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B Names
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B Names
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Babcock Edward, grocery clerk, 127 Hamp.; bds Broadway House.
Bacon Daniel, Co. E., 151 111. Inf,; res Third ws 2 s Ohio.
Bachmann Johann B., Laborer, Twelfth es 1 s Monroe; bds same.
Bachmann Lorenz, gardener; res Twelfth es 1 s Monroe.
Bachmann Sebastian, laborer; res Kentucky ns 4 e Ninth.
Bachrach Moses, firm of John Meyer & Co.; res 67 Ver. ns 4 w 4th.
Backerbaur John M., harness maker, 97 Hampshire; res 101 Kentucky ns 2 w Eighth.
Backerbaur Michael, harness maker, 97 Hampshire; res 101 Kentucky ns 2 w Eighth.
Backs Heinrich, cooper, alley n State e Eighth; res Ken. ss 6 e 8th.
Backs Johann G., tailor shop and res Kentucky ss 6 e Eighth.
Bader Friedrich, gunsmith, shop 148 Hamp.; res 79 Jer. ns 2 w 6th.
BADER WILLIAM A., cigar manufacturer and dealer in cigars, tobacco pipes, snuff, &c., Fifth es 3 s Maine; res Hampshire ss 4 w Tenth.
Bady Bernard, blacksmith; bds 36 Ohio ss 2 w Fourth.
Bagby James R., student; res Sixth ws 8 s Vermont.
BAGBY & WOOD, (R. B. B. & J. W., jr.,) merchant millers, proprietors Castle Mills, Front es bet Hampshire and Vermont,
Bagby Robert B., firm of' B. & Wood; res Sixth ws 8 s Vermont.
Bahroe Jacob. carpenter bds 173 Jerse ns 5 w Tenth.
Baker Calot E., dry goods clerk, 41 Fourth; res 137 Maine.
Baker Charles, teamster, se cor Sixth and Hampshire.
BAKER CHARLES F., commission merchant, dealer in grain and produce,Seventh ws 2 s Hampshire; res se cor Ninth and Broadway.
Baker David Bryan, law student, 32 Fifth; res 137 Maine.
Baker Frances A., widow of John; res Kentucky ss 3 e Tenth.
Baker Francis P., saddler, Fifth es 4 n Hamp.; res ne cor Seventh and Vermont.
Baker George 'C., teamster, mill, 29 Fourth; res 109 State ss 3 w 7th.
Baker James fl., machinist, 10 Front n Broad.; bds Walker House.
BAKER J. T. & CO., (E. E. Manson, T. Austin,) wholesale grocers 116 Maine.
Baker James T., firm of J. T. B. & Co. res Maine ss e Thirteenth.
Baker John T., clerk, 134 Hampshire; res 79 Fifth ws 3 s York.
Baker Leander H., physician and surgeon; office and res 160 Maine.
Baker Louisa A., widow of John L.; res 63 Hampshire e Third.
Baker Michael, boiler-maker, cor Second and Broad.; bds 54 Hamp.
Baker Sylvester, at agricultural works, n ex Front; res Elm ss 2 e 10th.
Bailey George, machinist, 10 Front es n Broadway; res 64 Fifth ws 3 n Vine.
Bailey George, musician; res nw cor Fifth and Maiden Lane.
Bailey John, machinist, 67 Fifth ws 2 s Jersey; res nw cor Fifth and Kentucky.
Baldwin Ebenezer G., firm of Pope & B.; res 137 Ver. ns 6 e Eighth.
Baldwin Henry, book-keeper and teacher; res Broad. ns 5 e Seventh.
Baldwin William, carpenter, nw cor Ninth and Hampshire; bds Farmers' House.
Bales Jakob, manufacturer and dealer in chairs, Maine ss bet Second and Third; res same.
Ball Alfred, boatman and fisherman; res Olive es 5 it Oak.
Ball John, laborer; res Olive es 6 n Oak.
Ball -Nixon, laborer 3 res Olive es 6 n Oak.
Ballance Joseph M., meat market, 130 Hamp.; res Jer. ss 4 w 7th.
Ballard Charles F.; res Ballard House, 17 Fourth ws I s Vermont.
Ballard Elizabeth, widow of Thomas; res 134 Spring ns 1 e Ninth.
BALLARD HOUSE, 17 Fourth ws 1 s Vermont; J. Ballard, Proprietor.
BALLARD JEREMIAH, proprietor Ballard House, 17 Fourth ws 1 9 Vermont.
Ballard Thomas; res Ballard House, 17 Fourth ws I s Vermont.
Baller Henrich,. laborer; res nw cor Twenty-second and Oak.
Balsam Bernhard, dealer in groceries and provisions, saloon, Maine ns 4 e - Ninth; res same.
Balzer George, tinner; bds '49 Fifth ws 6 s York.
Balzer Kathrina, widow of George; res 79 Fifth ws 6 s York.
Balzer Valentin, shoemaker. 114 Hamp.; res 79 Fifth ws 6 s York.
Balzer Valentin, chair mkr, Maine ss w 3d; res 79 Fifth ws 6 s York.
Bangert John, laborer, distillery -, ex Front; res Madison ns e Seventh.
Bangert John Henry. bar-keeper, De cor Front and Spring; bds same.
Banhorst Heinrich, laborer; res Chestnut ss I e Twentieth.
Banker John W., photographer; bds Maine us 6 e Eleventh; rooms 148 Maine.
Banks Amie, (col) widow of Edgar; res nw cor Spring and Olive.
Bannard Henry C., student; re,, Oak ss I e Nineteenth.
Bannard Hubbard machinist, 67 Fifth ws 2 s Jersey ; res Oak 4s 1 0 Nineteenth.
BANNARD JOHN IV., wholesale and retail dealer in groceries and provisions, 143 Hampshire; res Oak ss I e -Nineteenth.
Bannen Thomas H., dry goods clerk, 105 Maine; bds 43 Third ws 5 8 Vermont
Bantler Adam IT., laborer; res Seventh es 3 it State.
Bapp John, stone-cutter ; res 108 Hampshire.
Bard Jacob, laborer, nw cor Eleventh and Maine; res 271 Hampshire us 4 e Eleventh.
Bark Henry, teamster; res 119 York ns 4 ws Seventh.
Barker Daniel; res 82 Fifth ws 11 s York.
BARKER EBENEZER B., res Eighth ws 4 n Broadway.
Barker Elisha AV. ; res 82 Fifth ws 11 s York.
Barker Legrand, saddler, 97 Hampshire; bds Broadway House.
Barker Miss Mary H., (col) teacher, Tenth ws 6 it Spring; bds Oak ns 3 ws Eleventh.
Barker Stewart; res 82 Fifth ws I I s York.
Barlett Franklin, laborer; res Eighth es I n Linn.
BARLOW, WOOD ; CO., (J. C. B., J. S NA'. ; J. W. Vandivier), proprietors Quincy Agricultural Works, northern extension of Front.
Barlow Joseph C., Jr., firm of B., Wood ; Co. ; res Ken. ns 1 e 4th.
Barlow Patrick, laborer; res Olive es 2 s Elm.
Baynes Henry F., tobacco roller, cor Fifth and Ohio; bds Depot Hotel.
Barnet Berryman, (col) white-washer; res Chestnut ss 4 e Eighth.
Barnett John H., teamster, Fifth es 1. s Vermont; res 6th ws 6 s Ver.
Barnett Miss Mary J., agent, dyeing, 102 Hampshire ; bds State ns 2 ws Third.
Barnum Henry, (col) 51111. Inf.; res Chestnut 5 e Eighth.
Baronowsky Frank, clerk Tremont House; Us same.
Barr Elizabeth, widow of Elijah ; res Broadway ss 2 e Ninth.
Barr Hugh It., carpenter,; res Broadway us -1 e Ninth, shop Broadway ss 2 e Eleventh.
Barr William, carpenter, nw coy, bds so cor Ninth and Hampshire.
Barrick Philip S., farmer; res Oak ss 3 ws Fifth.
Barron Mathias. M., tobacco sorter, cor Front and Delaware ; res Third ws 2 s Kentucky.
Barry Henry, carpenter, ne cor Ninth and Kentucky; bds same.
Barry Patrick, laborer; res 161 Jersey ns 4 e -Ninth.
Bartels Ernest, lumber clerk, 44 Fifth es s Maine; res Kentucky ss 4 e Seventh.
Bartelt Freiderich, cooper, Ninth ws s Payson avenue; res Ohio us 3 ws Eleventh.
Bartelt Gerhard If., cooper, alley n State e Eighth res 1.56 State ns 4 w Ninth.
Bartelt Heinrich F.. cooper, alley n State e Eighth ; res nw cor '-Ninth and Ohio.
Barten Johann, laborer; res Monroe ss 5 w -Ninth.
BARTH HEINRICH E., proprietor Gasthaus Zur Stadt Dresden, 173 Jersey ns 5 w Tenth.
Barth Henry It., butcher; res 166 Jersey ss 2 e Ninth.
Barth John, meat market, stall 3 ne cor Third and Hampshire res Maine " 4 e Eleventh.
Bartholomew Alfred ; Yes '-Ninth ws I - Vermont.
Bartlett Frank, carpenter . bds Missouri Home.
Bartlett James It., hardware clerk, 115 Maine; room-, same.
BARTLETT JOHN W.- physician and surgeon, nw cor Fourth- and Maine ; res Maine ns (; e twelfth.
Bartlett Julia, widow of Sylvester - res Fifth es 2 s Spring.
BARTLETT S. P. & BROTHER, (L. S.), dealers in groceries and provisions, '41 Hampshire.
Bartlett Lorin,- S.. firm of S. 1'. 13, & Bro.; res 7 Fifth es 1 n Broad.
Bartlett Sylvester P., firm of' -. P. B. & Bro.; res 7 Fifth es 1 n Broadway.
BARTLETT SAMUEL M., undertaker and dealer in metalic burial cases, caskets, Chicago rosewood coffins, e Sixth ws bet Maine and Hampshire - res 11-1 Broadway ns 2 w Eighth. .
Bartlett William If.. machinist C. B. & Q. shop; res 114 Broa dway 111, 2 w Eighth.
Bartling Henry, cooper Yes Monroe ns 2 e Seventh.
BARTON QUARTUS S., res I Eighth ws I n Broadway.
Barton Otis, B.. clerk Q. & 1'. freight office; res Eighth ws 1 n Broad.
Bass John. laborer ; res 165 Broadway ss 2 w Eleventh.
BASSE AUGUST, watchmaker and jeweler, engraver and manufacturer of mathematical instruments, 136 Maine; res same.
BASSE AUGUST, dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry. faney goods, &c.; 136 Maine; Yes 256 Maine ss 3 w Tenth.
BASSETT & ROBBINS, (M. F. B. & J. R.), physicians and surgeons. 144 Maine.
Bassett Moses F., firm of B. & Robbins; res 137 Maine.
Bastert Peter H., porter, 79 Hamp. ; res. Pay. av. it,-: 4 w Eighth.
Bates Charles, omnibus agent, 83 Maine; bds Virginia House.
Bates William, at ex stable, Maine w Third; bds 17 Dion House.
Battell John F., machinist; res 129 Vermont us 2 0 Eighth.
Battell &- Collins, (W. B. & W. R. agric tilt it ral implement manufacturers, nw cor Twelfth and Hampshire.
Battell William, firm of' B. & Collins; Yes 129 Ver. ns 2 e Eighth.
Batts Michael, laborer; bds Hampshire us 8 e Twelfth.
Bauer Heinrich, stone-cutter; Yes 109 Kentucky ss 8 c Seventh.
Bauer Johann, laborer; bds Union Farmers' Home.
Bauer Susana, widow of Jacob; res alley s Washington 2 c Fifth.
Bauerle Martin, foreman brewery, Twelfth es s Monroe; bds same.
Bauerrichter Hermann, teamster; res Seventh ns 3 s State.
Baughman George, firm of Hauworth &- B.; res 93 Jer. ns 3 w 7th.
Baumann Damian, boot and shoemaker; shop and re, 7th ns 4 n Ken.
Baumann Emrad, laborer; res Oak ns I w Nineteenth.
Baumann Joseph, laborer; res Second ns I s Elm.
Bavinger Catharine, widow of Isaac; res 212 Hamp. ss 2 e
Baxter Julia, (col) widow of Lindsey ; Yes Tenth ns I s Oak.
Beagle James M., fireman C. B. & Q. yard; res nw cor 3d and Spring.
Beardsley Charles S., carriage smith; bds 167 'Maine.
Beaty Mary, widow of' John ; res so cor Twelfth and Hampshire,
BEATTY THOMAS, blacksmith and horse-shoer; shop and Yes sw cor Twelfth and Hampshire.
Becannon William, machinist; res 5 Fourth ns ',I n Vermont
Becher Hermann, tailor; res 155 Washington ns I w Eighth.
Beek Charles Frederick, driver Amer. Ex.; res 86 Maine w Fourth.
Beek Mrs. Christina; res 86 Maine " w Fourth, in rear.
Beek Heinrich, blksmth, Front es s Broad.; Yes Maid. L. its 2 w Third.
Beek John George ; tin shop and res 220 Maine - 3 e, Eighth.
Beek Louis, shoemaker, cor Ninth and Maine; bds Maine ,,, 2 e 9th.
Beek William G, baggage Dian. 85 Maine; res 86 Maine.
Beek William Gottfried; res 86 Maine ss w Fourth, in Year.
Becke Ernst, cabinet maker; res Ohio ss, 3 e Seventh.
Becker Adam, tailor; shop and res; 129 York ns '3 e, Seventlth. in rear.
Becker Bernhart, baker; res Vine ss 2 e Eighteenth.
Becker Charles, firm of J. Delebar &- Co.; res 1.66 State ns 4 e Ninth.
Becker Ferdinand, baker; res 170 Broadway ns 4 e Eleventh.
Becker George, shoemaker; res sw cor Seventh and Kentucky.
BECKER MICHAEL, proprietor Harrison Brewery, se coy -Ninth and Harrison ; res Harrison ss 1 w Ninth.
Becker Michael ; shoe shop and res ne cor Fourth an([ Maiden Lane.
Beckermann Frederick, dry goods clerk, 40 Fourth ; res Twelfth ws 1 n Jersey.
Beckhaus Karl E., cabinet maker, coy Tenth and Broadway ; res Eleventh es 3 s Oak.
Beckmann Anna M., widow of Friederich W. - res Pay. av. ~~s I w 5 th.
Beckmann Friederich W., Co. 11, 43 111. 1 nf.; res Pay. av. ss 3 e 9th.
Beckmann John P., grocery store, Adams ss I w Seventh res same.
Beckmann Joseph, teamster; res Madison ~s 5 e Seventh,
BEEBE & GRUBB, (A. B. & A. 0. G.), tobacco manufacturers, Front ws bet Maine and Jersey.
Beebe Albert, firm of B. & Grubb; bds 19 Fourth ws 11 n Hamp.
Beeheimer Merrian, blacksmith; bds West Quincy.
Beechum Helen, (col) widow of Washington ; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Begemann Heinrich, cooper, shop Eighth es s State; res State us "I e Ninth.
Begemann Heinrich, laborer; bds Hampshire ss 10 e Eighth, in rear.
Behm Elisabetha, widow of Christoph; res 37 Fourth es 3 n Wash.
Behm Johann, machinist, Front es n Ramp.; res 37 4th es 3 " Wash.
Behnen Margretha, widow of Johann H.; res 13th ws 2 n Hamp.
Behrensmeier Adolph, carpenter - res -Ninth es. 3 s Kentucky.
Behrensmeier Dietrich, carpenter, Ninth es s York; res Payson avenue ns I e Ninth.
Behrensmeier Heinrich, laborer; ITS 87 Seventh ws 5 n Kentucky.
Behrensmeier Johanna, H. F., mid-wife; res 87 Seventh ws 5 n ken.
Beidelstein Philip, teamster; res Eleventh ws I s Kentucky.
Beilstein Philipp, teamster, sw cor Front and Broadway ; res cot State and Eleventh.
Beinecke Theodor, at stove foundry, Front s Delaware; res Payson, avenue ns 3 e Fifth.
Beldam George, hack-driver; res York ,s (; e Sixth.
Beldam Thomas, city express ' ; res Yorks,-,. 6 e Sixth.
Bell Digby V., firm of Bryant. Stratton & B.: Yes Chicago, Illinois
Belm Bernard, tailor, 100 Maine; res Vine ss 1 e Tenth
Bemsen Johann B., brickmaker ; res~ Payson avenue ss I e Fourth
Bendanner John, laborer; res 159 State ~- 5 w Tenth.
Bender Max wagonmaker 121) Maine bds 238 Maine ss 2 e Ninth.
Benedict Samuel, blacksmith, 45 Sixth ss Hampshire - res Fifth ws 11 Spring.
Bengert John, laborer ; res 20 -Madison ss 4 w Eighth.
Benhuf & ",chinitt, (A, 13. & L. S.), blacksmiths, Fifth es 1 n Maiden Lane.
Benhuf August. firm of B. & Schmitt ; Yes nw cor 6th and Pay. av.
BENJAMIN ISIDOR, wholesale and retail dealer in boots; and shoes, 86 Hampshire; res 201 Maine ns 2 w Eighth.
Benneson Nathaniel, watchmaker ; res sw cor Fifth and Elm.
BENNESON & CO., (R. McComb). dealers in TIP" lumber, shingles and lath, 44 Fifth es ss Maine.
Benneson Nathaniel P., firm of B. & Co.; res sw cor Fifth and Elm.
Benneson Robert H., engineer; Yes sw cor Fifth and Elm.
BENNESON ROBERT SMITH, wholesale grain dealer, cor Second and Jersey; res 36 Jersey ss 1. w 'Third.
Benneson Thomas C.. firm of Travilla & B.; res Broad. ss 2 e Ninth.
BENNESON WILLIAM It., attorney at law, sw cor Fifth and Maine; res 80 Broadway ns 3 w Sixth.
Bennett John, teamster; res Spring - 2 w Fourth.
BENNING JOHN, dealer in dry goods. groceries and provisions, 184 Maine; Yes same.
Bensieck Johann, at lime kiln, Delaware e Front ; res 1,51 Washington us 2 w Eighth.
Bensieck Zacharias, laborer res 151 Washington ns 2 w Eighth.
Benson John B., shoemaker, ne cor Fifth and Hampshire; Yes Linn its I e - Nineteenth.
BENTON DANIEL C.. cultivator and dealer in all kinds of fruit and fruit trees; res Fruit Hill Farm, Payson road, 0 of city limits.
BENTON ERASTUS, fruit cultivator; Yes Payson road, e or city limits.
Bentrup Gustav. laborer; res nw cor Eighth and Monroe.
Bentrup Wilhelm, mechanic, 45 Sixth n Maine; res Ken. ns 5 w 6th.
BENTZ FRIEDERICH, bakery. Ninth. ws 1 a Maine; res same.
Bentz George, butcher bds 122 Fifth es ") ss Maiden Lane.
BENZ GEORGE, carpenter and builder; res, Ohio ss 3 w Eighth shop in rear.
Benz Valentin, carpenter. Ohio es 3 w Eighth; bds "me,
Bablinger Johann laborer; bds so cor -Ninth and Hampshire.
Berge John, bar-tender; bds Missouri Home.
Berger & Kaufman, (S. B. & N. K.), rectifiers and wholesale liquor - dealers, 63 Hampshire.
Berger Simon, firm of' 13. & Kaufman ; res, Sixth ws 3 ' n Maine.
Berger Wilhelm. iron-moulder, Front s Delaware; res 66 Fifth es 7 s Jersey.
Bergman Hanna E., widow of Johannes; res 138 Ken. ss 3 w -Ninth.
BERGMEYER VERY REV. FERDINAND, pastor of St. Francis Church, German Roman Catholic; res Franciscan Convent. Vine e Eighteenth.
Bergschneider Joseph, teacher Parish School, Vine E., Eighteenth; res same.
Bernard Berthier, boatman; res Keyes' alley ns 6 E., Sixth.
BERNBROCK FREDERICK, firm of Wichmann, B. & Co.. and dealer in dry goods, groceries and grain, and pork packer, sw cor Seventh and Cork; res same.
Berndanner Johan, quarrier, Front es s Jefferson; res State ss 4 E., Mi.
Bernhardt August, music teacher; res ne coi- Seventh and Jersey.
Berning Konrad. warehouse-man, Seventh ws 2 s Hampshire res Monroe us 4 E., Eighth.
Bernsen Bernhart H., bricklayer; res Payson avenue ss I e Fourth
BERNSTEIN & CO., (G. 11. & W. Fuchs), manufacturer of cigars, and wholesale and retail dealers in cigars, tobacco and leaf. pipes, e 113 Hampshire.
Bernstein George, firm of B. &- Co.; res 52 Seventh es 0" s Jersey.
BERRIAN BENJAMIN F., land and real estate agent, 140 Maine; res cor Jefferson and Twenty-fourth.
BERRY ALEXANDER A., wholesale and retail dealer in clothing- -arid,vents' furnishing goods, 112 Maine; bds Quincy House
Berry Clementina C., of Misses Patrick & B.; res 160 Maine.
Berry Edson W., tinner, 37 Fifth; res Third ws 2 n State.
Berry Thomas H., machinist, C. B. & Q shop; res Ver. no 2 w Second,
Berry William, grain buyer; res alley s State 1 e Third.
Berry William, machinist, C. B. & Q. shop; res Ver. as 2 w Second.
Berry William C., fireman, C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Ver. no 2 w Second.
Berry William G., commercial broker; res 109 Third ws 2 n -,Maiden Lane.
Bert George 0. S., machinist, Front ea s Broadway; res ne cor Seventh and Kentucky.
Bert John L., firm of Shinn, B. & Hill; res Kentucky ss 5 w Fourth.
BERT JOHN PHILIP, merchant tailor and dealer in gents' furnishing goods, 135 Maine;' res 333 Hampshire ns 1 w Fifteenth.
BERTSCHINGER & STEINWEDELL, (A. & 0. B. & W. S.), importers, jobbers and dealers in shelf and heavy hardware and cutlery, iron and steel, agricultural implements, carriage timber, &c., 115 Maine.
Bertschinger Arnold, firm of B. & Steinwedell; res 7th ws 4 s Spring.
Bertschinger Ernst, hardware clerk, 115 Maine; rooms same.
Bertschinger Gustav, bar-tender, 105 Hampshire; bds same.
Bertschinger Otto, firm of B. & Steinwedell ; res Jersey ss 2 w Sixth.
Beseler Franz Joseph, physician; office and res 212 Maine.
Besling Heinrich, laborer; res Oak ss 4 w Tenth.
Best George, wagon-maker, 45 Sixth s Hamp.; bds Vermont House.
Best Mary, widow of William; res 202 Maine ss 5 e Seventh.
Beumer Heinrich, cooper, Fourth es n Chestnut; res same.
Beurgan Charles A., C. 13. & Q. yard master; res Maiden Lane no 2 e Fifth.
Bevis John W., saddler, 75 Hampshire; res Jersey ne e Seventeenth.
Bexten Herman H., gardener; res se cor Fifth and Monroe.
BEXTEN HENRY H.. dealer in dry goods, groceries and provisions, sw cor Eighth and Jefferson; res same.
Bexten Wilhelm, gardener; res Fifth es 3 s Jefferson.
Bichsel Joseph, steamboat watchman; res 190 Jersey ss 6 e Tenth.
Bickel Anna M., widow of Caspar; res 81 Fifth ws 10 a York.
Bickel Johann Heinrich, stone-cutter; res York so 5 e Seventh.
BICKELHAUPT JOHN & CO., (1-1. Schnellbercher), dealers in groceries and provisions, se cor Fourth and Maiden Lane.
Bickelhaupt John, firm of J. B. & Co., and blacksmith, shop Fourth es 2 s Maiden Lane; res se cor Fourth and Maiden Lane.
Biddleston Henry, tinner; res Twenty-fifth es 3 n Maine, East Quincy.
Biener Joseph, laborer; res Fourth es 3 n Vine.
Biermann Wilhelm, laborer; res Monroe ns 5 w Ninth.
BIMSON, MENKE & CO., (J. B., H. M. & G. Grimm), Proprietors of planing-will and sash-door and blind manufactory, nw cor Ninth and Hampshire.
Bimson John, firm of B., Menke & Co.; res Ninth ws 1 n Hampshire.
Bimson John B., carpenter; Yes Broadway ss 3 e Ninth.
Bimson Richard, carpenter ; res Tenth es 5 n Maine.
Bimson Thomas, teamster; res Broadway ss 3 e Ninth.
Binger Hermann, carpenter; res Payson avenue ss 4 e Ninth.
Bingham Thomas, (col) Co. G, 56 Mo. Inf.; res sw cor Fifth and Spruce.
BINKERTT & SONS, (I., A. F. & T.), dealers in dry goods, groceries and provisions, ne cor Eighth and Maine.
Binkertt Antony, firm of B. & Sons; res Jersey ns 7 w Tenth,
Binkertt Antony F., firm. of B. & Sons; res Twelfth es 2 s Hamp.
Binkertt Damian, dry goods clerk, cor Eighth and Maine; res Jersey ns 7 w Tenth.
Binkertt Thomas, firm of B. & Sons; res Eighth es 4 n Maine.
Bint Dolphin W., butcher, 130 Hamp.; bds Jersey ss 4 w Seventh.
Birce James, shoemaker, 67 Fourth ws s Maine; bds Farmers' Home,
Birge John W., oculist, 39 Fifth ~ res Eighth ws 3 n Vermont.
Birmann Johann D.; yea 29 Monroe ns 6 e Seventh.
Birstecher John, tailor, 154 I-lamp.; res Twelfth ws 4 n Hamp.
Bishop Beal, boiler-maker, cor Second and Broadway; res se cor Front and Spring.
Bishop George W., agt., grocery and res nw cor Tenth and Hamp.
Bishop James M., assistant n - S. assessor, second division, fourth district, sw cor Fifth and. Maine; res Third ws 5 s York.
Bitter Friederich W., laborer ; res 96 Washington ss 2 w Sixth.
Bitter Johann Friederich, tailor, 62 Fifth; res Jack. ns 1 e Eighth.
Bitter Johann. U., firm. of F. W. Menke & Co.; res State ns 2 e 9th.
Bitter Wilhelm, carpenter, Ninth es s York; res Eighth es s Monroe.
Bittig Phillip, wagon. maker; res 89 State ss 4 e Sixth, shop in rear.
Bittleston George, firm of Story & B.; res se cor Twentieth and Oak.
Black George T., carpenter; res 47 Vermont ns 2 e Third.
Black Isaiah, photographer, 81 Hamp.; bds Broad. ns 6 e Seventh.
Black William, engineer C. B. & Q. It. R.; bds Depot Hotel.
Blair Hiram, (col) fireman, river ~ res 171 Hampshire.
Blair William A., tailor; res so cor Fourth and State.
Blake Ellenor ; res 47 State ss bet Fourth and Fifth.
Blakemore Francis M., harness-maker, 97 Hamp.; bds 3d ws 5 s Ver.
Blakesley Willard, river pilot; res 13 State ss 5 w Third.
Blakeslee Wealthy, widow of William; res Broadway ns 3 w Fifth.
BLAKESLEY ASA W., police magistrate, conveyancer and collecting agent, 35 Fifth; res sw cor Ninth and Spring. apothecaries and chemists, 1 s Maine.
Blanck Adolf, firm of B. & Kampmeier; rooms 168 Maine.
Blaney Charles E., bricklayer; res Third ws 3 n Maine.
Blanke Ferdinand, sadlr, 158 State w 9th; bds 123 Broad. ss 4 e 10th.
Blanke Gerhard H., teamster; res 148 Kentucky ss 3 e Ninth.
BLANKENFELD CHARLES, pork-packer, northern extension of Front; bds Tremont House.
Blase Bernhard Heinrich, tailor, 135 Maine; res Pay. av. ss 2 w 6th.
Bledsoe Eliza J., widow of Walker B.; res 68 Maine.
Blessing Gottlieb H., laborer; res Chesnut ss 3 e Twentieth.
Bleyer John, grocery and res nw cor Fourth and State.
Blickhahn Elisabetha, widow of Johann; res ne cor 20th and Linn.
Blickhan John, carriage-maker; res State ns 7 e Eighth.
Bliss Darius J.; bds Farmers' House.
Blissett David, (col) laborer; bds nw cor Spring and Olive.
Blocher John, porter, Third es n Hampshire; res Sixth es 1 s Ken.
Blohme John H., laborer; res 109 Ohio ns 4 e Seventh.
BLOMER, STEINBACH & CO., (H. B., P. S. & J. B. Blomer), bricklayers and builders, Broadway ss 4 e Thirteenth.
Blomer Henry, firm of B., Steinbach & Co.; res Broad. ss 4 e 13th.
Blomer John B., firm of B., Steinbach & Co.; res Broad. ss 3 e 13th.
Bloom Conrad, saloon, 35 Fifth; res same.
Bloom Caleb, book-keeper, First National Bank; res 5th es 3 n Cherry.
Bloom Lewis H., dry goods clerk, 33 Fifth; res Sixth ws 3 n Vine.
Bloom Mrs. Sarah W., teacher, Vermont ws 1 n Fifth; res Sixth ws 3 n Vine.
Blamer Johann, sr.; res 251 Hampshire ns 4 w Eleventh.
Blamer Johann, jr., brick-layer; res 251 Hampshire ns 4 w Eleventh.
Blute John, laborer; res Eighth ws 5 s Maine, in rear.
Bob Conrad, laborer; res 98 Payson avenue 2 e Fifth,
Book Wilhelm, farmer; bds 173 Jersey ns 5 w Tenth.
Bock Mathias, stone-cutter, Front es s State; res Payson avenue ss 2 w Eighth.
Bocke Ernst, cabinet-maker, 95 Jersey; res Ohio ss 3 e Seventh.
Bockenfeld Anton, marble-cutter, cor Third and Maine; res Tenth ws 4 n Oak.
Bockenfeld Bernhard, 58 111. Inf.; res ne cor Eleventh and Hamp.
Bockenfeld Christine, widow of Wilhelm; res 53 Ken. ns 5 w Fifth.
Bockenfeld John William, shoe-shop, Maine ns 3 e Seventh; res 53 Kentucky ns 5 w Fifth.
Boehme August, baker, 175 Hampshire; res cor Ninth and Maine.
Boes Bernhard, laborer; res 282 Hampshire ss 3 w Twelfth.
Boes Herman, laborer; res 282 Hampshire ss 3 w Twelfth.
Boetticher Gustus; res Sixth es 2 s Jersey.
Boettle Anna Maria, widow of Johann M.; res Adams ss 7 w Seventh
Boettle Johann, cooper-shop, Adams ss 7 w Seventh; res same.
Boge Casper, teamster; res 95 Jefferson ss 2 e Eighth.
Boge Friedrich, quarrier; res se cor Eighth and Jefferson.
Boge Johann Henry, quarrier; res se cor Eighth and Jefferson.
Boge Phillip, laborer ; res se cor Eighth and Jefferson,
Bohlmann John H., tailor, 141 Hampshire; res 39 York ss 4 w Third.
Bohne Wilhelm, tailor, 100 Maine; res Vine ss 2 e Tenth,
Boke Friederich, laborer; res Monroe ns 5 e Eighth.
Bokerman Gottlieb F., teamster; res 175 Kentucky ns 3 w Eleventh.
Bokern Fritz, laborer; res Kentucky ns 5 w Eleventh.
Bolan Catharine; res Delaware ns 5 w Fourth.
Bolan John, laborer; res Delaware ns 5 w Fourth.
Bolden Henry, blacksmith, 10 Front n Broadway; res ne cor Twenty-second and Oak.
Bolinger Daman, blacksmith, cor Tenth and Maine ; res 101 Kentucky ns 2 w Eighth.
Bolinger John, blacksmith, 129 Maine; res Kentucky ns 6 w Ninth.
Bolinger John, carpenter ; res 10 1 Kentucky ns 2 w Eighth.
BOLINGER RUBEN, intelligence office, 35 Fifth; bds 70 Sixth es s Maine.
BoIling Margretha, widow of Wilhelm; res 270 Maine ss 6 e Tenth.
Bolling Wilhelm, barber, shop and res 130 Hampshire.
Bolling William, Co. B, 10 111. Cav.; res 130 Hampshire.
Bollmann Charles, cabinet shop and res 149 State ss 4 w Ninth.
Bomer Friederich. laborer; res Vine ss 4 e Tenth.
Bond Benjamin, teamster; res Front es 4 s Spring, in rear.
Bond George, pork-packer; res Broadway ns 4 w Seventh.
Boneman Conrad, tailor; res 166 State ns 4 e Ninth.
Bongard Joseph, painter, 30 Sixth n Hamp.; bds 35 Third s Vermont.
Bongenstock Christian, laborer; res York ss 6 e Sixth, in rear.
Bongenstock Wilhelm, cooper; res York ss 6 e Sixth, in rear.
Bonnet David, machinist, 10 Front es n Broadway; res nw cor Eighth and Kentucky.
Bonnet John J., firm of White, B. & Co.; res nw cor Eighth and Ken.
Book Theodor, teamster; res ne cor Eleventh and Hampshire.
Bookwood Charles, shooting gallery, 34 Fifth; bds Adams House.
Boon Lucinda, (col); res Ohio ns 4 e Fourth.
BOON MAITLAND, manufacturer and wholesale and retail dealer in harness, saddles, collars and leather, and dealer in saddlery hardware and shoe findings, 97 Hampshire; res Jersey ns 3 w Fifth.
Boon Paulina, (col) ; res Ohio ns 4? Fourth.
Boon Walter A., clerk, 97 Hampshire; bds Eighth ws 4 n Broadway
Booth George C., (col) teacher of Freedmens' School, Twelfth ns bet Vine and Elm; res same.
Bopp Johann, stone-cutter; res 28 Vermont ss 2 e Second, in rear.
Borcherding Dieterich, clerk, dry goods, &c., 194; res 192 Maine.
Borcherding Friederich; res 192 Maine.
Borcherding Maria, widow of Friederich; res 192 Maine.
Border James H., engineer; bds Depot Hotel.
Borgdorff Carl, laborer; res 133 State ss 1 e Ninth.
Borger Maria Engel, widow of Johann H.; res Ohio ns 1 w Eleventh.
Bork John, teamster; res Ohio ns 4 w Eleventh.
Borkhardt Christian, painter; bds 173 Jersey ns 5 w Tenth,
Borland Cunningham, plasterer; res Fourth es 4 n Broadway.
Borman Friederich; res Ohio ss 3 w Tenth.
Bornemann Conrad, tailor, 107 Maine; res 166 State ns e Ninth.
Bornmann John, laborer; res Ninth ws 3 s Harrison.
BORNMANN THEODOR, upholsterer and paper hanger, 156 Hamp- Aire,; res nw cor Sixth and Washington.
Borrow Newel, cooper; res 19 Third ws 3 a Vermont.
Bors Bernhart H., laborer; res Tenth ne cor alley n Elm.
Borstadt Christian; res 161 Hampshire.
Borstadt Gerhart, brick-layer; res 224 Maine ss 5 e Eighth.
Borstadt John B. William, firm of Geise & B.; res 161 Hampshire.
Bos George, plasterer; res, Eighth ws 3 s Maine.
Bos Heinrich, laborer; res Vine ss 3 e Tenth.
Boschulte Carl, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Washington ns 4 w Eighth.
Boschulte Heinrich, iron-moulder, Front s Delaware; res Washington ns 4 w Eighth.
Boschulte Herman, soda water, factory and res 140 State ns 8 e 8th.
Boschulte Maria, widow of Peter; res Washington ns 4 w Eighth.
Boschulte Wilhelm, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Washington ns 3 w 8th.
Bose Richard D., clerk; res se cor Third and Jersey,
Bosse Friederich, carpenter; res Adams ns 3 w Ninth.
Bostick, Albert G., grocery clerk, 61 Hampshire; bds Walker House
Bostick William E. engineer; res Kentucky ns 1 e Fourth.
Bowen Hewit, firemen, C. B. & Q. R. R.; bds 35 Third ws 2 s Ver.
Bowen William, machinist, Front es s Broadway 3 bds ne cor Fourth and Broadway.
Bower Robert A., resident principal Bryant, Stratton & Bell's Business College; bds Broadway ns 5 e Seventh.
Bowers Joseph, iron-moulder, Front s Delaware; res State ns e Fifth.
Bowink Bernhart, laborer; res 174 Broadway ns 8 w Twelfth.
Bowles John W., book agent; bds Adams House.
Bowlin Richard, tobacco worker, cor 5th and Jer.; res York ss 1 e 6th.
Bowman Frederick, night-watchman, Virginia House; bds same.
Bowman James W., dry goods clerk, 38 Fourth; bds Missouri Home.
Bowman William, laborer; bds Third ws 4 n State.
Bowne Charles, stone-mason; res Vermont House, Maine ss * Third.
Bowser John W., tanner, Kentucky ns 2 w Sixth; res 6th es 1 s Ken.
Bowser Simon, currier, Fifth ws 2 n -Hamp.; res Sixth es 1 s Ken.
Boyd Frederick ~ res so cor Eighth and Spring.
Boyd James M., fireman, C. B. & Q. R. R . ; res Elm ss 2 w Tenth.
Boyd Sarah F., widow of Levi, tailoress, shop and res nw cor Tenth and Hampshire.
Boyden Joseph H., machinists, 10 Front n Broadway; bds Broadway ns 7 w Fifth.
Boyle John T., laborer, C. B. & Q. shop; res Olive ws 2 n Spring.
Brackensiek Bernhart, laborer; res Ohio ss 5 e Sixth.
Bradbury Charles W., cook, Do cor Fourth and Hamp,; bds same.
Bradbury Christopher S., liquor merchant; res Fifth ws 2 s Vermont.
Bradenbeck. Wilhelm, at C. B. & Q. round house; res Mon. ns e 8th.
Bradford Emily, widow of William; res 80 Third es 3 s Jersey.
BRADFORD J. & CO., (S. L. Taylor), manufacturers and wholesale and retail dealers in harness, saddles and collars, and dealers in saddlery hardware, whips, &c.,. 75 Hampshire.
Bradford John, firm of J. B. & Co.; res Sixth es. 1 n Vermont.
BRADFORD, McCOY & ]BROWN, (J. W. & J. T. B., R. McC., & G. S. B,), manufacturers and dealers in lumber, shingles and lath, cor Ninth and Hampshire.
BRADFORD J. W. & J. T., livery, sale and exchange stable, Fourth . ws 3 s Maine.
Bradford Joseph W., firms of J. W. & J. T. B., and B., McCoy & Brown; res Jersey ns 1 e Fourth.
Bradford Josiah T., firms of J. W. & J. T. B. and B., McCoy & Brown; res Third ws 2 n York.
BRADLEY D. it S. H., wholesale and retail dealers in groceries and provisions, 149 Hampshire.
Brad ey Daniel, firm of D. & S. H. B.; res Seventh es 2 s Spring.
Bradley Edward S., express messenger, 43 Fourth; bds 124 Hamp.
Bradley Frank, cashier express office bds Tremont House
Bradley & Brother, (J. M. & W. A., ? saloon, 22 Front.
Brad ey James M., firm of B. & Br ' other, 22 Front.
Bradley Robert P., dry goods clerk, 46 Fourth; bds 5th ws 8 s York.
Bradley Samuel H., firm of D. & S. H. B.; res 7th es 2 s Spring.
Bradley Walter A., firm of B. & Brother; 22 Front.
Bradney John W., har. mkr., 97 Hamp.; res al. n Broad. 3 e 6th ns.
Bradney Weston A., shoe shop, 5th ws 3 n Oak, in rear; res same.
Bradshaw Arthur J., photographer, 113 Maine; rooms 96 Hampshire.
Bradshaw James T., photographer, 113 Maine; bds 7th ws 2 s Spring.
Brady Bennett C., printer, 38 Fourth; bds Adams House.
Brady Mathew, laborer; res Jefferson ss 2 e Seventh.
BRADY MICHAEL P., piano, organ and musical instrument tuner and repairer, Fourth es 3 s Vermont; res same.
Bragger Thomas, carpenter, res 265 Maine ns 4 w Eleventh.
Brand Anton H., tailor, 98 Maine; res Washington ns 3 w Seventh.
Brand Carl, wood-turner, 95 Jer. e Sixth; res Seventh es n Spring.
Brand Charles, collar mkr., 97 Hampshire; res Seventh es n Spring.
Brandis Heinrich, tin shop and res York ss 6 e Sixth, in rear.
Brant Johann, at C. B. & Q round house; res Monroe ns 5 w Ninth.
Braun Charles W., hutch., cor 7th & State; res 87 State ss 3 e 6th.
Braun Johannes, laborer; res 99 Payson avenue ss 3 e Fifth.
Braun Johannes, cooper, Jeff. ss 1 e 6th; res 99 Pay. av. ss 3 e 5th.
Braun Peter, laborer; res Fourth ws s Payson avenue 1 n alley.
BRAXMEIER GEORGE, saloon, 152 Hampshire; res same.
Bredenbeck Wilhelm, can. C. B. & Q. R. R.; res Mon. ns 4 w Ninth.
Breer Simon, stone-mason; res Madison ns 3 w Eighth.
Breitbarth Sebastian- A., porter, 132 Hamp.; res 64 7th es 5 n York.
Breithaupt Lucas, coop. shop, al. s Wash. 2 e 5th; res Wash. ss 1 e 5th.
Breitwieser John, teamster, cor Front & Broad.; res 5th es 3 s Elm.
Bremerkamp Bernhart, wag. mkr., 45 6th n Me.; res Adams ss e 7th.
Brenderson Hermann H., laborer; bds se cor Eighth and Jefferson.
Breneke Carl, shoemaker, 139 State ss 3 e Eighth; bds same.
BRENEKE HEINRICH, boot and shoe manufacturer, 139 State, ss 3 e Eighth; res same.
Brenger Henry, cooper, alley s Ken. e Eighth; bds 8th es 3 n Ohio.
Brenner Charles, pottery, Broadway ns 3 e Eighteenth; res same.
Brent Susan, boarding house, Maiden Lane ns 6 w Fourth.
Bresser Johann, co. H, 43 Illinois Infantry; res Ninth ws 2 s Mad.
Brewer Elizabeth, widow of Peter; boarding house 5th ws 1 n York.
Bridgman George, bill elk. C. B. & Q. fr't house; res Oak ss 1 w 7th.
Briggs Benjamin, carpenter; res Fifth es 3 s Elm.
Brinckhoff & Schumacher, (T. B. & B. S.), coopers, 4th es n Chestnut.
Brinckhoff Theodore, firm B. & Schumacher; res 209 Maine ss e 7th. Brinckman Joseph, cooper, Fourth es n Chestnut; res 10th 1 n Elm.
Brincks Bernhart, laborer; res Elm ns 4 e Tenth.
Bringer Friedrich W., laborer, nw cor Ninth and I-lamp.; res Payson avenue ss 7 e Sixth.
Bringer Gottlieb, laborer; bds 95 Jefferson ss 2 e Eighth.
Brink Albert, laborer; res 166 Jersey ss 1 e Ninth.
Brink Bernhart, carpenter; res Oak ns 2 e Eleventh.
Brink Bernhart H., cooper; res Ohio ns 8 e Ninth, shop in rear.
Brink Herman H., laborer; res Kentucky ns 4 e Eighth.
Brink Maria C., widow of Hermann A.; res ne cor 7th and Jackson.
Brinkencamp Henry J.; res 127 Maine.
Brinkkotter Johann P., laborer; res se cor Ninth and State.
Brinkman Bernhard, laborer; res ns Kentucky 4 w Eighth.
Brinkman Jodocus Hermann; res Eighth ws n Oak.
Brinkman William, firm of A. Moller & Co.; res 12th es 5 n Hamp.
Brinkmann Casper, laborer; res sw cor Seventh and Jackson,
Brinkmann Heinrich B., cabinet-maker, 164 Hampshire; res 272 Hampshire 3 e Eleventh.
Brinkmeier Louisa, widow of Wilhelm; res 197 State ss 1 w 11th.
Brisco Fanny, (col); res Broadway ns 2 e Eleventh,
Bristol Elias H., harness-maker, 117 Hampshire; res 177 Hampshire.
Britt Patrick, at C. B. & Q. shop; res 149 Jersey ns 1 w Ninth.
Brittenstein Julius, machinist C. B. & Q. shop; bds Olive es n Spring.
Brittingham. Charles T., student; res 35 Fourth n Maine.
Brittingham Hester W., widow of V. Ryon; res 35 Fourth n Maine.
Brittingham Stephen A., grocer; res Broadway ns 2 w Fifth.
Brittingham Valentine R ' -, printer, 38 Fourth; res 35 Fourth n Maine.
Britton Alonzo, laborer; res Maiden Lane ss 2 e Second.
Britton Celia, widow of William, sr.; res Maiden Lane ss 2 e 2d.
Britton William, farmer; res Maiden Lane ss 2 e Second.
BROADWAY HOUSE, ne cor Fourth and Broadway, John Kinkel , proprietor.
Brocker Maria, widow of Johann H.; res 158 Pay. av. ns Eighth.
Brockhaus Bernhart D., laborer; res Ohio ss 1 e Sixth.
Brockschmidt Charles, Co. 1-143 Ill. Inf ; res Jack. ns 2 w Seventh.
Brockschmidt Henry Joseph, firm of J. H. B. & Bro.; res' 119 Hamp I
BROCKSCHMIDT J. H. & BROTHER, (H. J.), hat and cap manufacturers, and dealers in hats, caps, furs, gloves and umbrellas, 119 Hampshire.
Brockschmidt John H., firm of J. 1-1. B. & Bro.; res 119 Hampshire.
Brockschmidt Joseph, watch-maker; shop and res 191 Maine.
Brockschmidt Phillip, laborer; res Jackson ss 3 e Eighth.
Brodigan John, at livery 4th ws 3 s Maine; bds 64 4th s Maine.
Brokamp Johann Henry, sr., cooper; res Maine ns 3 e Eleventh.
Brokamp Johann Henry, jr., cooper; res Maine ns 3 e Eleventh.
Brokamp Joseph, cooper; res 276 Hampshire ss 7 e Eleventh.
Broksiek Wilhelm, engineer, cor Ninth and Hampshire; res Spring ss 4 w Eleventh.
Brome Joseph A., wood-turner, n ex Front; res Milner's al. ss 2 w 4th.
Bromelmeyer Job n Henry, dry goods clerk, nw cor Twelfth and Broadway; bds same.
Brommelmeier Henry, carpenter; shop and res sw cor Tenth and Elm.
Bronaugh Augustus, book-keeper; res se cor Fourth and Kentucky.
Bronaugh Lewis L., tobacco-roller, Front s Maine; res se cor Fourth and Kentucky.
Bronaugh Mary, widow of Dr. B.; res se cor Fourth and Kentucky,
Bronaugh Thomas H., tobacco-roller, Front s Maine; res se cor Fourth and Kentucky.
Brooker Robert, firm of Gardner & B.; res 72 Maine ss w Fourth.
Brooker Thomas H. B., U. S. inspector tobacco, snuff and cigars, 4th district, 94 Maine; res 72 Maine.
BROOKS AUSTIN, book and job printer, 138 and 140 Maine; res 61 Vermont ns 10 e Third.
Brooks Emanuel, (col) laborer; res Chestnut ss 3 e Eighth.
Brooks Rev. John P., member of the Central Ill. Conference; res 98 Fourth es 9 s York.
BROOKS SAMUEL S., sr., clerk circuit court, and ex officio recorder, court house; res 94 Fourth ss 7 s York.
Brooks Samuel S., jr., printer; res 94 Fourth es 7 s York.
Brooks Thomas B., cigar-maker, 147 Hampshire; bds 167 Maine.
Brooks William, harness-maker; res Washington ns 1 w Third.
Brophy George, clerk recorder's office; res Second ws 6 n Broad.
BROSI GOTTLOB, stone-cutter and stone-mason, yard and quarry southern extension of Front; res same.
Brougham Henry, auction and commission clerk, se cor Fifth and Hampshire; res Sixth ws 4 n Maine.
BROUGHAM THOMAS H., auction and commission merchant, se cor Fifth and Hampshire; res Sixth ws 4 n Maine.
Brow Charles, jr., merchant; res sw cor Fifth and Locust.
Brow John, clerk; res sw cor Sixth and Locust.
Brown Alexander, laborer; res 36 Ohio ss 3 w Fourth.
Brown Alexander M.. fisherman; bds 36 Ohio ss 3 w Fourth,
Brown Bernard, rope-maker ; res Elm ns 1 e Eighteenth.
Brown Catharine M., widow of James M., bds Pennsylvania House.
Brown Charles, Jr., shoe merchant; res sw cor Fifth and Locust.
Brown Charles H.; res nw cor Fifth and Washington. y
Brown Daniel, (col) laborer; bds Third ws 4 s Broadwa
Brown Daniel G., plasterer; res 55 State ss e Fourth.
Brown David, laborer; res Kentucky ss 3 e Fourth.
Brown Eliza W., widow of James; res York ss 2 w Fourth.
Brown George S., firm of Bradford, McCoy ; B.; res Grand Rapids, Wisconsin.
Brown George W., dealer in watches, jewelry, &c., 38 Fifth; bds Eighth ws 5 n Vermont.
Brown George Wm., blacksmith, 50 Hamp; bds 76 Maine ss w 4th.
Brown Harriet, (col) widow of Harrison; res ne cor Front and Del.
BROWN REV. HENRY, pastor African Methodi st Episcopal Church; res Keyes alley ns 7 e Sixth.
Brown Henry, transfer agent, 11. ; St. Jo. R. R. ; res York ss 8 w 3d.
Brown Henry, tobacco-roller ; cor Front and Del.; res Pay. av. ss e 5th.
Brown Henry S., prin. agent R. R. office, W. Q.; res York ss 8 w 3d.
Brown James, carpenter; res Vine ns 4 w Tenth.
Brown James R., bricklayer, bds 36 Ohio ss 3 w Fourth.
Brown John, bar-tender, ne cor Fourth and Hampshire; bds same.
BROWN JOHN W., Superintendent of Public Schools, and wholesale and retail dealer in watches, jewelry, silver and plated ware, photograph albums, clocks, fancy goods, &c., 38 Fifth; res sw cor Fifth and Washington.
Brown John W., policeman, court house; res 36 Ohio ss 3 w Fourth.
Brown Jonathan; res nw cor Twelfth and Oak.
Brown Joseph F., harness-maker, 97 Hamp.; res Broadway ns 5 e 4th
Brown Josiah T., book-keeper; res York ss 2 w Fourth.
BROWN, DIMOCK & CO., (Mrs. L. E. B., G. B. D. & C. W. Hilborn), dealers in dry goods, notions, cotton yarn, carpet warp, batting, &c., 40 Fifth ne cor Maine.
Brown Lucy E., widow of George W., firm of B., Dimock & Co.; res nw cor Fifth and Washington.
Brown Lyman L., ex-mess., 43 Fourth; res 51 York ns 3 e Third.
Brown Owen, (col) cook, 177 Hampshire; res Maine ns 3 w Tenth.
Brown Sewal, (col) laborer; res Tenth ws 1 s Oak.
Brown Stephen, (col) blacksmith, 65 Fourth s Maine; res York ss 4 e Sixth.
Brown Thomas; bds Tenth ws 2 n Oak.
Brown Warren L., firm of McDougall & B.; res 64 Hamp. w Fourth.
Brown William; res Spring ss 2 e Sixth.
Brown William, jr., confectioner, 175 Hamp.; res Oak ss 3 w 20th.
BROWNING & BUSHNELL, (0. H. B. & N. B.), attorneys at law, 122 Hampshire.
Browning Orville H., firm of B. & Bushnell; res nw cor Eighth and Spruce.
Browning Nathaniel, teamster; res sw cor Twelfth and Vermont.
Browning Thomas, carpenter; res 47 Vermont ns 2 e Third.
Bruce Thomas, carpenter; res State ns 4 e Seventh, in rear.
Bruck Friederich, laborer; bds Broadway ss e Twenty-second.
Bruckman John, dry goods clerk, 33 Fifth; bds 7th es 2 n Spring.
BRUCKMAN & ANDREWS, (S. E. B. & W. B. A.), dealers in dry goods and notions, and cloak manufacturers, 33 Fifth.
Bruckman Samuel E., firm of B. & Andrews; bds Quincy House.
Brunger Hermann H., laborer; res 129 Ohio ns 3 e Eighth.
Brunger Peter, laborer; res Ninth ws 3 n State.
Bruning Henry, cigar-maker, 147 Hampshire; res Ken. ns 8 w Tenth.
Bruning Johann C. C., bedstead-maker, 95 Jer.; res Ken. ns 8 w 1 0th.
Brunk Joseph, laborer; res 38 State ns e Fourth.
Brunner Samuel M., auctioneer; res alley s Jersey e Sixth.
Brunson Abigail S., widow of Lemuel, boarding house, 3d es 2 s Ver.
Bryant Hannibal H., carpenter; res -sw cor Second and Maine.
BRYANT, STRATTON & BELL, (H. B. B., H. D. S. & D. V. B.), proprietors Quincy Business College, sw cor Sixth and Maine.
Bryant Henry B., firm of B., Stratton & Bell; res Chicago, Illinois.
Bryant Nelson, (col) U. S. A.; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Bryant William Alexander, clerk, liquors, 73 Hampshire; bds Walker House.
Bryent Andrew, stone-mounter, Front s Del. ~ res 12th es 1 n Hamp.
Buchanan Henry Al., grocers traveling agent, 91 Hampshire.
Buchheit John, shoemaker, 85 Maine; res Hampshire ss 2 w Ninth.
Bucher Daniel, quarrier, Front es s State; res Monroe ns 2 w Seventh.
BUCKLEY &MARCY, (E. H. B., & F. V. M.), attorneys at law, 38 Fifth.
Buckley Edward H., firm of B. & -Marcy; res ne cor 5th and Broad.
Buckley Edward H., jr., clerk, hats and caps, 85 Hampshire; res ne cor Fifth and Broadway.
Buckley George H., law student, 38 Fifth; res ne cor 5th and Broad.
Buckner Griffin, (col) laborer; res alley n Linn 2 w Tenth ns.
Buckner John, deck-hand; res Olive c,; 5 n Oak.
Budde Barney, iron-moulder, Front s Delaware; res Walnut alley ns 4 w Seventh.
Budde Johann, laborer; res Walnut alley ns 4 w Seventh.
Buddee Louis, 'grocery clerk, 91 Hampshire; res 6th es 2 n Spring.
Budlong Oliver A., machinist, se cor Front and Jersey; res same.
BUECKING JOHANN HENRY, oculist and aurist, and physician and surgeon, office and res 42 Seventh es 4 n Jersey.
Buford Mary A., widow of Lewis; res 76 Maine ss w Fourth.
Buhner Johann B., machinist C. B. & Q. shop; bds Broadway House.
Buhner Joseph, machinist, C. B. & Q. shop; res Fourth es n Ville.
Buhner Remi, machinist, 10 Front n Broad.; bds Broadway House.
Bukhert Roman, harness-maker, 117 Hamp.; bds Maine ns 7 e 11th.
BULL CHARLES H., cashier Merchants' & Farmers' National Bank, sw cor Fifth and Maine res Maine ns 1 w Eighteenth.
BULL LORENZO, president Merchants' & Farmers' National Bank, sw cor Fifth and Maine; res Maine ss 3 e Fourteenth.
Bull William B., student; res Maine ss 3 e Fourteenth.
Bullion Philip, Mason; res nw cor Seventh and State.
Bulte Johann G., laborer; res Kentucky ns 6 w Tenth.
Bulter Johann, laborer; res 163 Kentucky ns 6 w Eleventh.
Bumphry John , laborer, C. B. & Q. depot; bds Jersey ns e Eighth.
Bumphry John, engineer, T. W. , W. R'y.; res Second es 2 n Hamp.
Banister Michael, laborer; res Seventh es 9 s Jersey.
BUNTING J. R. , , CO., (W. Bunting), plumbers, steam and gas fitters, and dealers in pumps, sheet lead, lead and iron pipe fittings, &c., 77 Sixth ws 3 n Jersey.
Bunting Jacob R., firm of J. R. B. , Co.; res Ohio ss 2 w Tenth.
Bunting Ward, firm of J. R. B. , Co.; res Ohio ss 2 w Tenth.
Burbridge William H., express-wagon; res Keyes' alley ns 5 e Sixth.
Burdick Gilbert, machine agent; res nw cor Second and Vermont.
Burgdorf Carl, laborer, stave factory, n ex Front; res se cor Eighth and State.
Burge , Miller, (G. B. , B. M.), carpenters, Hampshire ns e Ninth.
Burge Gottlieb, firm of B. , Miller; res Hampshire ns 3 e Ninth.
Burget Marcus, dry goods clerk, 33 Fifth; bds Sixth es 3 n York.
Burchin Gottfried, at brewery, Twelfth es s Monroe; bds same.
Burks George, (col) porter, Tremont House; bds same.
Burkshier William H., carpenter; res 171 Hampshire.
Burlingame George A., laborer; res 41 Jersey. ns 3 w Third.
Burlingame John 0 , express-wagon; res Third ws 2 n Maine.
Burlingame Orrin, teamster; res Third ws 2 n Maine.
Burmann Friederich W., teamster; res ne cor Fourteenth and State.
Burnam Nancy J., widow of James D.; res Third es 2 s Broadway.
Burnham John, 118 Ill. Inf.; res alley n Maine 1 e Twelfth.
Burnham William H., painter, Sixth es n Hampshire; res alley n Maine 1 e Twelfth.
Burns Anderson, (col) laborer; res Spruce ss 2 w Third.
Burns Miss Anna B., teacher, cor Twelfth and Maine; res Ninth es 4 s Spring.
Burns Edward P., firm of J. B. jr. , Co.; bds Farmers' House.
Burns George W.; res Jersey ns 4 e Fifth.
BURNS J. Jr. , CO., (E. P. Burns), commission merchants, wholesale dealers in dried and green fruit and farmers' produce, and feed store, Seventh ws n Hampshire.
Burns John, jr., firm of J. B. jr. , Co.; res 7 Fifth ws 3 n Vermont.
Burns John, sr.; Ninth es 4 s Spring.
Burns Nancy, (col) widow of Jacob; res Twelfth w's 2 n Jersey.
Burns Patrick, teamster; bds 37 Third ws 3 s Vermont.
Burns Thomas , currier; bds Missouri Home.
Burtis George H., printer, 38 Fourth; bds Virginia House.
Burton Harry, tobacco-roller, cor Front and Delaware; bds Maiden Lane ss 5 e Fourth.
Busby James, iron-moulder; res 131 York ns 4 e Seventh, in rear,
Basch Friederich, mechanic, 45 Sixth; res 66 State ns 2 e Fifth.
Busch Ludwig, laborer; res Eleventh es 3 s Spring.
Buschker Gerhart, chair-maker, sw cor Ninth and Vermont; res nw cor Eleventh and Vine.
Buschker Heinrich, laborer , res Oak ss 6 e Eleventh.
Bush Davis, firm of C. H. Curtis , Co.; res 87 Sixth ws 3 s Jersey.
Bash Joseph, Capt. Co. F, 13 U. S. Inf.; bds Broad. ns 4 w Seventh.
Bushnell Nehemiah, firm of Browning , B.; res ne cor Eighth and H shire
Bushnell Robert H., hardware clerk, 111 LNIaine; res ne cor Eighth and Hampshire.
Bushnell William B.; res ne cor Eighth and Hampshire.
Buther Elizabeth, widow of Johann; res 200 Hampshire ss 6 w Ninth.
Butler James, machinist, C. B. , Q. shop; bds 23 Third ws 2 a Ver.
Butler William, (col) plasterer; res 59 Third.
Butler William, teamster; bds Maiden Lane ns 3 w Fourth.
Butmann Clemens, works foundry, Front s Broadway; res Monroe ns , 2 e Eighth.
Button Edward,- fireman, e B. , Q. R. R.; bds Ballard House.
Butts Maria L., widow of Albert G.; res Ohio ss 2 e Third.
Butz Adolph , res ne cor Front and Jersey.
Buxmann George, teamster; res Kentucky ns 3 e Fourth.
Buxmann Louis, blacksmith, T. W. , W. round house; res Delaware ns 2 w Fourth.
Byerly Charles W., dry goods clerk, 79 Hampshire; res 55 Jersey ns 3 w Fourth.
Byington Hiram S., firm of Millard , B.; res 98 Ver. ss 4 e Sixth.
Byland William L., carpenter, 56 Fifth s Jersey; res 185 Jersey ns 4 e Tenth.
Byrns William K., clerk, T. W. , W. freight office; bds Walker House.
Bywater Miss Eliza Bella, teacher, Payson avenue e Eighth; res Elm ns 1 e Ninth.
Bywater Henry, sailor, U. 8. N.; res Elm ns 1 e Ninth.
Bywater William F., plasterer; bds 55 State ss. e Fourth,

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