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K Names
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K Names
Contributed by Adams County ILGenWeb
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KAISER LAMBERT, proprietor Kaiser's cave saloon, sw cor Eighth and Harrison; res same.
Kaiser Wendelin, grocery and res State ns 2 w Eighth.
Kalb Absalom J., Kabl's relief, 5th es n Hamp.; res Broad. ss 1 e 12th.
Kallaher Daniel, quarrier, Front es s State; res Broadway ss e 13th.
Kallenberger George Jacob; res Sixth ws 2 n Jersey.
Kalmer Heinrich, chair-maker, cor 9th and Ver.; res Ver. ss e 12th.
Kalnier Heinrich, laborer; res Spring ss 2 w Seventh.
Kalmer Hermann, chair-maker, cor 9th and Ver.; res Ver. ss e 12th.
Kaltenbach Carl, laborer; res 124 State ns 6 e Seventh.
Kaltenbach Martin, cooper shop, 124 State ns 6 e Seventh; res same.
Kaltenbach Sales, sr., laborer; res 25 Front es 5 n Hampshire.
Kaltenbach Sales, jr., teamster; res 25 Front es 5 n Hampshire.
Kaltschne Cuhrt, stock dealer; res Seventh es 6 n York.
Kaltz Adolph, dry goods store and res ne cor Fifth and Kentucky.
Kampmeier August, firm of' Blanck & K.; rooms 168 Maine.
Kamp Johann Thomas, laborer; res Elm ss 2 e Tenth.
Kanantz Paul. res nw cor Eleventh and Jersey.
Kane Michael, laborer; bds Farmers' Home.
Kanngieser Heinrich, cabinet-maker, 95 Jersey ns e Sixth; res Jackson ns 2 e Eighth.
Kannsteiner Henry, cooper ; res Madison ss 2 w Eighth, shop in rear.
Kas Johann George, laborer; res 82 Ohio ss 3 e Sixth.
Kase Henry, dry goods clerk, 89 Hampshire; bds 124 Hampshire.
Kasten Augustus, clerk, P. O., 150 Maine; bds se cor 11th and Jer.
Kastner Louis, dealer in groceries, &c., 239 Maine; res same.
Kates George H., book-keeper, Third es 3 s Hampshire; res 59 Vermont ns 9 e Third.
Kathe Heinrich, tailor, 100 Maine; res Twelfth ws 3 n Hampshire.
Kathe Wilhelm, carpenter, C. B. & Q. shop; res 12th ws 2 n Hamp.
KATHMANN CLEMENS, dealer in dry goods, groceries and grain, and pork packer, 196 Maine se cor Seventh; res same.
Kathmann George, laborer; res Vermont ss 3 e Tenth.
Kathmann Henry, dealer in wood; res 196 Maine.
Kauder Conrad, sr., meat market, cor Third and Hampshire; res Washington ns 2 e Sixth.
Kauder Conrad, jr., butcher; res Washington ns 3 e Sixth.
Kauder Valentine, laborer; res 109 Kentucky ss 8 e Seventh.
Kaufman Nathan, firm of Berger & K.; res 54 Sixth n Maine.
Kay Wallace, (col) laborer; res Broad. ss 1 e Two Mile House, E. Q.
Keach Charles B., clerk; res 2 Fourth es 1 s Broadway.
Keath Patrick, laborer; res Elm ss 1 e Second.
KEITH URIAH H., attorney at law, sw cor Fifth and Maine; res Sixth ws 2 n Cedar.
Keck Johannes, quarrier, s ex Front; res near same.
KEENAN HIRAM T., pork-packer, slaughterer and steam renderer, n ex Front. res Second ws 5 n Broadway.
Keenan Wilson T., pork-packer; bds 163 Hampshire.
Kehlenbrink Frank H., dealer in wood; res State ss 2 w Eighth.
Kehlenbrink Joseph, cooper; res 22 Madison ss 3 w 8th, shop in rear.
Keim Elisabetha, widow of George; res Fourth es 2 n Washington.
Keim George, stone-cutter, Front n Del.; res Fourth es 2 n Wash.
Keis Jacob, blacksmith, 67 Fifth; res 107 Ver. ns 4 w Seventh.
Keis Louis; res 156 State ns 2 w Ninth.
Keis Mary Anna, widow of Jacob; res 107 Vermont ns 4 w 7th.
Keiser Friederich, cabinet-maker; res Eighth es 2 s Jersey.
Keiser Henry, butcher; bds 166 State ns 4 e Ninth.
Keiser Phillipp, blacksmith, shop nw cor, res se cor 8th and State.
Keith Allen P., night-watch. C. B. & Q. passenger depot; bds same.
Kelker Kathrina, widow of Johann ; res 220 Hamp. ss 6 e Ninth.
Kelkering Heinrich, cooper, 4th es n Chest.; res 4th es 2 s Cherry.
Kellehen Daniel, laborer; res Broadway ss 2 w Fourteenth.
Keller George, brick-moulder; res Sixth ws 3 s State.
Keller George, wigon-maker, cor 8th and State ; res State ss e 8th.
Keller George, laborer, Front es s Jersey; res Sixth ws 3 s State.
Keller Isaac, carpenter; res 67 Fourth ws s Maine.
Keller Julia, widow of Andrew; res 145 State ss e Eighth.
KELLER PETER C., life, fire and marine insurance agent, Fifth ws 1 s Maine; res Twelfth es n city limits, Ellington Township.
Keller Wilhelm, black-smith, 101, bds 99 State ss e Sixth.
Kelly Rev. John, pastor 1st Baptist Church; res Ver. ns 5 e Fourth.
Kelly John, at T. W. & W. round-house; bds Olive es n Oak.
Kelly Margaret, widow of William, nurse, 65 Hampshire e Third.
Kelly Patrick, fruit store and res Market Square e Third n Hamp.
Kelsey Denison A., C. B. & Q. stock agent; bds Quincy House.
Kemper Jobst Heinrich, teamster, 68 Sixth; res Jackson ss 6 e 8th.
Kendall Miss Ellen F., teacher writing, public schools; res 78 Maine.
Kendall Henry W., firm of Ralston & K.; res 78 Maine ss w Fourth.
KENDALL LEWIS, farmer; res Twelfth ws 1 mile n Locust.
Kendall Miss Martha S., teacher, cor 12th and Maine; res 78 Maine.
Kennedy James W., confectionery and fruit, 49 Fourth; res same.
Kenney Miss Margaret R., teacher, Ver. ns e 5th; res Jer. ns e 9th.
Kentucky House, sw cor 3d and Hamp.; Daniel Morehead, proprietor.
Kentz Ferdinand, cooper, al. n Hamp. w 7th; res 140 Bread. cor 10th.
Keohrer John J., Co. A, 21 Mo. Inf.; bds Fifth es 1 s Payson av.
Kepley Thomas L., blacksmith, C. B. & Q. shop; res Broad. ns 5 w 5th.
Kerby Patrick, laborer; res Jersey ss e Seventh.
Kerker Hermann H., sr., laborer; res Monroe ns 3 w Ninth.
Kerker Hermann, tailor, 98 Maine; res Monroe ns 3 w Ninth.
Kerkering Joseph, cooper, cor Fifth and Walnut alley; res sw cor Fifth and Oak.
Kerksieck Heinrich, laborer; res Eleventh ws 2 s Ohio.
Kerksieck Hermann H., laborer; res Fifth es fair ground.
Kernes Alexander H., wagon-maker, 45 Sixth 1 s Hampshire; res Eighth es 5 s Maine.
Kersting Bernhart, cooper, 4th es bet Chestnut and Cherry; res same.
Kerr William, blacksmith, C. B. & Q. shop; res Third ws 4 n State.
Kerte Heinrich, Co. H 43 Ill. Inf.; res Madison ss 6 e Seventh.
Kertnor Heinrich, cooper, firm of K. & Minke; res 7th es n Spring.
KESPOHL & SELLNER, (H. K. & A. S.) wholesale and retail dealers, in groceries and provisions, 132 Maine.
Kespohl Henry, firm of K. & Sellner; res 40 Seventh es 3 s Maine.
Kespohl Hermann H.; res 40 Seventh es 3 s Maine.
Kespohl Julius, firm of L. & J. K.; res 40 Seventh es 3 s Maine.
KESPOHL L. & J., dealers in dry goods, notions and carpets, and manufacturers of cloaks, 130 Maine.
Kespohl Louis, firm of L. & J. K.; res 40 Seventh es 3 s Maine.
Kessels Joseph, teamster; res Broadway ns 4 e Fourth.
Kessen Bernhard, cabinet-maker, 206 Maine ; res Ken. ns 5 e Eighth.
Kessen Hermann, laborer; res Fifth es 3 n Vine.
Kettler Wilhelm, boot and shoe manufacturer, 137 Hampshire; res se cor Eleventh and Spring.
Kewney Joseph S., teamster; res Twelfth ws 3 s Vermont.
Kewney Richard, carpenter; res Twelfth ws 3 s Vermont.
Keyer Bernhart, butcher; res Hampshire ns 2 w Thirteenth.
Keyes Charles W., student; res 118 Broadway ne cor Eighth.
KEYES WILLARD, land dealer; office and residence 118 Broadway ne cor Eighth.
Khym Charlotte, widow of Edmund; res 43 Seventh ws 6 n Jersey.
Kibbe Everett W., clerk, Tremont House; bds same.
Kidwell James H., carpenter; res 130 York ss 3 w Seventh.
Kiefer Bartolomeus, currier, 97 Hamp.; res 228 Maine ss 6 w Ninth.
Kiefer Donat, laborer; res Payson avenue ss 2 w Fourth.
Kiefer Franz ; res 228 Maine ss 6 w Ninth.
Kiefer Franz. blacksmith, 45 Sixth ws s Hamp.; res 7th es 5 n Spring.
Kiefer Jacob, cabinet-maker; res Maine ss 6 w Ninth, shop in rear.
Kiefer John, clerk, grocery, 91 Hamp.; res nw cor 10th and Jer.
Kiefer Michael, tailor, shop and res Maiden Lane ns 4 w Fifth.
Kiel Johann B., mach. C. B. & Q. shop; res Fifth ws 3 s Spruce.
Kiely Johanna, widow of Thomas; res 163 Jersey ns 5 e Ninth.
Kiely John C., clerk, Adams House; bds same.
Kientz Mathias, insurance solicitor; res Eighth es 1 n Jersey, in rear.
Kientzle Anton, tailor; res Sixth es 2 s Kentucky.
Kikert Maria, widow of Diedrich; res Payson avenue ss 3 e Ninth.
Kiley John, laborer; res Jersey ss 1 e Tenth.
Kiley John, at C. B. & Q. shop; res Seventh es 10 s Jersey.
Killinger Nicholas, laborer; res Locust ns e Sixth.
Kimball Edward B., saw-mill, West Quincy; res 9th ws 2 n Hamp.
Kimball George Edward, farmer; res lane es 3 n Broadway, East Q.
Kimball Miss Helen R., teacher, East Quincy; res 9th ws 2 n Hamp.
Kinsman Catharine, widow of William; res 81 York ns 2 e Fifth.
King Charles, cook and steward, Metropolitan Hotel ; bds same.
King David J., carpenter; res 280 Maine ss 6 w Eleventh.
KING REV. GEORGE I., D. D., pastor First Presbyterian Church; res 198 Maine ss 3 e Seventh.
King James, laborer; res Maiden Lane ns 3 e Fifth.
King Robert, machinist, 45 Sixth s Hamp.; res Spring ns e Third.
King Susan, widow of James; res Vermont ns 3 e Fourth.
King Thomas, laborer, gas works; res 8th ws 2 n Ken., in rear.
King William W., general agent; res 4th ws 1 s Maiden Lane.
KINGMAN LUCIUS, land agent, 91 Maine; res 367 Maine ne cor Eighteenth.
Kingsbaker Moses, firm of K. & Co.; bds 124 Hampshire.
KINGSBAKER & CO., (S. & M. K. & E. Hartman), cigar manufacturers and dealers in tobacco, cigars and pipes, 147 Hampshire.
Kingsbaker Sampson, firm of K. & Co.; bds 124 Hampshire.
KINGSBURY BROTIIERS, (A. B. & L. E.), wholesale and retail dealers in boots and shoes, 104 Maine.
Kingsbury Albert B., firm of K. Brothers; res Jersey ns 5 e Sixth.
Kingsbury Charles E., clerk; bds Quincy House.
Kingsbury Lyman E., firm of K. Brothers; res 39 Ver ns 3 w 3d.
Kinkel Kathrine, widow of John; res Maine ns 3 w Tenth.
KINKEL JOHN, proprietor Broadway House, ne cor 4th and Broad.
Kinkel William, firm of Fisher & K.; bds Maine ns 3 w Tenth.
Kinkenberg Anton, teamster; res 42 Ninth es 4 s Hampshire.
Kinneman Adam, eng., cor Front and Broad; res Pine ns 1 w 3d.
Kinney Lawrence, laborer; res Second ws 4 n Hampshire.
Kinsley Lawrence, at livery 4th ws s Maine; res 64 4th es s Maine.
Kinsley Mary, widow of Patrick; res 64 Fourth es s Maine.
Kints Jacob, harness-maker, 75 Hampshire; res 139 Hampshire.
Kipp Herman Adolph, laborer; res Washington ss 1 w Eighth.
Kipp Peter, laborer; res sw cor Seventh and Washington.
Kipp Wilhelm, firm of Fechter & K.; res Ninth ws 1 s Hampshire.
Kirby Patrick, laborer; res Jersey ss 4 e Seventh.
Kincher Benedick, team., se cor 6th and State; res 93 State ss 6 e 6th.
Kirk Edward, delivers ice, ne cor Front and Maine; res 88 Maine ss w Fourth.
Kirk John, saw and grist mill, s city; res Sixth es 1 s Ohio.
Kirschner Gottlieb, baker; res Vermont ss 1 w Second.
Kistner John, laborer; res 156 State ns 4 w Ninth.
Kitzero Margretha, widow of Adam G.; res 5 Front n Broadway.
Klanner Adolph, meat market, cor Third and Hampshire; res Fifth es 3 s Maiden Lane.
Klaus Elisabeth, widow of Henry; res 166 Hampshire.
Klaus Elisabetha, widow of Conrad; res 216 Vermont ss 7 e 12th.
Klefker Johann, laborer; res sw cor Second and Chestnut.
Klein Conrad, harness-maker, 97 Hamp.; bds Maid. L. ss 5 e 4th.
Klein Carl, cooper, York ns 2 w Third; bds Hampshire ss e Third.
KLEIN JOHN A., millwright; res 168 Maine.
Klein John J., boiler-maker; res Adams ss 8 e Eighth.
KLEIN MRS. LOUISA, midwife; res 168 Maine.
Klemme Heinrich, carpenter; res sw cor Eleventh and Ohio.
Klemme John P., constable; res Payson avenue ss 3 e Ninth.
Kleme Charles, cigar-maker; res State ss 2 w Fifth.
Klepper Mary E., widow of Isaac K.; res Fourth es 3 s Broadway.
Kley Andrew, machinist, 5th ws s Jersey; bds State ss 2 e Seventh.
Klimper Bernhart, cooper shop, cor Fifth and Walnut alley; res sw cor Fifth and Oak.
Kling Anna D., widow of Johann A.; res Eighth ws 4 s Maine.
Klingensmith Mary, widow of Jacob; res Vermont House.
Klipstein Christoph J.; res Sixth es 3 n Jefferson.
Klipstein Henry G., shoemaker, 114 Hampshire; res 4th es 2 s State.
Klipstein Johann C., laborer, sw cor Front and Delaware; res Sixth es 3 n Jefferson.
Klipstein John H., shoemaker, 114 Hamp.; res Fourth es 2 s State.
Klipstein Louisa, widow of Wilhelm; res Sixth es 3 n Jefferson.
Kloching John H., carpenter, cor 5th and Ohio; res Ohio ns 3 e 4th.
Klocke Heinrich, tailor, 98 Maine; res Washington ss 3 w Sixth.
Klocke Henry, cutter and tailor, 52 Fourth; res sw cor 6th and Pay. av.
Kloekner Frans, firm of Erner & K.; res 166 Maine.
Klockow Friederich, brick-moulder and cooper; res State ss 3 w 9th.
Klock Friedrich, stove-mounter, Front ws s Del.; res State ss a 8th.
Kloock Ernst C., patent agent; bds Adams House.
Klostermann Henry, firm of Worrell, Sylvester & Co.; res 37 Fourth es 3 n Washington.
Klusmeier August, shoe-shop and res Payson avenue ns 3 e Eighth.
Klusmeier Charles Henry, shoemaker Maine ; res Pay. av. ns 3 e 8th.
Klusmann Friederich, laborer; res Jefferson ns bet Eighth and Ninth.
Knapheide Henry, wagon-shop, State ns 2 e 7th; res 7th 3 n State.
Knapp Elizabeth, widow of John; res Ninth es 5 s Maine.
Knapp George W., machinist, cor Ninth and Hampshire ; res Ninth es 5 s Maine.
Knauf Adam, bar-tender, Twelfth ws 2 n Broadway.
Kneibe Anna M., widow of Philip; res State ns 4 e Seventh, in rear.
Kneibe Johann, laborer, saw-mill n ex Front; res State ns 4 e 7th.
Knieper Christian, Co. D, 42 Ill. Inf.; res 146 Kentucky ss 2 e 9th.
Knieper Frederick; res York ss 2 e Fifth.
Knight Arthur, firm of G. B. Dimock & Co.; res Wal. al. ns 2 e 5th.
KNIGHT CHARLES C., restaurant and saloon, se cor Fifth and Maine; res same.
Knight George H., clerk; res Maiden Lane ss 2 e Fourth.
Knight Samuel E., cooper, 11th es 2 n Broad.; res Maid. L. ss 2 e 4th.
Knock Robert Bruce, grocery clerk, Fourth ws 2 s Maine; bds Jersey ns 2 e Third.
Knoll John, baker, 148 Maine; res Jefferson e Seventh.
Knorr Sebastian Andreas, cigar-maker, 5th es 3 s Maine; res Kentucky ss 4 w Eighth.
Knox James, laborer; res Delaware ns 5 w Fourth.
Knox James, farmer; res Fifth es 2 n Chestnut.
Knox William, carpenter, Front ws s Del.; res 12th ws 1 n Jersey.
Knufman Franz, firm of Fortman & K.; res Vermont ss 3 w 12th.
Knufmann Hermann, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res 212 Ver. ss 5 e 12th.
Knufmann Rudolph, laborer; res 167 Vermont ns 7 e Tenth.
Koch B. & Son, (John), harness manufacturers; 162 Maine.
Koch Bernhard, firm of B. K. & Son; res Eighth es 5 n Maine.
Koch Carl, cooper; res 209 Jersey ns 2 w Twelfth, shop in rear.
Koch Carl H., cooper; res 109 State ss 4 w Eighth, shop in rear.
Koch Caspar H., lab., ne cor 6th and State; res 6th ws 2 s Pay. av.
Koch Ernst Gottlieb, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Pay. av. ss 2 e Ninth.
Koch Friederich Wilhelm, teamster; res Sixth ws 2 n Ohio.
Koch George Peter, porter, 30 Fourth; res Maine ns 2 w 13th.
Koch Heinrich; wagon shop and res Broad. ss 1 mile e 24th, E. Q.
Koch Heinrich teamster; res Washington ss 2 e Seventh.
Koch John, firm B. K. & Son; res 162 Maine.
Koch Johann Adam, stone-cutter; res 32 Maine ss 3 w Eighth.
Koch John H., pattern-maker, C. B. &. Q. shop; res Oak ss e Fifth.
Koeneke Charles A., firm of Eber & K.; res 104 Ver. ss 7 e Sixth.
Koenig Wilhelm, carpenter, Fifth es 3 s Jer.; res Ohio ns 3 w 9th.
Koenig William, jr., cigar maker, 41 Fourth; res Ohio ns 3 w 9th.
Koetzle Abraham, shoemaker, 208 Hamp. res 137 Jersey ns 5 e 8tb.
Koetzle Friedrich; res Tenth es 4 s Hampshire.
Kohl Johann, painter; res Maiden Lane ns 5 w Fifth.
Kohl Nikolaus, porter, 116 Maine; res Jersey ss 3 e Tenth.
Kohl Peter, carpenter; res Fourth ws s Payson avenue 1 n alley.
Kohler Andreas, cooper; res Twentieth ws 3 n Oak, shop in rear.
Kohler John, cooper; res Twentieth ws 1 n Oak, shop in rear.
Kohlmeier Johann H., cooper, shop Oak ns 5, res 4 Eleventh.
Kohn Fanny, widow of David; res 72 Fourth es 3 n Jersey.
KOHN HENRY, auction and commission merchant, and wholesale and retail dealer in furniture, dry-goods, notions, watches, jewelry, &c.. 118 Hampshire; res same.
Kohn Ignatz, porter, 118 Hampshire; res same.
Kohn Jacob, clerk, auc. and com., 118 Hamp.; res 72 4th es 3 n Jer.
Kolker Adam, firm of Wm. & A. K.; res 46 Hamp. se cor Third.
Kolker Elisabetha, widow of Heinrich J.; res Maid. L. ns 4 w 3d.
Kolker William & A., dealers dry-goods, &c., 46 Hampshire.
Kolker William, firm of Wm. & A. K.; res 46 Hamp. se cor Third.
Kollmann Heinrich, laborer; res Kentucky ss 5 e Seventh.
Kollmann John, teamster; res Monroe ns 2 w Seventh.
Kommann Johann B., laborer; res 137 Jer. ns 5 e Eighth, in rear.
Konantz Harriet, widow of Anton; res 31 Fifth es s Hampshire.
Konantz John, merchant; res Front es 1 n Jersey.
Konautz Paul; res nw cor Eleventh and Jersey.
Konantz William H., harness-maker, 75 Hampshire; res nw cor Eleventh and Jersey.
Konantz William, farmer; res 31 Fifth es s Hampshire.
KONEFES JOHN H., brick-layer and builder; office and residence sw cor Twelfih and Jersey.
Konefes Joseph, laborer; res nw cor Tenth and Kentucky.
Konert Hermann, tailor; res Walnut alley ns 7 e Sixth.
Konig & Grussenmeyer, (J. K. & M. G.), wagon manuf., 129 Maine.
Konig Joseph, firm of K. &-Grussenmeyer; res Ken. ss 3 e Eighth.
Konig Johann, brick-layer; res Payson av. ss 1 w Eighth.
Konig Wilhelm, laborer, nw cor 9th and Hamp.; res Ohio ns 3 w 9th.
Kontemeier Hermann H., at C. B. & Q. fr't. depot; res Jack. ss e 8th.
Kordsiman Charles, iron-moulder, Front s Delaware; res ne cor Ninth and Washington.
Kordsiman Friederich, teamster; res Washington ns 2 w Ninth.
Korick Heinrich, cooper, Eighth ws 2 s Ohio; bds near same.
Korka Frederick, smelter, Front s Delaware; res Ken. ns 5 e Tenth.
Korn Niklaus, wagon shop, nw cor Tenth and Maine; res Maine ns 3 e Tenth.
Korte Friederich Wilhelm, teamster; res Ohio ns 2 w Eleventh.
Kosh John H., pattern-maker; res Walnut al. n Spring 1 w 6th ns.
Koshen Gerhard, plasterer; res Maine ns 6 e Seventh.
Kost Anna D., widow of Martin; res 82 Fifth 3 s York.
Kost Heinrich, painter, 5th es 8 n Hamp.; res 82 Fifth es 3 s York.
Kost John A., painter, 5th es 8 n Hamp.; res 82 Fifth es 3 s York.
Koyer Bernhard, sr., laborer; res 267 Hampshire ns 3 e Eleventh.
Koyer Bernhard, jr., laborer; res 267 Hampshire ns 3 e Eleventh.
Koyer Bernhard A., butcher, cor Twelfth and Maine; bds Hampshire ns 3 w Thirteenth.
Koyer Gerhard, stone-mason; res 22 Tenth es 7 n Maine, in rear.
Krabe Heinrich, laborer; res Vermont ss 5 w Thirteenth.
Kraft Heinrich; res Hampshire ss 2 w Tenth.
Kramling Heinrich, laborer; res Ohio ns 2 e Tenth.
KRATZ AUGUST, boot and shoe manufacturer, Washington ss 6 e Sixth; res same.
Kratz Heinrich, laborer; res 20 Madison ss 5 w Eighth.
Kreimer August, brewer, York ss e 9th; res se cor 9th and York.
Kreismann Frederick, T. W. & W. route agent; res sw cor Third and State.
Kreitling Alexander, cigar-maker, 113 Hamp.; bds 7th ws n Jersey.
Kreitz John Mathias, deputy sheriff, court house; res ne cor Ninth and Maine.
Kreitz Peter; bds 173 Jersey ns 5 w Tenth.
Kreitz Theodore W., cigar-maker; bds ne cor Ninth and Maine.
Kremer Hermann, cooper, shop and res Elm ns 2 w Tenth.
Kriegshauser Enos, tinner, 37 Fifth; res Madison ns 6 w Seventh.
Kriegshauser Jacob, tinner, 37 Fifth; res Madison ns 6 w Seventh.
KRIEGSHAEUSER JOHANNES, proprietor cooper shop, Jefferson ss 1 e Sixth; res same.
Kriegshauser Stephan, plasterer; res Madison ns 6 w Seventh.
Krigbaum John, bar-tender, 22 Front 3 s Spring; bds Depot Hotel.
Kriger Heinrich, painter, shop Seventh ws 2 n State; res nw cor Seventh and State.
KRINER NICOLAS, dealer in groceries, provisions and wild game, 148 Hampshire; res Sixth es 1 n Jersey.
Kriner Paterne Leon, dlr. in produce, 148 Hamp.; res 6th es 1 n Jer.
Krins H. & Co., (V. Doerr), dealers in liquors, &c., 136 Hampshire.
Krins Hermann, firm of H. K. & Co.; res ne cor Seventh and Oak.
Kroner Margaret A., widow of William; res se cor 7th and Kentucky.
Kroner Johann B., laborer, sw cor Front and Delaware; res ne cor Fourteenth and Payson aveuue.
Kruger August, laborer; res 167 Spring ss 3 e Eleventh.
Kruger Henry, laborer, ne cor 5th and Ohio; res Adams ns 5 w 9th.
Kruger Hermann, laborer; bds 29 Eighth ws 4 s Ohio.
Kruger Hermann, laborer; res Adams ns 5 w Ninth.
Krull Wilhelm, quarrier, s ex Front; res se cor Eighth and Jackson.
Krumm Johann, at stave factory, n ex Front; bds Jersey ss e 11th.
Krummel Reinhart H., carp., cor 6th and Jer.; res al. e 5th 3 s Ver.
Krummel Gottfried, teamster; res York ss 6 e Seventh.
Krummel Valentine, carpenter; res alley e Fifth 3 s Vermont.
Kruse Dieterich; res State ns 7 w Ninth.
Kruse Heinrich, teamster; res State ns 3 e Ninth.
Krusmeier Johann F., quarrier, s ex Front; res Jefferson ns e 8th.
Kuhlman Gerhard, laborer, res Kentucky ns 7 w Tenth.
Kulhman Heinrich, bricklayer; res Kentucky ns 7 w Tenth.
Kuhlenholter Rev. Simon, past. Salem's Church; res 9th es 2 n State.
Kuhn Gottlieb, tends saw, 95 Jersey; res 49 Seventh ws 3 n Jersey.
Kuhn Ludwig, laborer; res Vine ss 3 e Eighteenth.
Kukomezey Michael, paper box maker, shop and res State ns 5 e 8th.
Kuldemeier Hermann H., at C. B. & Q. depot; res Jack. ss 7 e 8th.
Kull John E., firm of Durant & K. ; res Broadway ss 4 e Sixth.
Kundz Jacob, bar-tender, 127 Maine; bds same.
Kunkel Adam, laborer; res Maiden Lane ns 5 w Fifth.
Kunkel Barbara, widow of Philip; res Sixth ws 3 s State.
Kunkel Eva E., widow of Peter; res Maiden Lane ns 5 w Fifth.
Kunkel John, clerk, grocery; res Sixth ws 3 s State.
KUNKEL & GERARD, (P. K. & J. G.), dealers in groceries and provisions, 31 Fifth.
Kunkel Philipp, firm of K. & Gerard; res Maiden Lane ns 5 w 5th.
Kunkel Phillipp, dealer in stoves, &c., 138 Hampshire; res same.
KUPFER GEORGE, saloon, 108 Hampshire; res State ns 2 w Eighth.
Kutchin Thompson, night clerk, U. S. Ex.; res 4th ws 1 n Maple.
Kutchmann George, cooper; res Seventh ws 7 n Jersey.
Kuter Johann; res 93 York nw cor Sixth.

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