarus, blacksmith, Front es n Hamp.; res Hamp. ns 5 e 12th. Meyer Peter H., carpenter, cor 6th and Jersey; res State as 2 w 9th.
Meyer Rosetta, widow of Bernhart; res Broadway ns 7 w Twelfth.
Meyer Rudolph, Co.. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Seventh es 1 s Jefferson.
Meyer & Felt, (W. D. M. & F. F.), lime manufs., Del. ns e Front.
Meyer Wilhelm D., firm of M. & Felt; res Washington e Seventh.
Meyer William H., cabinet-maker, 7th s Ken.; res Jer. ns 6 e Tenth. Meyers Alvah 0., jr., carpenter, Fifth es 2 s Jersey; res ne cor Sixth and Kentucky.
Meyers Anton F., blacksmith, Jer. ss 3 e Fifth; res Jer. ns e Ninth. Meyers Franz H. Wm., tinner, 30 Fourth; res Sixth ws 3 s Ohio.
Michael Elias, clothing clerk, 83 Hampshire; res 8th es 7 s Maine.
Michael Hermann, cooper, shop and res Hampshire ns 4 w Twelfth.
Michelmann Henry, firm of Oerter, M. & Co.; res Del. ns 4 w Fourth. Michels & Metz, (A. M. & G. H. M.), carpenters, 193 State.
Michels Arnold, firm of M. & Metz; res Kentucky ns 5 e Ninth.
Michels Andreas, saloon, Jersey ss 3 w Eighth; res same.
Michels Anoldina, widow of Karl; res 237 Maine ns 7 e Ninth.
MICHELS & OSBORN, (G. M. & S. 0.), restaurant and saloon, 167 Maine.
Michels George, firm of M. & Osborn; res 122 Jersey ss 3 w Eighth.
Mick Michael S., porter, Sixth es 2 n Hampshire; bds Adams House.
Middendorf Bernhart H., dry goods store and res so cor 11th and Oak.
Middendorf Elisabeth, widow of Wilhelm; res Vermont ss 8 e 12th.
Middendorf Friedrich, blacksmith, Tenth es 2 s Hampshire; bds Payson avenue ss 4 e Seventh.
Middendorf Henry A., firm of Weissenborn & M.; res se cor Eleventh and Hampshire.
Middendorf Hermann, laborer; res Elm ss 4 e Tenth.
Middendorf Margretha, widow of Bernhart; res Elm ss 4 e Tenth.
Miekel Tama, brick and stone mason; res 245 Maine ns 4 w Tenth.
Mikesell John, lumber, cor 9th and Hamp. ; res ne cor 8th and Ver.
Mikesell John P., firm of Sawyer & M.; res ne cor 8th and Vermont.
Milam William F., broom-maker, 7th ws 1 s Hamp.; res 6th es s Ken.
MILES FERDINAND J., dealer in groceries, candy, nuts, &c., and oyster saloon. 86 Maine; bds Fourth es 2 n State.
Miles John L., agent Aetna Life Ins. Co., Fifth es 1 s Maine; bds 94 Jersey ss 3 e Sixth.
Miles Joseph, book-keeper, 127 Hampshire; bds Fifth, s York.
Millard James; bds Quincy House.
MILLARD & BYINGTON, (R. M. & H. S. B.), livery, sale and exchange stable, 149 Hampshire.
Millard Robert, firm of M. & BYINGTON, res Eighth es 2 s Hamp.
Miller Alexander T., clerk, drugs, &c., 120 Hampshire; res cor Twelfth and Kentucky
Miller Blasius, firm of Burge & M.; res Seventh es 2 s State.
Miller Charles P., currier, Kentucky ns 2 w Sixth; bds Adams House.
Miller Charles S., blacksmith, C. B. & Q. shop; res 99 Ver. ss e Sixth.
Miller Christopher, dry goods clerk, 95 Hamp.; bds Broadway House.
MILLER DAVID W., proprietor Quincy House, se cor Fourth and Maine.
Miller Edwin G., laborer; res 55 Jersey ns 3 w Fourth.
MILLER E. M. & CO., (S. D. Miller), carriage manufacturers, Sixth ws s Maine
Miller Emerson M., firm of E. M. M. & Co.; bds Quincy House.
Miller Eugene T., clerk, drugs, 120 Hamp.; res cor 12th and Ken.
Miller Frederick, blacksmith, 5th ws s Jer.; res sw cor 7th and Ken.
Miller George, laborer; res Broad. ss 8 e 8th; works Quincy House.
Miller George A., druggist, 120 Hamp.; res cor 12th and Kentucky.
Miller George E. laborer; res Kentucky ns 3 e Fourth.
Miller George F.: dry goods clerk, 79 Hamp.; bds Hamp. ns 4 w 3d.
Miller George S., student; res sw cor Fourth and York.
Miller Harvey; res sw cor Fourth and York.
MILLER & COOK, (H. M. & N. C.), oyster saloon, and wholesale and retail dealers in oysters, clams, sardines, &c., 127 Maine.
Miller Henry, Arm of M. & Cook; res St. Louis, Missouri.
Miller Hiram V., painter; res ne cor Eighth and State.
MILLER ICHABOD H., proprietor of omnibus line and livery stable, 83 Maine; res 57 Vermont ns 8 e Third.
Miller Jacob, laborer; res Monroe ss 1 w Seventh.
MILLIER JACOB F., firm of Menn, M. & Co., and agent fire, marine, wind and lightning insurance companies, se cor Sixth and Hampshire; bds Sixth es s Maine.
Miller John, blacksmith, C. B. & Q. shop; res Vermont ss 6 e Sixth.
Miller John T., painter, Sixth es 4 n Hamp.; bds Maine ss w 4th.
Miller Joseph; res Spring ss 2 w Eighth.
Miller Joseph S., runner Virginia House; bds same.
Miller Lorenzo, baker; res 204 Maine ss 6 e Seventh.
Miller Louis, firm of Oehmen & M.; res Tremont House.
Miller Nathaniel, clerk; res 48 sw cor Fourth and Kentucky.
Miller Peter, tailor; res 121 State ss 5 e Seventh.
Miller Rufus L., attorney at law; res 235 Maine ns 6 e Ninth.
Miller Sereno D., firm of E. M. Miller & Co.; res New Haven, Ct.
Miller Sommerville, widow of William A.; res 48 sw cor 4th and Ken.
Miller William, proprietor Farmers' Home, 121 Hampshire.
MILLER WILLIAM & CO. dealer in dry goods, groceries and provisions, nw cor Twelfth and Broadway.
Miller William, firm of William M. & Co.; res nw cor 12th and Broad.
Miller William A., assistant post-master; res alley s York 3 w Third.
Miller William C., moulder, Front s Del.; res Washington ns 1 w 4th.
Milliren James; res Twelfth es 1 n Vermont.
Milliren James D.; res 9 Front es 4 n Vermont.
Milliren Jonathan, eating house, 9 Front es 4 n Vermont; res same.
Milliren Jonathan; res 12th es 1 n Vermont.
Mills George N., elk., exp. office, 43 Fourth; res ne cor 6th and Oak.
Mills Nelson, (col) laborer; bds Third ws 4 s Broadway.
Minckler Ezekiel, clerk, Front es n Spring; bds ne cor 4th and Ver.
Miners Rufus F., nw cor Fifth and Hamp.; res Fifth n city limits.
Mineas Reuben F., justice of peace; res Fifth es 18 Locust.
Minger Christ, farmer; bds Hampshire ns 8 e Twelfth.
Minger Christoph, laborer; bds Hampshire ns 8 e Twelfth.
Minger Heinrich, laborer; bds Hampshire ns 8 e Twelfth.
Minger Magdalena, widow of Christopson; res Hamp. ns 8 e 12th.
Minke John B., cooper; res 96 Spring ns 3 w Seventh.
Minnick Louis M.; res York ss 6 e Sixth, in rear.
Minter William H., lt. col. 18 Mo. Inf.; res Second 1 n Oak.
MISSOURI ROME, 145 and 147 Hampshire, T. L. Stone, proprietor.
Mitchell Adeline W., widow of Henry; res York ss 4 e Fifth.
Mitchell Benjamin, laborer; res 102 Fourth es 2 n Kentucky.
Mitchell Collins, (col) soldier; res Elm ns 1 e Thirteenth.
Mitchell Daniel, blacksmith shop Ver. e Front; bds Broad. ns 7 w 5th.
Mitchell David, mach. C. B. & Q. shop; bds Broadway ns 7 w 5th.
MITCHELL GEORGE, wholesale and retail dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, silver and plated ware, fine cutlery, &c., se cor Fifth and Maine; res nw cor Fourth and York.
Mitchell George, porter, Quincy House; bds same.
Mitchell James, (col) laborer; res Elm ns 1 e Thirteenth.
Mitchell John, moulder, Front n Ver.; bds Broadway ns 7 w Fifth.
Mitchell John, (col) 29 Ill. Inf.; res Elm ns 1 e Thirteenth.
Mitchell Moses, machinist; bds Broadway ns 7 w Fifth.
Mitchell Joseph R., machinist, 10 Front; bds 84 Fourth.
MITCHELL THOMAS J., President Illinois Soldiers' Monument Association, and County Judge, court house; res Fifth ws 5 s Elm.
Mitchell Thomas, teamster; bds Farmers' Home.
Mitchell Washington, (col) laborer; res Delaware ns e Fourth.
Mitchell Washington, (col) res Ohio ns 4 e Fourth, in rear.
Mitchell William C., teamster; res Sixth es 3 s Kentucky.
Mobins Henry, (col) laborer; bds Ohio ns 4 e Fourth, in rear.
Mochell Fred, firm of Mellen, Pratt & Co.; res Wash. ns 4 w 7th.
Mock Charles H., C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Second ws 2 n Vermont.
Mocker Friederich W., teamster; res 18th ws bet York and Ken.
Moecker Hermann, Police constable; res Maine ns 5 e Eleventh.
Moeller Bernard; res Seventh es 3 n State.
Moeller Henry H., book keeper 104 Hamp.; res 7th es 3 n State.
Moenning Anton, firm of H. M. Brother & Co.; res Oak ns e 6th.
Moenning August, chair-mkr. cor 9th and Ver.; res 7th es n Spring.
Moenning H. Brother Co., (Anton M. & A. Wenkeljohn), chair manufactory, sw cor Ninth and Vermont.
Moenning Henry, firm of H. M., Bro. & Co.; res 12th es 2 n Hamp.
Mohl Henry W., telegraph operator; bds Third, ws 1 s Maine.
Mohler Valentin, grocery; store and res nw cor 20th and Broadway.
MOELLER A. & CO., (W. Brinkman), furniture manufacturers dealers, 17, Fifth.
Moller August, firm of A. M. & Co. res Hampshire ns 2 w 11th.
Moller Bernard, laborer, cor 10th and Broad; res Spring ss 6 w 11th.
Moller Conrad, laborer; bds 238 Maine ss 2 e Ninth.
Mollers John Henry, market master; res Hampshire ns 6 e Twelfth.
Mollring Frederick, moulder, Front s Del.; res Pay. av. ns 2 e 5th.
Mollring Mrs. Maria; res 200 Maine ss 4 e Seventh
Molonay Thomas, blksmh, shop Maine ss e 6th; res 8th ws 2 n York.
Molony Thomas, C. B. & Q. section man; res Sixth ws 4 n Vine.
Monaghan Alexander L., carpenter, nw cor Fifth and Vermont; res Maine ns 6 e Eleventh.
Monaghan Bernard hackler, 12th n Jer.; res Maine ns 6 e Eleventh.
Monday Frederick, moulder, Front s Del.; res Fifth es s Kentucky.
Monday Mary Anna, widow of Frederick; res Fifth es s Kentucky.
Monday Primus, (col) laborer; res Chestnut ss 4 w Tenth.
Monday William, harness-maker 135 Hamp.; res 5th es s Kentucky.
Monell Charles E., bar-tender, Front es 4 s Spring; rooms same.
Monnig Heinrich, laborer res 50 Seventh es 1 s Oak.
Monning Clemens, shoe shop, 5th es n Hamp.; res Maid. L. ss 2 e 5th.
Monroe George, carpenter; res Ohio ns 2 w Eighth.
Monroe Lacy, (col) widow of Richard; res 42 Maid. L. ss 4 w Fifth.
Monroe Thaddeus; res 321 Maine ns 7 e Twelfth.
Montag Anna M., widow of Friedrich; res 5th es 2 s Kentucky.
Montag Friedrich, moulder; res Fifth es 2 s Kentucky.
Montague William, laborer; res Vine ns 2 w Sixth.
Monteith Jane, widow of William; res Broad. ns 4 w Fifth, in rear.
Monteith James H., baggage man, 83 Maine; res Broad. ns 4 w 5th.
Montgomery Charles H., dental student, 110 Maine; res Broadway, no 3 e Twenty-first.
Montgomery George, wood-worker, cor Twelfth and Hampshire; res: Broadway ns 3 e Twenty-first.
Montgomery Rev. Joseph, 5th St. M. E. Ch.; res State ss e Fourth.
Montgomery Ladwell C. res sw, cor Twelfth and Vermont.
Montgomery Mary, widow of James; res Kentucky ss 3 w Seventh.
Montgomery Robert, druggist, 110 Maine; res Kentucky 3 e Third.
Moore Albert G., firm of P. N. M. Bro.; res Fifth ws 2 s York.
MOORE & SHERMAN, (F. C. M. & S. C. S.), land agents, 92 Maine.
Moore Francis C., firm of M. & Sherman; res Chestnut ns 1 e 22d.
Moore John, clothing clerk; res Third ws 7 n Maine.
Moore John L.; res Maine ns 2 e Eleventh.
Moore Mercy A., widow of Thomas; res Broadway ns 4 e Seventh.
Moore P. N. & Bro., (A. G.), grocers, cor Fourth and Maiden, Lane.
Moore Preston N., firm of P. N. M. & Bro.; res Fifth ws 2 s York.
Moore Thomas W., dry goods clerk, 146 Maine; res Broad. ns 4 e 7th.
Moore William G.; res Ninth es 2 n Kentucky.
Moore William P., grocer's clerk, 144 Maine; bds 115 Jersey ns e 7th.
Moore Willis, (col) 3 Mo. Inf.; res sw cor Third and Spruce.
Moormann Joseph, quarrier, Front n State; res State ns e Second.
Moran John, laborer; res Jersey ss e Ninth.
Moran Joseph, quarrier; res State ns 4 e Front.
Morf John C., bar-tender, 124 Hampshire; ' bds same.
Morehead Daniel, proprietor Kentucky House, sw cor 3d and Hamp.
MOREHEAD JOHN W., wholesale and retail dealer in groceries and provisions, 67 Hampshire; res Broadway ns 4, w Fifth.
Morehead Leonard, grocer's clerk, 67 Hamp.; bds 35 Third s Ver.
MOREHEAD & NICHOLS, (T. M. M. & J. F. N.), dealers in groceries and provisions, 172 Hampshire sw cor Seventh.
Morehead Thomas M., firm of M. & Nichols; res 172 Hampshire sw cor Seventh.
Morehead Wesley C., cooper; res alley e Fifth 2 s Vermont.
Moreland George W., boarding house, Maine ss 4 w Second.
Morgan Charles B., clerk, mills cor Front and Delaware; res State ns 5 w Third.
Morgan George, huckster; res Maine ns 1 e Third.
Morgan Isaac, firm of H. Whitmore & Co.; res State ns 5 w Third.
Morgan James D., firm of C. M. Pomroy & Co.; res Jer. ns 2 w Fifth.
Morgan James G., P. 0. clerk, 150 Maine; bds 7th es 3 n Jersey.
Morgan John, laborer; res Ninth ws 3 s Chestnut.
Morgan John, moulder, Front ws s Delaware; res Ninth es a Maine.
Morgan Mary A., widow of Henry; res Seventh ws 2 s Jersey.
Morgan Robert E., carpenter; bds 48 Seventh es 5 s Maine.
Morgan William, river pilot; bds 38 Kentucky ss 5 e Third.
Morgan Wilson M., grocer's clerk; bds 48 Seventh es 5 s Maine.
Morine Antoine, carpenter; res Tenth ns 2 n Oak.
Moritz Andrew, cooper, Second es 2 s Ver.; res ne cor 2d and Ver.
Moritz Jacob, stone-mason; res se cor Second and Vermont.
Moritz William, cooper; res Kentucky. ns 3 e Fourth.
MORPHY ERNEST; res Eighth ws 2 n Spring.
Morphy Ernest L., jr., book-keeper, 115 Maine; res 8th ws 2 n Spring.
Morris Charles; res sw cor Third and Jersey.
Morris Charles E., firm of Win. Morris & Co.; res sw cor Eighth and Hampshire.
Morris Isaac N., attorney at law; res Broadway ns 4 e Twenty-fourth.
Morris James P., firm of Spencer & M.; res Vermont ns 2 e 12th.
Morris Mary, (col) widow; res Eighth ws n Linn.
MORRIS WILLIAM & CO., (C. E. Morris), salt and produce merchants, sw cor Front and Maine.
MORRIS & SPENCER, (W. M. & H. C. S.), coal dealers, sw cor Front and Broadway.
Morris William, firms of M. & Spencer, Wm. M. & Co., and Crockett & Co.; res sw cor Third and Jersey.
Morrison T. J. & T. K., saloon, 96 Maine.
Morrison Thaddeus K., firm of T. J. & T. K. M.; res nw cor Third and State.
Morrison Thomas J., firm of T. J. & T. K. M.; res nw cor Third and State.
Morrow Washington, wagon-maker; bds Missouri Home.
MORTON CHARLES H., clerk Of the county court, court house; res Sixth es 3 s Vermont.
Morton Lotta, (col) widow of Johnston; res Second es 2 n Elm.
Morton Mercy, widow of Lloyd; bds 72 Jersey sw cor Fifth.
Morz Christoph, at distillery, s ex Front; res nw cor 8th and Jackson.
MOSELEY REV. THOMAS HENRY, pastor First Colored Baptist Church of Quincy; bds 42 Fourth n Maine.
MOSER A WILD, (J. I. M. & E. W.; also 0. & 0. Regnier), commission merchants, soap and candle manufacturers, and dealers in lard, lard and coal oil, tallow, grease, rags and wrapping paper, 68 Sixth.
Moser Joseph I., firm of M. & Wild; rooms 133 Maine.
Moses Adolph, firm of G. & A. M.; rooms 82 Hampshire.
MOSES G. & A., photographers, 144 and 146 Maine.
Moses Gustave, firm of G. & A. M.; rooms 82 Hampshire.
Mosgrove John, clerk, restaurant, 8 Front; res same.
Moshage August, wagon-maker; res 103 Payson avenue ss 4 w Sixth.
Mosher Albert G., distil., s ex Front; res alley s State e Second.
Mosher Charles A., at distil., s ex Front; res alley s State e Second.
Mosher Daniel, at livery, 73 Maine; res ne cor Third and Maine.
Mosher Horace M., at distil., s ex Front; res alley s State e Second.
Mosher James, at livery, 73 Maine; bds Kentucky House.
MOSS & HEIDEMANN, (J. C. M. & G. H.), dealers dry goods and groceries, sw cor Eleventh and Hampshire.
Moss John C., firm of M. & Heidemann; res 258 Hamp. ss 5 w 11th.
Moss Heinrich, laborer; res Elm ns 2 e Tenth. .
Moss Jefferson, (col) boatman; bds Twenty-fifth ws 2 n Maine, E. Q.
Motzenbacker John, har. mkr., 97 Hamp.; res 30 7th es n Maine.
Moudy Samuel, laborer; res 36 State ns bet Third and Fourth.
Moulton Charles C., agricul. elk, 65 Fourth; res Sixth es 5 n Jeff.
MOULTON G. W. & CO., (J. Thomas), proprietors agricultural warehouse, 65 and 67 Fourth ws s Maine.
Moulton George W., firm of G. W. M. & Co.; res 6th es 5 n Jeff.
Mounce John W., book keeper, cor Fifth and Ohio; bds nw cor Third and Jersey.
Mourin William; res Oak ns 3 w Nineteenth.
Mowe Friedrich, tailor; shop and res ne cor Seventh and Washington.
Mower George W., laborer; res 53 Seventh ws 7 n York.
Mowe Thomas, (col) laborer; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Muder Andrew, shoemaker; shop 208 Hampshire, res same.
Mueller Rev. Anselm, pastor of St. Francis Church, German Roman Catholic; res Franciscan Convent, Vine e Eighteenth.
Mugge Franz H., laborer; res Monroe ns 3 e Seventh.
Mugge Heinrich, laborer; res Monroe ns 3 e Seventh.
Muhlenfeld Maria A., widow of Johann; res Ken. ss 5 w Tenth.
Muhlich Anton, Co. H, 151 Ill. Inf.; res nw cor Tenth and State.
Mullenmeister Theodore, principal St. Bonifacius School, 165 Maine res same.
Muller Gerhard; res 66 Hampshire w Fourth.
Muller Jacob; res 133 Maine.
Muller Johann, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Ninth es 6 s Kentucky.
Muller Johann, laborer; res Washington ns 3 w Ninth.
Muller Johann Gottfried, teamster; res 105 Seventh ws n State.
Muller Lambert, firm of Pastorius & M.; res 34 Fifth n Maine.
Muller Margaretha, widow of Christian; res 79 7th ws 8 s York.
Muller Pantalion, dealer in wood; res Front es 4 s Spring, in rear.
Muller Mrs. Tomma, milliner, 66 Hampshire; res same.
Mulligan Patrick, teamster, distil., s ex Front; bds near same.
Munson Anson L., elk., hats, e 45 4th; bds ne cor 7th and Spring.
MUNSON NOBLE D., assistant superintendent C. B. & Q. R. R., office C. B. & Q. R R. depot, Front foot Vermont; res 72 Sixth es s Maine,
Murphy John, laborer; res Eighth es 1 s Elm.
Murphy Olivia T., widow of John; res ne cor Ninth and Broadway.
Murphy Patrick; bds 48 Seventh es 3 n Jersey, in rear.
Murphy Patrick, teamster; res 172 Jersey ss 1 w Tenth.
Murphy Simon, boiler-mkr., cor 2d and Broadway; bds 54 Hamp.
Murphy Thomas, stone-mason; res Vermont ss 1 w Second.
Murray Edward C., firm Turner, Van Horn & Co.; res Louisiana, Mo.
Murray Elizabeth, widow of Patrick; res 85 Seventh ws 10 s York.
Murray George, (col) lab.; res 264 se cor Tenth and Maine, in rear.
Murrey Michael, laborer; res Tenth es n Maine.
Musgrave Thomas, at livery, 149 Hampshire; bds Farmers' House.
Mushold Bernhard, teamster; res 42 Ninth es 4 s Hampshire.
Musholt Bernhart, plasterer; res sw cor Eleventh and Elm.
Musser Joseph; res 141 Hampshire.
Musser Thomas H., saddler; res 8 Fifth ws 2 n Vermont.
Musz Johann, machinist; bds 37 Fourth es 3 n Washington.
Mutz Anton, clerk; res 66 State ns 2 e Fifth.
Mutz Carolina, widow of Anton, sr.; res 66 State ns 2 e Fifth.
Myand Phillip, laborer; bds Payson avenue ss bet Sixth and Seventh.

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