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G Names
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G Names
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Gaekle Jakob, carpenter; res Broadway ns 2 w Twentieth.
Gaffney James, laborer; res Second ws 4 n Hampshire.
Gaines Charrles, (col) barber; res alley e Sixth n Hampshire.
Gaines Frank P., dry goods clerk 39 Fifth; bds 153 Maine.
GAINES TIIOMAS W., county treasurer, court house; res Spring ns 2 e Ninth.
Gaines William H., painter, 30 Sixth; bds Ninth es 2 s Oak.
Galamore Thomas, laborer; res 76 Seventh es 2 s York.
Galati Joseph, cooper ; res 83 Fifth ws 7 n Kentucky.
Galbreath Henry, watchman, mill nw cor Front and Delaware.
Galbreath James E., cigar-maker, 147 Hamp.; bds 64 4th es s Maine.
Gale George A., express messenger, 43 Fourth; bds 86 Maine.
GALE & CURTIS, (G. F. G. & C. L. C.), landscape photographers, 81 Hampshire.
Gale George F., firm of G. & Curtis; bds 87 Hampshire.
Gale Patrick, laborer; res 241 Hampshire ns 1 e Tenth.
Gallagher Charles; res 36 State ns bet Third and Fourth.
GALLAWAY & WRIGHT, (W.C.G. & W.B.W) cloak manufacturers, milliners, and dealers in cloaks, furs, millinery
goods, ladies' cloths, trimmings, &c., 24 Fourth es n Hampshire.
Gallaway William C., firm of G. & Wright; res Fifth ws 2 n Spring.
Gallertin Joseph, cooper ; res Linn ss 2 e Fifth.
Gallup Benjamin C., baker, sw cor Third and Maine; res same.
GALLUP OLIVER W., baker and confectioner, and ice-cream saloon, sw cor Third and Maine; res same.
Galory John, rope-maker; bds Elm ns 1 e Eighteenth.
Gannon Ann, widow of A. James; res Maine ss 3 w Twelfth.
Gant Jonathan F., dealer in fruit and produce, 56 Hamp.; res same.
Ganz Emil, clothing clerk, 63 Hampshire; rooms same.
Garbreth Henry, laborer; res Jefferson ss 3 e Sixth.
Gardener David, carpenter; res 67 Kentucky ns 2 w Sixth.
GARDNER & BROOKER, (H. J. G. & R. B.). blank book manufacturers, bookbinders, wholesale and retail dealers
in school books, stationery, blank newspapers, periodicals, &c., 114 Maine.
Gardner Henry J., firm of G. & Brooker; res Sixth es 4 n Oak.
GARDNER & ROBERTSON, (R. W. & J. R.), manufacturers of Gardner's Governor and Automatic Safety Stop, with G. & R's double acting balance valve, also dealers in engine and boiler furnishings, nw cor Fifth and Ohio.
Gardner Robert W., firm of G. & Robertson ; res Broad. ns 3 w 5th.
Garish Frederick, laborer; bds 41 Jersey ns 3 e Third.
Garmer Heinrich, carpenter; res se cor Eleventh and Spring.
Garnett Mosco, laborer; res 162 Hampshire.
Garnett John R., laborer; res Fifth ws 4 n Oak.
Garrett Frederick, harness-maker; res Chestnut ns 2 w Sixth.
Garrett Richard, saddler; res Chesnut ns e Fifth.
Garrison John H., butcher, 159 Maine; res se cor Ninth and Maine.
Garrison Thomas E., dry goods clerk. 46 4th; res 88 Ver. ss 2 e 4th.
Garth Samuel A., firm of Smith, G. & Co.; bds 115 Jer. ns 5 e 7th.
Garver Samuel, laborer; res sw cor Sixth and Payson avenue.
Garvin Emma, widow of Alexander; res 168 Hampshire.
Garvin William, runner, Tremont House bds same.
GAS LIGHT AND COKE CO. WORKS, sw cor Ninth and Jersey.
Gasbery Malinda, (col) widow of Manuel; res 42 Maid. L. ss 4 e 5th.
Gasser Catharine, widow of William; res Oak ns 2 w Fifth.
Gasser George, meat market, 5th es 2 n Oak; res Oak ns 2 w 5th.
Gasser George H., clerk, drugs, &c., 110 Maine; res York ss 6 e 6th.
Gasser Joseph, butcher; res Jersey ss 5 e Tenth.
Gasser Martin clerk, drugs, &c., 110 Maine; res York ss 6 e 6th.
GASTHAUS ZUR STADT DRESDEN, 173 Jersey ns 5 w Tenth, H. E. Barth, proprietor.
GASTON REV. JAMES M., Baptist minister; res Jersey ns 4 w Third.
Gatchell Alfred, dealer china, &c., 114 Maine; res 9th ws 2 s Broad.
Gans Friederich W., laborer; res Ohio ns 2 w Ninth.
GAUSHELL FRANCIS, manufacturer and wholesale and retail dealer in hats, caps, furs, regalia, military goods, &c.. 85 Hampshire; res nw cor Fifth and Broadway.
Gausman Henry; res Front es 4 s Spring.
Gauweilcr Jacob, musician; res Twelfth ws 2 s Maine.
Gebig George Frederick W., teacher German Independent School; res 207 Jersey ns 3 w Twelfth.
Geek Adam, stone-cutter; res nw cor 4th and Ohio.
Geck Gerhard, stone-yard, Del. e Third; res Ohio ss 1 w Fourth.
Geers Bernhart H., at sw cor 9th and Ver.; res Hamp. ss 5 w 9th.
Geers Hermann B., laborer; res nw cor Eleventh and Elm.
Geffei Friederich, shoemr., Maine ns 4 e 7th; res 89 Ohio ss 5 w 7th.
GEHM CHARLES, dyer, scourer, tailor and stamping, Maine ss Tenth; res 9 e Tenth.
Gehner Hanna, widow of Albert; res Madison ss 2 w Ninth.
Gehring Johann, at lime kiln, Delaware; res State ss e Ninth.
Gehring John, meat market, ne cor Seventh and York; res same.
GElSE & BORSTADT, (B.G. & J.B.W.B.), proprietors Quincy Paper Mill, manufacturers of printing and wrapping
paper, Front, foot Washington.
Giese Bernhard, firm of G. & Borstadt; res nw cor 12th and Spring.
GEISE HENRY A.; res nw cor Twelfth and Spring.
Gendemann, Wilhelm, laborer; res nw cor 11th and Payson avenue.
Gentry Harrison (col) laborer; res Chestnut ss 2 w Tenth.
Georgens Jacob, shoe-shop, 135 State ss 2 e Ninth; res same.
Gerard John, firm of Kunkel & G.; res 104 Hampshire ss e Fifth.
Gerber Joseph, machinists Front es n Hamp.; res Third es s State.
Gerber Sebastian, laborer; res Third se cor alley s State.
Gerig Kasimir, clerk, hardware, 111 Maine; res 165 Jer. ns 6 e 9th.
Germann Phillip, shoe-shop, 243 Maine, ns 5 w Tenth; res same.
Gerry Patrick, laborer; res Vermont ns 5 e Twelfth.
Gerry William, laborer; res Vermont ns 5 e Twelfth.
Gers Heinrich, laborer; res Oak ss 5 e Eleventh.
Gerschwyler Casper, carpenter C. B. & Q. shop; bds 25 Front.
Gesling Phillip, laborer; res 99 Jefferson ss 3 e Eighth.
Gibson Henry H., wagon-maker, 45 Sixth; res Broadway ns 3 w 7th.
Giddings Almira C., widow of Salmon; res nw cor 12th and Ken.
Giddings Frederick S., attorney at law; res nw cor 12th and Ken.
Gilgerich Franz, cutter and tailor, 135 Maine, res Maine ss 8 e 10th.
Giese Bernbart, Co. H, 43 III Inf.; res Broadway ns 2 e Twenty-first.
Giffey Friedrich, shoemaker, Maine ns 4 e 7th; res Ohio ss 5 w 7th.
Gilbert William G., carpenter, C. B. & Q. shop; res Vine ss 2 e 4th.
Gilbert William, watchmaker, 38 Fifth; res Jersey ns 4 e Fifth.
Gile Courtland H. V., telegraph-operator; res 48 Ken. ss 2 w Fourth.
Gile William S., clothing clerk, 112 Maine; res Ken. ss 2 w Fourth.
Gilgen Gottfried, shoemaker, 112 Hampshire; bds 54 Hampshire.
Gill John A., carriage-smith, Jersey ss 3 e Fifth; res 125 Maine.
Gill John B., carpenter, Fifth ws n York; res Oak ns 4 w 19th.
Gill John E., tinner, 157 Hampshire; res Oak ns 4 w Nineteenth.
Gillam Jackson, (col) laborer; res Maine ns 9 e Ninth.
Gille Johann; res 158 Payson avenue ns 2 w Eighth.
Gille Wilhelm, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res 158 Payson avenue ns 2 w 8th.
Gilpin Joseph B., land agent; res 124 Broadway nw cor Ninth.
Gladden William, clerk, Farmers' & Merchants' Insurance Company; bds nw cor Fourth and York.
Gladfelt Friederich W.; res Tenth ws 5 n Spring.
Glaser Henry C., blacksmith, shop 50 Hamp.; res 3d es 3 s Hamp.
Glaser John, cooper; res Jefferson ss 1 e Seventh.
Glass Simon, saloon and res Seventh ws 3 s Maine.
Glass William, bar-tender, Seventh ws 3 s Maine; res same.
Glasscock William M., clothing clerk, 83 Hamp.; res 8 6th 2 n Ver.
Glatfeldt Sophia, widow of Herman; res se cor 13th and Broadway.
Glay Charles J., moulder, Front s Del.; res Peyson av. ss 3 w 8th.
Glenn John G., Cen. Mill, cor Front and Jer.; res 18th es s Jersey.
Glorrer Balzer, plasterer; res Monroe ss 2 w Seventh.
Gnuse Gottlieb, brick-moulder; res Vine ns 2 w Fourth.
Gnuse Heinrich, quarrier, s ex Front; res Payson avenue ss 4 e 6th.
Gnuse Johann C., farmer; res se cor Eighteenth and Jefferson.
Godfrey Caroline S., widow of Captain Eugene W.; res Broadway ns 4 w Eighth.
Godfrey Henry W., U. S. inspector tobacco and cigars, 4th district, sw cor Fifth and Maine; res Broadway ns 4 w
Godfrey John, patent right agent; bds 70 Seventh es 3 n Jersey.
Goeden Michael, horse-doctor; office and res Seventh ws 5 n State.
Goetsche George, stone-cutter; res Washington ns 3 w Sixth.
Gohring Valene, laborer; res sw cor Tenth and State.
Gohringer Soferin, saloon and res 24 Front.
GOLDBERG & ROSENBERG, (S.H.G. & M.R.), wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, carpets, &c. 38 Fourth,
and clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 39 fourth.
Goldberg Simon H., firm of G. & Rosenberg; res 17 Third ws 4 n Vermont.
Golden Harrison. Policeman, court house; res 67 Hampshire.
Goll Christopb, dyer and scourer; res State ns 5 e Fourth.
Golm Heinrich; res 194 Maine sw cor Seventh.
GOLM JOHN D. LOUIS, dealer in dry goods, groceries, queensware, boots and shoes, &c., 194 Maine sw cor Seventh ; res same.
Good Charles, laborer; res Tenth ws 3 n Maine.
Goodapple George, blacksmith, shop and res sw cor 7th and State.
Goodapple George A., blacksmith, sw cor 7th and State; res nw cor Sixth and Ohio.
GOODELL HENRY C., general agent Toledo, Wabash & Western Railway; office under Quincy House; bds Quincy
Goodmann Eliza, widow of Daniel; res Ohio ns 1 e Ninth.
Goodmann John; bds Union House, 68 Maine.
GOODNO BEN H, manufacturer of rope, cordage and twine, ne cor Twelfth and Jersey; res same.
Goodno John M., engineer, river ; res ne cor Twelfth and Jersey.
Goodrich Miss Mary J., teacher of fine arts; res 67 Jer. ns 2 e 5th.
Goodrich Robert E., city measurer; res 5 Fourth ws 3 n Vermont.
GOODWIN & DAVIS, (P. A. G. & H. S. D.), attorneys at law, 35 Fifth.
Goodwin Philo A., ftrm of G. & Davis; res se cor Third and State.
Gordon Bryan, employee, C. B. & Q. R.; res Seventh es 3 n Jersey.
Gorman Mathew, laborer, gas works; bds 147 Jersey ns 9 e Eighth.
Gosling Herman H., laborer; res sw cor Eighth and Adams.
Gosling Philip, quarrier s ex Front; res Jefferson ss e Eighth.
Goszling Fransz Henrich, laborer; res 146 Washington ss 3 e 7th.
GOTTESLEBEN PETER, photographer and dealer in photographic materials, frames, pictures, looking glasses,
books and stationery, &c., 197 Maine; res same.
Gottschalk Michael. printer, sw cor 6th and Hamp. ; bds 25 Front.
GOULD & ALLEN, (M. G. & D. P. A.), planing mill, manufacturers and dealers in sash and blinds, dressed flooring,
ceiling, weather boarding, fanning mills, tubing, &c., ne cor Fifth and Ohio.
Gould Myron, firm of G. & Allen; res ne cor Fourth and Chestnut.
Gove Elijah; res se cor Eighth and Broadway.
Graahy John, laborer; res Seventh es 9 s Jersey.
Grabbe Johann H., laborer; res sw cor Fourteenth and Jefferson.
Graeber Christian, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res nw cor 8th and Adams.
Graff Johann, laborer ; bds 210 Hampshire se cor Ninth.
Graff Peter, teamster; res Hampshire ns 3 w Twelfth.
GRAFFTEY JAMES, manufacturer of shirts, drawers, bosoms, &c., 50 Fifth cs s Maine; res Maine ss 7 w Twelfth.
Graham Alfred A.; res 80 York ss 3 e Fifth.
Graham David W., at agricultural works, n ex Front; res Vermont ns 3 w Second.
GRAHAM JAMES, pork packer, slaughterer and steam renderer, Front ws s Washington; res York ns 3 w Fifth.
Granacher Joseph, clerk, iron, &c., 115 Maine; res Maine ns 8 e 11th.
Granacher Theodor, clerk, hardware, 111 Maine; res Maine ns 7 e 11th.
Granemann Theodore, chair-maker; res 103 Fifth ws 4 s Kentucky.
Grant John, tinner, 60 Hampshire ; bds 167 Maine.
Grave John H., porter, 132 Maine; res Vermont ss e Twelfth.
Gravell Edward, machinist, Front es n Broad.; bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Gravell Joseph O., foreman, C. B. & Q. shop; res 6th ws 2 n Oak.
Graves James O., justice of the peace, courthouse; res 91 Broadway ss 5 e Sixth.
Gray William H. H., bookkeeper, 122 Maine; bds 6th es s Maine.
Gredel Johann, cooper; res Elm ns 2 e Eighteenth.
GREELEY & PRENTISS, (C. G. & B. M. P.), attorneys at law, 33 Fifth.
Greeley Council, firm of G. & Prentiss; res Maine ns 5 e Twelfth.
Greeley Ebenezer S., grocer, 167 Hamp.; res Maine as 5 e Twelfth.
Greemann Casper H., quarry s ex Front; res Ninth ws 1 n Ohio.
Greemann Heinrich, stone-cutter, res 146 Ohio ss 3 w Ninth.
GREEN AMOS & SON, (George), dealers in pine lumber, shingles, latb, &c., nw cor Sixth and Maine.
Green Amos, firm of Amos G. & Son; res nw cor Eighth and Spring.
Green Ann, (col) widow of Theodore; res Twelfth es 4 n Vine.
Green Calvin, (col) at saw-mill, n ex Front; res Cherry e Third.
Green Elijah, (col) Co. K, 68 U. S. I.; res ne cor Front and Del.
GREEN EPHRAIM S., dealer in land and real estate, 106 Maine res Jefferson ss 4 e Twelfth.
Green George, sr.; res Fifth ws 4 s Spring.
Green George, firm of Amos G. & Son; res nw cor 8th and Spring.
Green George, (col) fireman, steamboat; res nw cor Spring and Olive.
Green Jacob, employee, H. & S. J. R. R.; res Sixth es 4 n Jefferson.
Green James M., employee, H. & S. J. R. R.; res Sixth es 4 n Jeff.
Green John, (col) laborer; res Spruce ss 2 w Third.
Green John, (col) laborer; res se cor Tenth and Maine.
Green Richard, (col) laborer; res Tenth ws 1 n Linn.
Green Samuel H., clerk, land office, 106 Maine; res Jeff. ss 4 e 12th.
Green Thomas J., marble cutter, 62 Maine; res Ninth ws 3 n State.
Green William H., marble cutter, 62 Maine; res 12th ws 4 s Hamp.
GREENLEAF MILLER T., proprietor of foundry and machine shop, manufacturer of steam engines, saw mills,
lathes, drills, mill and other machinery, iron and brass castings, &c., Front es n Broadway; res Elm ss 1 e Third.
Greenleaf Thomas S., clerk, foundry and machine shop, 10 Front es n Broadway; res Third es 3 n Vermont.
Greenlee Henry, teamster; res Maiden Lane ns 1 w Sixth.
Greenlee John E., teamster; res Maiden Lane ns 1 w Sixth.
Gregg John T., laborer; res Twelfth ws 4 s Vermont.
Gregg William G., laborer; res Twelfth ws 4 s Vermont.
Gregorie Thomas, house-painter; res Oak ss 2 w Seventh.
Grether Adolph, firm of Harry & G.; res 116 Hampshire.
Grewell Calvin, produce dealer; res 85 Fifth ws 6 n Kentucky.
Griese John, firm of Esterley & G.; res 161 Hampshire.
Griese Stephen, laborer; res Ninth es 3 s Maine.
Griesedick Heinrich, brewer, cor 6th and State ; res 7th es 8 s Jer.
Griffey Levi, (col) laborer, 77 Maine; bds 344 Maine.
Griffin Berry G. A., manufacturer China cement; bds Missouri Home.
Grimm Casper, copper-smith, cor 2d and Broad.; res 12th es s Jack.
Grimm Frederick, miller, Fifth s State; res Fourth es s State.
Grimm George, sr., firm of Bimson, Menke & Co.; res State ss 3 e 4th.
Grimm George, jr., engineer, mill, 5th s State; res Fourth es s State.
Grimm Heinrich, sr.; res Twelfth es s Jackson.
Grimm Henry, jr., carpenter; res York ss 7 e Sixth.
Grimm Joseph, teamster, Fifth ws s State; res Fourth es s State.
GRIMM MARTIN, proprietor Exchange Mills, Fifth ws s State; res Fourth es bet State and Ohio.
Grimmer Henry, dry goods, &c., ne cor Eighth and State; res same.
Grimmer Johann M., wood-turner, cor Ninth an Vermont , res State ns 3 e Front.
GRIMSHAW & WILLIAMS, (J. G. & J. H. W.), attorneys at law, 132 Hampshire sw cor Sixth.
GRIMSHAW JACKSON, firm of G. & Williams, and United States collector internal revenue, fourth district, 94
Maine; res nw cor Fourth and Elm.
Grindemann Theodor, carpenter, nw cor Ninth and Hampshire; res Fifth ws s Kentcuky.
Griswold Elijah; res n Maine 3 e Twenty-fifth, East Quincy.
Groding Heinrich, carpenter; res 41 Ninth ws 4 n Maine.
Gronemann Franz. watchman; res Ninth es 2 s State.
Gronemann Ludwig, Co. H, 151 Ill. Inf.; res Ninth es 2 s State.
Gronemeier Heinrich, carpenter, Sixth cor York; bds nw cor Eighth and Jersey.
Groninger Margaretha, widow of Johann ; res 190 Hamp. ss 5 e 8th.
Gronnert Hermann, laborer; res Seventh ws 1 s Jefferson.
Gross Heinrich, carpenter; bds Payson avenue ss 6 e Sixth.
Gross John, brewer, Twelfth es bet Monroe and Adams; bds same.
Gross John D., wagon-maker, State ns 3 w 7th; res 7th es 3 n York.
Gross Mary, widow of John; res Eighth es 4 n Maine.
Gross Philip H., wood-turner, 7th es 7 s Ken.; res Monroe ss 4 w 8th.
Gross Philip P., wood-turner; res nw cor Seventh and Ohio.
Grosse Friedrich Edward, pressman, sw cor Sixth and Hampshire; res Ninth ws 5 s Hampshire.
Grosshans Jakob Friederich. baker, 125 Hampshire; bds same.
Grosz Ludwig, carpenter, cor 5th and Vine; res Ken. ss 3 w Fifth.
Grosz Martin; res 92 Seventh es 2 s Kentucky.
Grosz Peter, bedstead-maker, 95 Jersey; res Monroe ss 4 w Eighth.
Grover Nathaniel Dean; res 68 Third es s Maine.
Grubb Armstead O., firm of Beebe & G.; res Twelfth ws 2 n Oak.
Grubb Green L., wool-carder; bds Fourth ws 7 n Hampshire.
Grubb Ulta; res Twelfth ws 2 n Oak.
Grube Bernhart H., wood-sawyer; res 177 State ss 2 w Tenth.
Grube Kathrina, widow of Johann ; res 107 Kentucky ne cor 8th.
GRUEBIUS PHILIPP, barbershop, Front es 1 s Vermont; res 120 State ns 3 e Seventh.
Gruell Samuel, restaurant and beer saloon, 8 Front; res same.
Gruen Friedrich, laborer; res 115 Fifth ws 2 s Maiden Lane.
Grunbaum Mathias, tobacco-worker; res 255 Maine ns 4 e Tenth.
Grunewald Philipp, wagon-maker, State ns 2 e Seventh; bds Seventh es 3 n State.
Grussenmeyer Lorenz, wagon-maker, 129 Maine; res Ken. ss 2 e 8th.
Grussenmeyer Michael, firm of Konig & G.; res 5th ws 2 n Maid. L.
Gruter Henry, laborer; res Monroe ss 3 e Eighth.
GUEGEL NICKLAUS, dealer in dry goods and groceries, State ss 2 e Seventh; res same.
Gullker Carl W., Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res 76 Fifth ws 3 s Elm.
Gullker Gerhart A. F., laborer; res 76 Fifth ws 3 s Elm.
Gullker Johann H., Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res 76 Fifth ws 3 s Elm.
Gunn Jacob, Co. A, 21 Michigan Inf.; res 131 York ns 4 e Seventh.
Gunn Joseph, carpenter; res Maine ns 4 w Thirteenth.
Gunn Mary, (col) widow of John; res al. n Broad. 2 w Eleventh ss.
Gurley Charles D., book-keeper, First National Bank; bds Sixth es 3 n York.
Gurn Michael E., harness-mkr., 5th es 4 n Hamp.; res 5th ws 2 n Ver.
Gury Oliver; res 28 Maiden Lane ns 2 e Third.
Gustey Charles, (col) laborer; res Ohio ns 4 e Fourth, in rear.
Gutbrod George, jr., blacksmith., cor Sixth and Payson avenue; res Delaware ns 3 w Fourth.
Grutbrod George, laborer; res Ohio ns 3 e Fourth.
Guth Anton ; res 150 Hampshire.
Guth Charles, musician ; res Tenth n Maine.
Guth Heinrich, moulder, Front s Delaware; res 150 Hampshire.
Guth Joseph, farmer; res 150 Hampshire.
Gutrey Charlotte, (col) widow of Squire; res Twelfth es 3 n Vine.
Gwinn Samuel, carpenter; res Fourth es 3 n Broadway.
GYLES MISS SARAH A. J., dress and cloak making and stamping, 89 Hampshire; res same.

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